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MLB World Reacts to Ken Rosenthal and Rob Manfred News

On Monday, the New York Post revealed that long-time MLB Network correspondent, journalist Ken Rosenthal, did not have his contract renewed for 2022. Essentially, he was fired from the network over his past criticisms of baseball commissioner Rob Manfred.

Rosenthal confirmed the news in a series of tweets.

The report from the Post reveals that Manfred did now like the way Rosenthal handled his coverage of the leadup to the 2020 pandemic season. And, at one point in 2020, the reporter was kept off the air for a span of about three months in retaliation.

“MLB Network has cut ties with insider Ken Rosenthal that is believed to be the end result of acrimony that peaked in the summer of 2020 after Rosenthal criticized commissioner Rob Manfred.”

With this news, the wild world of baseball on Twitter reacted hard.

Thankfully, Ken still retains his job with Fox Sports on MLB coverage and with The Athletic where there is certain to be a new freedom in his writing.

From this, once again we cement that Rob Manfred is a really bad commission that has no idea what his priorities should be. He botched the handling of the Houston Astros cheating scandal. He called the World Series trophy — the Commissioner’s Trophy — a “piece of metal.” He was the steward of the game for the first lockout in decades. Fans hate him. Players do not like him even slightly.

Hopefully, this isn’t too harsh for you, Robbie.

MLB Lockout Update: Why Players are MAD at MLB Owners/Rob Manfred, Could Dodgers Season Be Delayed?

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  1. Manfred seems to be on thew wrong side of every decision he has made since becoming Commissioner. We could probably extend the length of that statement if we knew more of what he did prior to getting that position

    Our next example may well rest when/(if) there is an agreement prior to the previously established dates like spring training and the season openers’

  2. My guess is Manfred didn’t even know about this. He has a lot of other things to worry about right now.

    More disturbing might be the fact that MLB Network has been directed to cut expenses because MLB is anticipating a long term loss of revenue due to a lengthy shutdown?
    I found the report that no further negotiations have even been scheduled much more disturbing than the Rosenthal story.

    1. “He has a lot of other things to worry about right now.”

      “I found the report that no further negotiations have even been scheduled much more disturbing than the Rosenthal story.”

      You are alone.

  3. I hope that an angry mob rallies together to bring Manfred down once and for all.

  4. Mansfield should not be fired….

    1. RIGHT ON! I said it before that if owners and MLBPA want to ever get CBA negotiations going GET RID OF MANFRED! The first tweet here by Austin is so spot on i couldn’t agree more.

  5. Manfred is a spineless worm who can, and should be criticized until owners wake up and fire him. Unpunished Astro cheaters. Woke joke theft of All Star game from Atlanta. Indefinite suspension of Bauer without a trial, or even an arrest. On and on and on. Get rid of Manfred. Not Rosenthal.

    1. Rob Manfred And Goodell Are two of the same. Both anti- American Globalist. Neither ever had the best interest of the fans or the players.

  6. Yeah, the whole “settlement” with the Astros owner BEFORE announcing there was an investigation was absolutely criminal. Allowing the players to have immunity, and slapping the owner on the hand is unforgiveable!!

  7. like every pro sport, they have to be political, well when people stop watching and paying he the commissioner will be out of a job.

  8. If the heathen Manfred had even the slightest idea of how unpopular and disliked he is by all of us fans as well as all of the MLBPA, he would do the responsible thing and resign from
    the Commissioners office as having shown the entire free world he does NOT belong in baseball in any way shape or form. It’s a real shame that MLBN dismissed Rosenthal for being an honest reporter and simply echoing the truth about this creature that everyone knew already.. Unbelievable how Manfred gets away with everything he’s done to poison this game. All he’s doing now is alienating fans from the game right and left and he must be STOPPED.. Come on, owners, wake up and smell the coffee for crying out loud!

  9. on national tv football preseason games have priority over baseball’s world series enough said

  10. I see they took down or didn’t put up my knocking the Writer of this article….again spineless…To sit there and knock the co-mish and say you can’t fire me, and not put your name to it….wow spineless

  11. Well, it works for because – as they often do with other reporters- they can “report” his scoops and not have to pay him for them. I agree that the bigger issue is probably MLB cutting back on reporters to save money, but it is convenient that the most prominent cut back is someone on Manfred’s “naughty” list. Even before COVID it felt like was only interested in hiring ex-players who could “yuck” it up on the air and not people who might actually pursue and present “news.” Between that – and the rush to promote all things gambling – it doesn’t bode well for the future of

  12. I agree with all the derogatory comments about Manfred Mann, but he is hand picked by the owners of baseball and therefore is an employee of those same owners. What kind of a career move could Manfred make to improve himself? I don’t believe the system is right or fair but it is not going to change.

    1. Glen, Manfred was put in place by higher powers than the owners. Cancelling the All star game and printing a Hate group on the back of the pitching mounds were inspired by the Big Hate agenda!!

        1. Absolutely is, I hope the 34 million dollar pitcher sues the MLB, and if he has to sue the Dodgers then so be it. It needs to happen for the rights of the players and also the rights of the league…

    2. Manfred Mann was a South African/British rock musician and band leader in the 70’s, even though he doesn’t seem to be as well remembered as he deserves. He most definitely is NOT a derogatory name to call Rob Manfred.

  13. MLB needs to go back to the original Rule Book. Stop putting up with people like Manfred, stop putting the almighty dollar ahead of principle. Stop destroying the greatest game ever played.

    “For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?” (Mark 8:36)

    Wake up owners!

  14. Ken Rosenthal has been aces for a long time. His reports are always insightful, reasoned and complete. In fact, many times over the years he has been the bright light of the MLB morning show Hot Stove and then after the season begins. One can only hope Fox will build something around him to those of us who love the game and want a serious perspective rather than inane chatter. I have not always agreed with his opinions (as opposed to reporting), but I have always respected his viewpoint. Shame on whomever is responsible for this dim-bulb decision.

  15. Rosenthal reported that Bauer was going to be signed by the Padres or Mets. Later that day he signed with the Dodgers.

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