Should The Dodgers Have Aimed For Justin Verlander Over Yu Darvish?

A main area of concern for the Los Angeles Dodgers has been aimed at recent sub-par pitching performances during this current slump, specifically last week.

Yu Darvish was traded right before the trade deadline ended, and it made headlines everywhere throughout Major League Baseball. It seemed like the unquestionable steal of the year and had LA trending in the right direction. However, Dodger fans might be having second thoughts.

With Darvish’s performance as a Dodger so far, many fans are questioning the move and wondering why Justin Verlander is in Houston instead of Los Angeles. Is this just a case of wanting what you can no longer have?

They’re both elite starting pitchers, they’ve both had their fair share of outstanding moments throughout the years, but there some contrasting components that stand out as well. Dodgers management immolates one the best fan bases in the world, and are always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their product is the culmination of perfection. That’s why Darvish, not Verlander, is currently in a Dodger uniform.

The numbers before the All-Star break stood out the most:

  • Darvish – (6-8), 3.49 ERA, 93 hits, 125 K’s. 41 BB, .215 opponent AVG, 1.13 WHIP
  • Verlander – (5-6), 4.73 ERA, 108 hits, 98 K’s. 51 BB, .262 opponent AVG, 1.52 WHIP

Yu Darvish is currently sitting at an 8-11 record (2-2 with the Dodgers). He has struggled with the Dodgers since his first 2 starts, where he was able to strike out 10 in both games. In his last start against San Diego, Darvish only went 3 innings and gave up 5 earned runs in a 7-2 loss.

Justin Verlander is currently 11-8 this season. He is also 1-0 with his new team, the Houston Astros, where he pitched a gem in his debut, going 6 innings and allowing just 1 earned run.

Verlander’s compiled more wins, but Darvish wasn’t in a stable environment with the Texas Rangers. LA also has the option to let Darvish go after the season instead of being stuck with a 34 year old pitcher’s hefty-prolonged contract that goes through 2020. It might seem unsettling right now, but Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi made the right decision. Pairing Darvish with three of the National League’s strongest lefties will pay off in the run for October.

Yes, Darvish needs to be sharper (especially in the beginning of ballgames); but he’s a matchup nightmare for opposing teams that have to face Clayton Kershaw in a series first. Don’t let his recent struggles and Verlander’s recent success fool you. The Dodgers still got an elite starter and did not get tied up in a lengthy contract over it.

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  1. When they got Yu, based on his performance this year, he was the 6th best starter on the team. So far, that has held up. Unless he somehow gets hot, shouldn’t be on the play off roster over Ryu or Maeda.

  2. Verlander’s contract made him very undesirable. Dodgers have a stable of young pitchers and to get Verlander instead of Yu would cost alot, bump someone else and all for a guy who was having a down yr. Dogers made the right call. Having said that they should not feel obligated to putting Yu on the postseason roster if he is not in the top 4.

  3. Other than Kershaw you could leave ALL the other starters off the post season roster. They better hope the season ends before the 20 game lead is all gone. Dave Roberts needs to channel Tommy Lasorda and start ripping most of these guys a new asshole.

  4. Nice. Except I am terribly frustrated with the geniuses in the Front Office. The same ones who picked Scott Kazmir, Brandon McCarthy, Bronson Arroyo, Jim Johnson and now our dear Yu Darvish who was supposed to make the Dodgers invincible. Instead, we find him needing to work with Honyecutt to recover his pitching motion. Great. And, we lost Willie Calhoun who may be a big time hitter next year. It fits a pattern: we got Grandal for Kemp. Okay, Kemp’s defense was fading but Grandal is descending into one of the poorest defensive catchers in the bigs – leads the majors by far in Passed Balls, can’t throw out runners on the basepaths and can’t seem to find throws from Justin Turner of late. They signed Hector Olivera for$85 M – $85 M????? Then, there was Alex Guerrero for $24M, Yasiel Sierra for $30M. Then they acquired Curtis Granderson while the D-backs got J. D. Martinez. It goes on. Last year’s last season moves were slightly better: Hill has been effective but Reddick was a bust. The amount of money wasted on pitching is just incredible and folks have the nerve to point a figure at Ned Colletti. The core of the Dodgers right now is his acquisitions and his draft choices: Seager, Bellinger and Turner. The one positive for the geniuses in that they held onto Seager and Bellinger. Maybe some of the other Colletti draft choices will deliver as well.

    Oh yes and let’s not forget losing Dee Gordon for the Nationals current left fielder – Howie Kendrick. I like Chase Utley too but Gordon’s last three seasons are way more productive than the Kendrick-Utley combo or the misery of Forsythe-Utley this season. And Gordon’s defense is much better, also.

    I am pretty angry with those dolts making all kinds of money and continuing to get favorable press. They have not delivered. They continue to invest in broken down pitchers and cheap add-ons rather than getting real talent. The Dodger pitching is deep with DL inhabitants not with talent. The question isn’t Darvish vs. Verlander, the question is what planet on the geniuses on and when can we get a Front Office that can deliver.

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