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This Is How Cody Bellinger Feels About Playing Right Field For The Dodgers

We already know how Cody Bellinger feels about his 2019 playing time. Recently, Bellinger said he expects to play everyday for the Dodgers.

Now, Bellinger is talking to David Vassegh about the task of playing right field for the Dodgers. In the past, Bellinger said that he loved first base and center field. However, does he feel the same about right field?

Due to his time in the minor leagues, Bellinger told Vassegh he has familiarity at the position.

I only had a few reps out there last year but I played right field a lot in the minor leagues. I played more right field than center field in the minor leagues.

However, familiarity; and actually liking the spot are two different things.

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Bellinger clarified his comments from his recent interview with The Athletic.

I think when you are reading a quote it is hard to give the context of what you are saying when you are having a conversation. When you are just reading quotes, you can portray it any way you want. I would say that’s the toughest part of doing interviews, not saying too much so that people don’t portray your interview wrong.

Moreover, he clarified that he’s confident but yet humble. He did not want his words to come off as arrogant in the interview with The Athletic.

Other tidbits from the interview:

  • George Lombard hits great fungo on the back fields.
  • Bellinger wanted to add strength and explosiveness in the offseason.
  • He said he has never done yoga.
  • His biggest takeaway from last year was how hard the game is, and not to take for granted when you’re having success.
  • It’s a blessing to be able to play several positions at a high level, although it’s easier to play just one spot.

As your all-things-Bellinger correspondent, it’s always great to hear a new interview. I can’t wait to see Bellinger in regular season action in 2019, even if it’s at a relatively new position.

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  1. I just wish the Dodgers would ease off the versatility of players i.e. Bellinger playing 1B & OF, Hernandez INF and OF, Taylor, etc. Put them in a positiion and let them become really adept at the spot.

      1. If I’m not mistaken Stan Kasten was the GM when the Braves all those(I don’t remember how many) NL East titles, but only 1 WS. I’m sure he thinks the Dodgers are going about the right way, what with 6-straight NL West titles so far and back-to-back WS appearances. LOL, how about we do something different and win a WS title. I know sarcasm. Heck the Dodgers might not get to the WS this year.

      2. Hello Azul and PD Jr. I believe that AF and the FO do not like the idea of Belles in right field either. They would rather see him tending to first base. That might be where Harper comes in!!!!! If we can land him, Harper would play right, while Pollock and Verdugo man center and left respectively. With Toles currently AWOL, there might be a move to unload Joc for Kluber or Keuchel or a left handed relief pitcher. Leave it to Friedman to stir the pot!!!!!! Go Blue!!!

        1. Not as though it hasn’t been working. LA doesn’t really have bench players as we grew up understanding the term, they (except for a few) just take turns on the bench.

  2. As I have said in the past, Bellinger is our first baseman. Put him there and LEAVE him there.

  3. Interesting with all these comments bashing versatility since that’s what helped us survive the rash of injuries we have had the past two seasons, first with the 3,000 starting pitchers who carried to get us through the regular season and last year with the infield and no Seager and missing JT for much. You can only carry so many, better to have them have the ability to play multiple spots if needed. I dont want platooning either, but if the need arises…

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