Video: Sunday Night Baseball Featuring Dodgers’ Vin Scully

It’s been a great week for the Dodgers not only for their play on the field, but the news that longtime Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully would return for his 65th season was music to baseball fans ears.

Vin’s travel schedule is condensed due to his age, but he still calls every home game and road games in California and Arizona. Earlier this year against the Reds, the Dodgers gave away a Vin Scully bobblehead and during a commercial break, received a standing ovation.

During his press conference to officially announce he was coming back, Scully admitted that it was the closest he’s come to crying during his professional career.

As the Dodgers season has turned around, major cable networks ESPN and FOX have picked up their games and during the game tonight against the Red Sox, ESPN aired this commercial about Vin’s career:

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