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Shohei Ohtani vs. Juan Soto: Dodger Fans Wishful Results

You can never ask for too much help in the MLB. Despite the Dodgers scorching the league with 60 wins and a staggering +169 run differential, the fans believe the organization could still add top caliber pieces. 

Recent rumors have circled around the Angels two-way star Shohei Ohtani and the Nationals all-star outfielder Juan Soto and whether or not there is any possibility for them to play in a Dodgers uniform. 

While some believe there is some possibility to land another big time player, others chalk it off to wishful thinking across the fan base. In a scenario where the Dodgers can land one of these players, it would send shockwaves across the league, but who would you rather have?

In a recent poll from Dodgers Nation, fans let their voices be heard and chose Ohtani for their wishful results. 

Both Ohtani and Soto have 19 home runs on the season while hitting at about a .250 batting average (Ohtani at .258 and Soto at .250) so it’s hard to find the wrong answer. Soto recently turned down a $440 million extension from the Nationals while Ohtani continues to dominate with the bat as well as on the mound (nine wins with a 2.38 ERA). 

It’s not certain whether the Dodgers can land at-least one of these players, but it is certain that the Dodgers will have to give up a lot if they choose to pursue fans wishes. Which star would you prefer to see in blue? Drop into the comments and let us know what you think. 

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  1. Would the fact that the Ds might be able to retain Trea who wants Soto as a teammate help in the decision? It would mine.

    1. Trea will be gone. He is gonna get a massive payday somewhere else like Seager. No way you give another guy a 10+ contract he has a diminishing skill set. I think Dodgers push for Ohtani in return they will take on Rendon’s bad contract and possibly get Trout in the deal. This trade is far better than getting Soto

  2. I am sure Dodgerfans would love Soto over Ohtani, now if Soto agrees to a reasonable offer, we could start with Bellinger, pipeot, and a #10 prospect.

    1. No way. Ohtani over Soto. I’d give up a lot for him. Nobody is gonna want Bellinger unfortunately. He’s going on 2 years of horrible production. Not anywhere near his MVP numbers.

  3. Ohtani for sure! Yes, Juan Soto is a great player, but with Ohtani, you get another solid arm for the rotation!

  4. Ohtani for sure! He can play outfield and pitch. That is perfect for the Dodgers. Jaun Soto would never fit in at the club house. He is way to arrogant.

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