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Top 10 Dodgers Outfield Trade Targets as Deadline Approaches

With the MLB trade deadline approaching on July 30, teams are looking to make last-minute additions to bolster their roster. Dodgers Nation’s Doug McKain broke down the top ten outfielders that could be traded to the Dodgers in the coming weeks.

  1. Luis Roberts Jr.

At the top of the list of potential trade targets for the Dodgers is White Sox centerfielder Luis Robert Jr. 

“He is leaps and bounds above everyone on this list as far as overall talent and overall impact that he can have on your team.”

Dodgers Nation, Doug McKain

Roberts Jr. offers not only a strong bat but also an appealing contract. 

  1. Tyler O’Neill

At the end of this season, Boston Red Sox’s Tyler O’Neill will become a free agent, making him a perfect trade target for the Dodgers. 

“He’s on an expiring contract. This is a pure rental, and the Dodgers like rentals when it comes to guys they get at the deadline.”

Doug McKain, Dodgers Nation

O’Neill recently made his way off of the injured list from a right knee inflammation. This is the most prominent concern when trading for O’Neill. In his past six seasons in the Major League, he has only reached the 100-game mark once. While that season was his best – boasting 34 home runs and a 143 wRC+ that placed him at 43% above league average offensively – he would be a risky choice considering his history with injuries. 

However, his performance at the plate makes O’Neill a likely target for the Dodgers. In 52 games this season, O’Neill is batting .254/.352/.534. He has hit 15 home runs and a .886 OPS.

Additionally, trading for O’Neill creates the possibility of a package deal that could include Red Sox’s Kenley Jansen. Jansen played with the Dodgers for eleven seasons before being traded to the Atlanta Braves and then the Red Sox. 

“They were interested in [Jansen] after he left. They showed some interest in the offseason. They showed some interest during spring training. And when they show interest in a player, usually it’s for a reason.” 

Dodgers Nation, Doug McKain
  1. Brent Rooker

While Oakland Athletics’ Brent Rooker is a less likely target for the Dodgers, he would bring power to the plate. 

In 62 games this season, Rooker is batting .260/.338/.502 with 13 home runs. Last season, he reached the 100-game mark for the first time, hitting a career-high 30 home runs and 69 RBIs. 

“He’s really starting to establish himself as a guy that you can just guarantee he’s going to hit you 25 to 35 home runs.”

Dodgers Nation, Doug McKain

Having only played a full season once, there is concern surrounding the reliability of his stats. The question is if he is worth sacrificing some top prospects despite his limited experience playing a full season. 

Rooker is also a below-average defensive player. And concerns linger over his high strikeout rate (35%) this season.

Considering that Rooker is still under team control and is showing potential, it is unlikely that the Athletics will be trading him. But, if he becomes an option, the Dodgers probably won’t be the only team interested in acquiring Rooker. 

  1. Taylor Ward

After his breakout season in 2022 highlighted by his career-high 23 home runs, Ward has shown consistency at the plate. He has hit 12 home runs in 308 plate appearances this season compared to 14 home runs in 409 plate appearances last season. His triple slash-line this season is .240/.325/.419.

The Dodgers are eyeing improvement for the bottom half of their lineup, which they can utilize Ward for. However, the likelihood of a trade between the Angels and the Dodgers is uncertain.

“Based on the Angels and Dodgers trade lack of history, right I mean, Artie Moreno would probably rather trade his mom and grandma than trade a player to the Los Angeles Dodgers who he sees as the enemy.”

Dodgers Nation, Doug McKain

Nevertheless, if the Dodgers manage to secure Ward, they would have him for two and a half seasons as his contract extends to 2026.

  1. Tommy Pham

White Sox Tommy Pham was trending online at the beginning of the month, but not for a good reason. 

At the beginning of the month, Pham endured an ankle injury following a collision at home plate against the Milwaukee Brewers. Pham has since recovered from the injury, but he expressed a hostile attitude toward Brewers catcher William Contreras in a post-game press conference.

“I’ll never start anything, but I’ll be prepared to finish it. There’s a reason why I do all kinds of fighting in the offseason, because I’m prepared to f*** somebody up.” ??

573 Baseball, Tommy Pham (

His lack of sportsmanship this past month spurs concerns regarding how his attitude will impact the Dodgers beyond off the field. 

But, Pham does have his benefits. 

“He would be a net upgrade in the outfield if he performed the way he did last year, if he performed the way he did last year in the postseason, and for the start of this season.”

Dodgers Nation, Doug McKain

In 39 games this season, Pham is batting .282/.353/.410 with four home runs, 11 RBIs, and a 120 wRC+. 

And most importantly with the upcoming deadline, he would also be a cheap trade target. Pham was on a $3 million contract with the White Sox, so the Dodgers could pay him around under $2 million. 

  1. Michael Conforto

The Dodger-Giants rivalry is one of the most well-known in the Major League. A trade between the two is unlikely as the last deal they made was in August 2007. But, they have made 29 deals since 1893, which makes receiving Giants’ outfielder Michael Conforto still possible. 

“Michael Conforto would be higher on this list if he wasn’t a San Francisco Giant…But still, if he was an option, he’d be a solid option.”

Dodgers Nation, Doug McKain

Conforto posts a triple slash line of .227/.286/.402 with eight home runs and 22 RBIs in 53 games this season. This season he has found success against left-handed pitchers as he bats .298 with 3 home runs against them.

He signed a two-year $36 million contract with the Giants and agreed to an $18 million player option for the 2024 season. Although $18 million is still a high amount for a player at the deadline, the Giants have already paid a decent amount of that to Conforto this season. 

  1. Jesse Winker

Another potential trade target with an expiring contract is Washington Nationals’ Jesse Winker. He signed a one-year $1.5 million contract for the 2024 season, making him a cheap option. 

Winker has been most successful this season against right-handed pitchers. Out of the eight home runs he has hit this season, seven have been against right-handers. He also boasts a .286 batting average against right-handed pitchers, which is higher than his overall average. 

“Having someone that can hit against righties with Max Muncy out, Kiké Hernandez not doing much against righties, Chris Taylor, you know the year he’s had alright, I mean having someone like Jesse Winker definitely could help this offense.”

Dodgers Nation, Doug McKain

In 72 games this season, Winker has batted .266/.380/.414 with 8 home runs and 34 RBIs.

  1. Lane Thomas

The roster of the Washington Nationals holds another potential trade target for the Dodgers before the deadline with Lane Thomas. 

Thomas has returned from a Grade 2 MCL sprain that occurred at the end of April. 

Despite playing in limited games this season, Thomas has hit a triple slash line of .238/.297/.420 with 8 home runs and 28 RBIs. 

He has also shown stronger batting performance against left-handed pitchers than right-handed. Thomas has a .327 average against lefties compared to a .202 average against righties. 

  1. Daulton Varsho

The Toronto Blue Jays’ Daulton Varsho is a solid trade target for the Dodgers in the coming weeks. 

He has reached the 100-game mark for the past two seasons, making him a reliable and long-lasting player compared to other targets who have struggled with injuries. 

In 70 games this season, he bats .210/.293/.433 with 11 home runs and 35 RBIs.

  1. Jazz Chisholm

Although Miami Marlins’ Jazz Chisholm has become a popular player in recent years as the cover of MLB: The Show, he is the least likely to be traded to the Dodgers on this list for a reason. 

The team-control player bats .262/.329/.440 with 10 home runs, and 36 RBIs in 73 games. But, on the Pivot podcast, Chisholm made negative comments about former Miami Marlins player and current Dodgers team captain Miguel Rojas

“You can’t be a team leader when you’ve got guys that’s been in the clubhouse that’s been in there for nine, ten years. Even though they suck, they’ve been there for nine or ten years and the team calls them the team captain, but they’re not a good captain. They’re not a good person. You’re not even a good athlete at this point. You’re just here and you’re bringing down the young guys that are supposed to be good.”

The Pivot Podcast, Jazz Chisholm

Rojas responded to the harsh comments from Chisholm, expressing that he “crossed a line” and is “entitled”.

Out of respect for Rojas, there is a slim-to-none chance that Chisholm will be joining the Dodgers at the deadline. 

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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