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Mookie Betts Addresses Vulgar Sign Held Up During Dodgers Padres Game

Stay classy, San Diego! The first Dodgers / Padres series of the year was filled with a lot of added drama thanks to the video board operator at Petco Park who chose to display a meme of a crying Clayton Kershaw in the Padres only win of the series. The Dodgers, who won two of the three contests, by the way, have taken the high road when it comes to the noise.

Clayton Kershaw didn’t care about the meme, he only offered that they probably wouldn’t have posted it if the Dodgers won. His manager, Dave Roberts, applauded the future Hall of Famer’s reaction to the moment, and didn’t offer up much of his thoughts on it. But also in the midst of all that, one more sign unfurled by a fan in the middle deck at Petco got a little play on social media.

The sign read, “Mookie Betts eats corn the long way.” Presumably meaning corn on the cobb.

Following LA’s come from behind victory over the Padres on Sunday Night Baseball, Mookie reacted to that sign, calling it the best sign he’s ever seen.

“It was the best sign I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if I can really say it on air.”


Pressed to reveal what it said, Betts gave in.

“It just said, ‘Mookie Betts eats corn the long way,” he said while making a motion with his hands to help visualize, “you know what I’m saying? So I thought that was very creative and shout out to who ever made that sign.”

Props to Mookie for seeing the levity of the sign. To be fair, while crude, it is pretty creative. And the fact that someone took the time to make that and sneak it in to a baseball game certainly adds to the appreciation.

So, the Padres are up on the Dodgers’ two signs/memes to one. The Dodgers are up on the Padres two games to one in the season series. I know which I’d rather take.

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