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Dodgers News: MLB Looking at New Start Date, Mookie’s Loyalty to Los Angeles, and More!

It was a much more sad week for Dodgers fans, as baseball was supposed to have started by now at Chavez Ravine. Instead, we got all sorts of rumored reports on when baseball could start, how likely it was to see the season canceled, and even more bad news.

Speaking of the season starting, it’s looking more likely that the league has a date set. Well, to clarify, it looks like Major League Baseball at least has a date that it is shooting for, COVID-19 may change that.

Dodgers: MLB May Have a New Date for Opening Day Circled on its Calendar

While baseball does not have a firm start date, having the season canceled seems to be more of a worry for fans right now. Dodgers fans, in particular, have been worried about what Mookie Betts will do if we never get to see him play in a Dodger uniform. Some folks over at ESPN made the argument that Mookie owes nothing to Los Angeles, and they’re right. 

Dodgers: ESPN Talks Mookie Betts’ Loyalty to Los Angeles

Speaking of Mookie, you can take at least one team off of the list that could steal him away from the Dodgers should the season be called off. The Red Sox don’t look like they’ll be able to make a move any time soon with their financial situation, and it only gets worse if baseball gets called off. 

Dodgers: No Need To Worry About the Red Sox Signing Mookie Away

All of that and SO much more over at Dodgers Nation! Make sure to check back daily for the latest in baseball news. 

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  1. You really should stop talking about Mookie Betts’ loyalty, to anyone!!! The only thing you do with this is just annoy the crap about everyone, including Betts. Just let him play, let him do what he does. He’s a professional ball player who will give his all regardless of who he plays with or for. It is not the Dodgers or Red Sox’s legacy at stake, it is his own. But if you insist on this, fine, he’ll be loyal to the team as long as the team wants him to be. There is no way around it.

  2. He can leave for all I care,always thought it was a stupid trade cause Dodgers don’t need him to win a world series,they got cheated twice meaning Dodgers don’t need him but we have dumb friedman who made Dodgers spend 27 million for Mookie 1 year rental and 48 million for an over the hill pitcher who just keeps getting worse and also didn’t need him all this for a star in the making and a prospect.Now if there’s no baseball Duggie went for free.

    1. Dodgers should’ve won even with the cheating BOTH years. Game 2 in 2017 was butchered by Roberts that proved to be the difference in the series. Game 4 in 2018 Roberts butchers another Hill game we should’ve easily won and tied the series that night. Also all of the other years they’ve fallen short most recently last year. They need anyone they can get

  3. Mookie trade was a good trade. Not the best they could for a top quality pitcher but they can do that at trade deadline later in season that is if season starts this month or so. Regardless if Dodgers have been cheated their are a lot of times where their hitters go on a hitless streak for a few games during ws and Mookie is one of the better consistent hitters that can give a spark or two at right moment. Price was a had to get who will be 3rd starter. Who do the Dodgers have that is better that price as the 3rd pitcher with his postseason experience? Friedman is doing a good job, by keeping their budget as low as they can get it and keep their top prospects like lux in blue cause if they had almost anyone else he would have been gone probably for lindor along with seater. Now if their is a season imagine seager at short and bettis maybe at 2nd….a 1,2 defense punch…..and bettis, seager going 1,2 hitting. If u ask me Dodgers have an allstar at every position and 4 cy young in their pitching staff…all that without having to rebuild. Only problem I have is Dodgers have a bunch of guys that are fast. They need to steal more.

  4. Mookie was the best pickup since Ned Signed Greinke. Betts filled the needs of 3 players. 1. A lead off hitter with a 100 runs scored annually 300 hitter with contact. 2. Speed and stolen bases 3. Gold glove defense . The Dodgers have to play 3 different players to achieve that. Verdugo and his back and stomach injuries are do to his swing,excellent trade and anyone who thinks we didn’t need Betts is playing too much fantasy baseball.

  5. When you don’t hit, you don’t win. It’s that simple. You can’t look back. The Dodgers are good enough to win it all. They just have to play better when it counts in the future. Looking forward to a a complete 162 game schedule in 2021.

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