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Puiggy Don’t Go | Episode 33 | Blue Heaven Podcast

This week on the Blue Heaven podcast, we discuss several trade rumors surrounding the Dodgers.


But first, Dave Roberts and the Dodgers agree to a new 4-year contract. Fans everywhere rejoice. The team also tenders contracts to all 10 of their arbitration eligible players, including a 1-year deal for Tony Cingrani.

Owner Magic Johnson reportedly travels to Las Vegas to chat with Bryce Harper, but also, he doesn’t.

Fans react to trade talks that continue to surround Yasiel Puig ahead of the winter meetings. FRG opines that the Dodgers need to trade Puig at the height of his value, or discuss an extension. Kevin asks: Corey Kluber or Trevor Bauer?

Inspired by Tim Rogers’ article, the guys discuss second base options for 2019.

Before taking a few questions from the live stream, Kevin welcomes Mildra Reyes onto the show to chat about her awesome charitable effort “Dot Dot Smile“, which is helping with a dress drive for the holidays.


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Clint Pasillas

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  1. Puig is a better player in right field than harper you trade puig hes going to comeback and haunt you and you have three young pitchers ready to come up let them have a chance one thing is they are hungry quit giving away talent and start using it the dodgers have so much talent in the past that comes back and beats them manny machado will. Sign with a losing club again and will never see a world series. Again him and darvish should have stayed in la so forget all these high priced free agents and start giving your young players loose to show thier talent let them play andyou may be shocked at what they can do

    1. So much talent that finally does what they’re supposed to do when on another team. Maybe these guys should do it as Dodgers For once but it must be something about the Dodgers guys are spoiled a little too comfortable they don’t have the grit and determination until they leave. It’s rather annoying and why it seems like the Dodgers always made a mistake

  2. puig is the only good outfielder you have! so trade him and have none how stupid is that!!!!!

  3. I say keep Puig. Right now he’s a good outfielder, but everyone knows he can be better. He had health issues all season long. If he stays in good health he can field better and hit better. Everyone knows if you have a physical problem it interrupts your performance.
    Harper didn’t show me all he was cracked up to be this last season. He had problems also. Will he be better next year? And yes, he not the Charlie hustle Puig is. And I have always said bring up the great young players that we have, let them grow with the team. Look what Tommy Lasorda did with the boys from the Farm.

  4. Do NOT trade Puig. It will be the biggest mistake of you’re life. He is young and is an OUTSTANDING outfielder. Who cares about Harper???? Not us LA Fans.

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