POLL: What is the Dodgers Most Important Issue to Address this Offseason?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have consistently been one of the top teams in the league for quite some time. Yet, despite all their success, the Boys in Blue have yet to capture their first World Series title since 1988.

Last year saw the team reach an unprecedented level, winning the most regular-season games in franchise history. As we all know, though, none of that translated to the postseason as they lost in the NLDS to the eventual world champion Washington Nationals.

So, Dodgers Nation was curious what fans think are the most important issues to be addressed by Andrew Friedman and company this offseason.

The Bullpen

At 47%, the most votes went towards improving the bullpen and reasonably so.


The Dodgers bullpen actually finished ranked fourth in ERA in all of MLB for the 2019 season, but it’d be hard to find a fan who could legitimately say they trusted some of the relievers in crunch time situations.

For example, Kenley Jansen has yet to recapture his pre-2018 form, and at this point, he likely never will. He did reach 33 saves on the season but also had eight blown opportunities. In addition to that, for fans, it surely felt as if he was going to give up a home run in nearly every appearance.

Fans will have to wait to see how Friedman addresses the bullpen this winter. Many suggested he go after LHP Will Smith, formerly with the San Francisco Giants, but he just inked a new deal with the Atlanta Braves. Regardless, there will be other options available whether that be through the open market or through trade.

More Starting Pitching

The Dodgers starting pitching in 2019 was one of the best in the league, but that didn’t stop 37% of those voting from wanting to see improvements in the starting rotation.

Part of this vote likely has to deal with the fact that Hyun-Jin Ryu is a free agent. Whether or not the Dodgers decided to resign Ryu, they have multiple avenues they can pursue to improve this aspect of their team.

Dodgers fans are certainly hoping the front office decides to spend big on names like Stephen Strasburg and Gerritt Cole. Should they add either one of those guys, they’d undoubtedly boast a dangerous rotation for the foreseeable future.

All of the Above

Only 17% of those voting picked the right-handed bat option, but that doesn’t mean that fans don’t want to see this aspect of the team addressed as well.

Many were calling for an “all of the above” choice to be included in the poll.

Should the front office decide that they’re willing to go above the luxury tax threshold, this could certainly be a possibility this winter. However, Friedman has had a track record of pinching pennies when it comes to improvements and may opt to do so again.

Whatever direction the Dodgers decided to go in, it’ll be interesting to see which issues they prioritize this offseason. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll finally figure it out and capture that elusive World Series title in 2020.

Kellan Grant

I’m currently a junior at Pomona College in Claremont, CA, and I have a passion for sports journalism. I grew up in the LA area and am a diehard fan of the Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, UCLA, Kings. My favorite Dodgers memory was watching Kershaw tear up after the team won the 2017 NLCS and advanced to the World Series for the first time in his career. After college, I plan on either pursuing a career as a sports journalist or working in sports law.


  1. The Front Office of the Dodgers has built an incredible organization. They have built a top 3 or 4 baseball team for the last 5 years while maintaining a very strong Farm Team and controlled their budget. Yes the sportswriters and fans decry the lack of a WS ring and everyone understands that.
    But the Team as it is will be stronger again than the one the year before and infused with new talent such as Lux, Smith, Verdugo, Beaty, May, Gonsolin and others. How many other teams can say that? They have talent to trade if they decide they should upgrade and money to gain free agents. The Dodgers are owned by Guggenheim it is a BUSINESS. I laugh at people complaining that they should spend money for no real gain. The team certainly wants to win the WS as that is the goal and makes the team more valuable and profitable. Stop thinking the team owes you something it does not.
    Look at the team as it is today. It is very strong but does need to upgrade in some areas. Bullpen being the most glaring but depending on what is decided with the starting rotation their may be some very talented young arms in the pen next year. We shall see, The Dodgers have the talent to win the way they are right now.
    My only concern is Roberts and his inability to mange pitching and caring too much about being a players manager and not making the hard decisions. I believe the only position they should platoon is left field with Pederson and Pollock as the team is today barring trades or free agent signing.

      1. Mia Culpa are you just one of the negative people that everyone hates to be around? I am a retired engineer. I see what is! Not what how some people want to view the world. I have been a fan since I was a small kid and saw my first game at the Coliseum. Baseball was a family owned affair now teams are worth billions and it is a huge Business. See the game the way it is Now.
        Tell me where I am wrong. Instead of being so negative….
        If the Astros do not cheat the conversation is different I think.

    1. I agree completely, you nailed it. Plus it appears we were good enough to win the WS in 2017 , got to game 7 even though they were cheating. Winning that game would have changed the dialogue a bit.

  2. ALL OF THE ABOVE areas in this poll one way or another or we may not necessarily be guaranteed to see even the PS because the padres are certainly going to give Dodgers a good run for the money. Pollock was signed last year to be that impact RHB needed for middle of lineup but we know that didn’t go as planned. But tmaxster is certainly correct about Roberts for reasons he gave that we are aware of as well. Beaty can be a good bench player but not one to play everyday because like Joc, he cannot hit LHP.. The one thing I will say is that as team is now in the present day is not good enough to win in October. We have seen this October failure for quite a few years now but just the same, Roberts had a great deal to do with these October shortcomings as well.

    1. Paul I have come around on your feeling that the constant platooning is not beneficial. I agree that the team needs better LHP hitting but I am more concerned about a batters splits than what side he bats from. Some hitters can, if he works hard in the winter, improve significantly. Pollock was a good try and he may have a better year, or we can hope so. Unfortunately the guy seems to be made of glass.
      I believe they will aggressively attempt to sign Ryu. If he signs then their rotation will be better than last year with the addition of Urias. People forget how dynamic this young man is. I agree that Beaty so far is a bench player but he does make contact. I would trade Pederson if they can get a good return. Even with the increase of players to 26 there is little room for more than one or two one dimensional players. I think Urias, May and Gonsolin will make a large impact in 2020 along with Lux and others are coming along like Grey, Peters, Downs, Kendall and Ruiz to name a few
      The lack of a ring I blame on Roberts. He has lost a game in every playoff series we have lost. When teams are equally matched every at bat, pitch and decision is very important. Roberts has managed to make terrible decisions in each series. He made several in the Nationals series and many in baseball have mentioned them. There is a possible Manager in LA waiting for a call his name is Mike Scoiscia and he is very good with pitchers and my favorite Dodger Catcher. And he has won a Ring both as manager and player.

  3. thie dodgers could use some bullpen help i am not sure if jansen is capable of closing games anymore might be better suited as a set up man .

    1. Rudy I agree with you the problem is Roberts. Will he make an unpopular decision? He has not proven able to do so in the past.
      If they resign Ryu and use Urias as a starter what do they do with Stripling, Ferguson, May and Gonsolin and next year probably Grey and White?
      They have lots of young valuable arms to trade or play. I would trade Ferguson, Stripling and possibly Maeda as he is not willing to go to the bullpen. The Angels, Rangers, Twins and several other teams could use all 3 of them but do they have anyone worth trading for? The Dodgers should trade the mentioned pitchers plus Pederson and Taylor in my opinion. They need guys that can make contact.

      1. All true, tmaxster. Unfortunately it may take a season where Dodgers finish under .500 in order to see Roberts removed as manager. As we all saw in the MLDS, making contact , along with the Dodgers being given a taste of their own medicine is why we are here today after another PS exit without a WS ring.

  4. remove roberts so the team can grow beyond the last few years of limbo…..they are ready to break out but they need a better leader….everyone identifies the areas of concern….hitting, fielding, pitching and coaching…..and there are changes there…….but it needs to go a big step further……roberts is not capable to move the team to the next level no matter what changes they make….we have witnessed his brilliant decision making and that is killing the morale on the team…..musical chairs is for children

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