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WATCH: Dodgers’ Zoom Call With Fans Video Highlights

If you were not able to be a part of the Dodgers’ Zoom call on Monday evening, you’re in luck! The Dodgers had their team release the video of the conference to us at DodgersNation, so we uploaded the video for fans to see. Check it out below!

There were a few highlights of the call that featured a star-studded lineup of Dodgers fans, analysts, and players. George Lopez stole the show early, cracking jokes and taking every opportunity to trash on the Astros. 

Joe Kelly was probably the highlight of all players, donning a straw hat the entire time and disappearing likely to help out with his newborn twins. Kelly also took some shots at Dodgers’ closer Kenley Jansen, who was posted up in front of his Jordan shoe collection.

If you did miss out on the call, there will be another! The team announced that the next Zoom call will be on Monday, May 4 at 6:00 p.m. PT. Instructions for the RSVP are coming, so make sure to follow the Dodgers on Instagram and Twitter

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