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The Dodgers Are Rumored To Be Actively Shopping Joc Pederson

It appears that Joc Pederson’s days as a Los Angeles Dodger could be numbered. On Sunday, multiple sources reported that Joc was on the block. Moreover, the team he’s rumored to be highly interested by is the Chicago White Sox.

Ken Rosenthal is the most noteworthy to be on top of the rumor. However, multiple sources are reporting that the Dodgers are looking to deal Pederson to the AL Central team.

Pederson slugged an admirable .522 in 2018 – and shows good pop against right-handed pitching. Equally important is the question of ‘why’ the Dodgers are looking to adamantly move Pederson.

It seems like the days of Pederson playing center field are behind him. That said, the Dodgers are looking for right-handed hitters and an outfielder that can play center field. It just seems like Pederson is part of a surplus that the Dodgers are willing to part ways with.

It will be interesting to see what package Pederson could return. An All-Star in 2015, Pederson was a 2.3 bWAR player in 2018. Aside from a fair degree of on-field production, Pederson is a fan favorite with many who follow the Dodgers.

Are you ready for Los Angeles to part ways with Pederson, and if so; what would you expect in return?

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  1. I have always thought Joc would be a good trade chip. Some value to teams, decent numbers but only hits righties and only plays left. Good enough we wouldn’t be trying to trade him unless we had another deal ready. Of course I said that when they traded Matty and Puig! If they trade him for prospects then acwuire Pollack, Marte or Jones then it’s a win win for us.

    1. I have heard in league circles he has good intrigue. Have a friend who works with another organization who mentioned back in the summer that his team scouting department regarded Joc highly; possibly higher than the Dodgers. I think he still has a good career ahead of him even if it’s sadly elsewhere. And Yes, the current dynamics of our roster have us needing a player who fits a different prototype than Joc.

      1. Oddly enough however, Joc got here by being able to basically handle both RHP and LHP. But I believe the lefties in the MLB are quite advanced for the most part than those down in the minors.

  2. JP has been on the Dodger’s trade block since the Winter meetings, so none of this is a surprise. My guess is the club’s asking price has been pretty high, but now with another move apparently coming soon, the move of JP is becoming more important. This read JP was a crowd favorite by some? I honestly was not aware of that. No Dodger fan I know has any faith in him, and he gets “boo’d” more then cheered during times that i’ve noticed. Considering my strong displeasure of him as a Dodger, maybe it’s just selective hearing.haha

    1. Joc’s concerted effort to change his swing mechanics, hitting approach, and reduce K’s in 2018 won me back as a fan. I am OK if he is traded for a good return, but the Dodgers should be selling high — he is not a guy the team is trying to dump.

      1. If a deal is to be done, lets acquire a player of some caliber who improves our team. I am very much on the fence about parting ways with Joc. We have already given up a lot of offense that needs to be replaced, and thus far, no major addition to our offense has taken place. We are at present weaker than in 2018. Go Blue!

  3. I wonder if Dodgers are “shopping” Joc, or just listening to other teams who show interest? Last season Joc cutdown on his K’s and against RH pitching had an .893 OPS! 25 home runs in 443 PA is the equivalent of 34 home runs for a full time player. FO and Roberts have embraced platooning and it would be hard to find a better LH hitter for a guy who is making $5MM. IF Pederson is dealt it will only be for a significant return to the Dodgers, otherwise go with Pederson and Kiké in LF who together could put up All Star numbers for a couple of years.

  4. If we let him go, we have to get a power hitter somewhere. With Grandal, Dozier, Machado, Kemp, Puig and Joc all departed, that’s over a 150 HR no longer with the team. I realize most of Dozier’s and Machado’s HRs were with other teams, but still that’s a lot of HRs.

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