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Dodgers News: Walker Buehler Comments On Possibility Of Opening Day Start

Suddenly relevant with the Clayton Kershaw developments: Walker Buehler as the Dodgers 2019 Opening Day starter. Moreover, Buehler recently commented to Bill Plunkett of the OC Register about this possibility.

Yet, Buehler remained dismissive about this thought. He even used the word ‘ludicrous’ when describing the idea.

Still, the idea isn’t as insane as it sounds. Equally important is monitoring Kershaw’s health scenario over the next month-plus. The Dodgers will need to weigh their options if Kershaw isn’t deemed to be feeling back to normal.

And let’s not forget the fact the team is taking things slowly with Buehler this spring.

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Just yesterday, Buehler threw his second bullpen of the spring.

Moreover, is it feasible that the Dodgers should have someone else ready to go for the regular season opener aside from Kershaw and Buehler? That question becomes more real as time moves forward.

However, if a few hypotheticals come into play; there is no reason to think that Buehler wouldn’t get the nod. One of those hypotheticals would be Kershaw not being ready to go physically. The other would be Buehler’s health being deemed at 100 percent and ready for a full workload by late-March.

Buehler willfully pushes aside the notion that he could be the staff ace when the season begins. Of course, this is out of respect to his teammate in some part. But one must know that Buehler believes in his own abilities and would be geared up for a big moment in the opener as he was game 163 last year and game seven of the NLCS.


Obviously, Buehler would make a fine staff ace if Kershaw misses extended time. At this time, that’s probably an overreaction. Still, it’s worth a discussion, and we want to hear your thoughts. What do you think of Walker Buehler as the Dodgers 2019 Opening Day starter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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    1. Kershaw isnt done yet and Buehlor is handling the media just fine–They just want a story

  1. We are only in the 1st week of actual ST games. So it’s not really necessary to put too much emphasis on who the OD starter should be. Dodgers have several other issues to iron out if they expect to be as good as the last 2 years and for now honesty is the best policy…They are not. A big reason is they are still vulnerable to LHP as a team, not with just the LH batters on the club. Pollock should help in that area but he is just one person and Dodgers remain basically LH hitter heavy.

    1. PaulDodgerFan1965. If You were the Dodgers decision makers, who would you acquire(a RH-bat) to make the team less LH? Personally, I’m would trade one of the OF i.e. Pederson, Verdugo or Toles. The problem is most teams would ask for Bellinger, Verdugo, Lux or one of the Dodgers top pitching prospects I can’t recall which ones. Who is left out there that would remedy this, Castellanos? from Detroit, Hanniger from Seattle

  2. Clayton is the ace until his performance shows us he ain’t. We have several good pitchers but I’ll bet that most of them will tell you that Clayton is the man. Maybe Walker somewhere down the road but right now let’s respect and value this treasure that we have.

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