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MLB News: Yasiel Puig Helps Fans Stay In Shape During Quarantine

Free-agent outfielder Yasiel Puig may still be on the hunt for a contract, but that’s not going to stop him from keeping up with his fans. While most of the world sits in quarantine unable to do much, Puig is making sure that fans can keep up with him and stay in shape in the process.

Puig, who is known very well for being in great shape, took to Instagram to encourage fans to keep active. He posted a challenge to have fans workout alongside him a few times a week when he goes live. 

Good morning world fans and friends … Lets do this fine together. Who’s ready to #workoutfromhome with Puig? I want to challenge myself and all of you to get in as good a shape as possible to fight this pandemic. We can use this time to get a great work out from home! Comment below with the exercises you’d want me to do with you in a 30-45 minute workout LIVE on Instagram together.

True to his word, the Cuban native was joined by one lucky fan each day. On Friday, he was joined by some front line healthcare workers who offered up tips to keep folks healthy during this lockdown. 

For Yasiel Puig, it’s been a long and winding road through the big leagues. He lit the baseball world on fire when he came up for the Dodgers in 2013. That year, he was the spark that ignited an incredible streak of success for Los Angeles, where he played until he was traded in 2018.

While the Giants were reported to be interested in signing Puig, nothing has come of that as of yet. Of course, the situation got a little bit more complicated when baseball had to shut everything down due to COVID-19. Regardless, someone as talented and entertaining as Puig should have no problem finding a home. 

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