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MLB News: Yankees Trade for Joey Gallo; Beat Out Padres, Among Others

With the MLB Trade Deadline drawing closer, some of the larger deals are finally starting to fall into place. The latest blockbuster includes one of the most prolific power bats to be moved at a trade deadline.

Just before the Texas Rangers were scheduled to take the field on Wednesday, we received word that Joey Gallo had been scratched for non-medical reasons. A few minutes later, the news broke that Gallo would be heading to New York.

While the trade has nothing to do with the Dodgers directly, it does carry some potential implications going forward. Before the news broke, multiple teams were still linked to the Rangers’ slugger – one of those being the San Diego Padres.

San Diego has been actively pursuing a power bat leading up to Friday’s deadline, and it seems as if they were looking to send Eric Hosmer to Texas in a deal that would have landed them Gallo in return. Now that this trade is off the table, the Padres will look for alternative ways to improve their team in efforts to overtake the Dodgers and Giants in the division. All three teams have been connected to almost every big name out there, and Joey Gallo being out of the picture only increases the likelihood that another major deal is struck by one of these teams.

The race for the NL West has been the most intriguing across all of baseball this season, and it’s very possible that the next few days will go a long way in deciding the winner. With plenty of big fish still out there for the taking, expect to see a lot of movement in the coming hours from the teams on the West Coast.

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  1. Frazier’s the better hitter if it works out which I don’t think it will. Hopefully being in Pittsburgh for years causes him to crack under the pressure of a 3 team playoff race and also the misuse of making him a utility player. The Padres may very well destroy a breakout season for someone

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