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Should Dodgers Trade For Mike Trout, How LA Could Land 3-Time MVP

As the MLB offseason gets closer, all of the talk for the Dodgers has been about Angels superstar Shohei Ohtani, and rightfully so. He is the big fish on the open market, and the Dodgers are planning to still make an all-out aggressive run at landing his services.

But there is another player that could be available via trade that could make some sense for LA, and that would be star outfielder Mike Trout. After another poor season from the Angels, this could be the winter that we see a trade made for the veteran.

While he hasn’t asked out of Anaheim, Trout does realize that he isn’t getting any younger and that the Angels are no closer to winning anything. So, maybe this is the offseason that he says enough is enough.

Our very own Doug McKain broke down the idea of LA trading for the Angels outfielder, and you can see the full video right here!

There are both pros and cons to trading for Trout, with the pro being that he is still a very quality player when he is on the field. However, he was limited to just 82 games this season due to injury. But in that time, he hit .263 with 18 home runs and 44 runs batted in, which was a down year for his standards.

But the biggest downside to getting Trout is his remaining contract, so any move would require the Angels to send a chunk of money over with him. He is scheduled to make $35 million each year through 2030, and the Dodgers certainly don’t want to pay that amount for him.

Additionally, there are the issues with Angels owner Arte Moreno. He likely would never trade Trout to the Dodgers, even if they offered him the best possible trade package for the outfielder.

All in all, a trade for Trout is unlikely, but never say never. Weirder things have happened, but it seems that Trout will likely stay with the Angels for next season.

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  1. Dodgers will never take on that contract, and Angels will never send Trout and money to the Dodgers, so what is the point?

    1. And Trout has averaged less than 80 games over the last three seasons. The guy is made of glass now. I wouldn’t pay anyone $35M for half a season.

    1. Mike Trout has already earned 232M and the Angels are on the hook for 255M more. The owner may have an ego problem but he sure has paid the man. Trout went for the money; nothing unfair about it.

  2. This has nothing to do with how I feel about Trout. Strictly business…Trout has missed 625 games out of 972 played since 2017. The short Covid season is not included. That’s 64% of the games. I don’t want to see the Dodgers use up so much of their spending cap ($35 million p/yr) on a player who misses 104 games a season. His contract runs through 2030.

  3. Not only should the Dodgers not trade anyone for Trout, I am against signing Ohtani as well. Yeah he can hit but will he ever be the same pitcher after a second TJ surgery. Maybe or maybe not. Plus he won’t come cheap. I think the money would be better spent elsewhere.

    1. I agree DaveW. Plus the Dodgers have W. Buehler coming back next season after his 2nd TJ surgery. What will he be like? And then Dustin May at the end of the 24 season or beginning of the 25 season after 2 surgeries on his elbow! Don’t need a pitching staff ready to implode due to prior multiple surgeries. IMO.

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