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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Talks About Potential Wasted Season of Mookie Betts

Indeed, the feeling that baseball will be played this year is growing with each passing day. And for the Los Angeles Dodgers, that’s a huge sigh of relief. After an offseason of big swings and misses, LA president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman finally landed his marquee pickup in 2018 AL MVP Mookie Betts.

However, after the coronavirus threw a huge wrench into the season and our general way of life, it was looking like Betts might never have the opportunity to suit up for the Dodgers in 2020. But Andrew Friedman was never really worried.

SNLA anchor John Hartung asked the exec if the worry of no Mookie ever kept him up at night, here’s what he had to say.

It probably will if it played out that way, but right now things have been so busy, it’s hard to look out much past a day a week at a time. And so, you know, I certainly appreciate and understand that that is a possibility. I’m optimistic that that won’t be the case.

Several weeks ago, ESPN personalities raised the concern that an agreement that MLB and the player’s union came to would, in fact, let Betts walk without ever playing a regular season game for Los Angeles. Moreover, that fact caused a bit of an uproar for fans — both Dodgers fans and even folks in Boston.

But for now, Andrew Friedman isn’t ready to go there quite yet.

If it were to play out that way, obviously, then I’ll have more thoughts on it. But right now our focus is on having him be a real key piece in us winning a championship in 2020.

Positive thoughts from the president of baseball ops.

As more plans are discussed by MLB and all 30 clubs, it’s reached a point where it looks like baseball will return, but definitely with heavy alterations to what we know and love. Don’t expect to watch a game in person any time soon, but if we’re home and able to enjoy Mookie at the top of Dave Roberts’ lineup each night, I know at least I’ll be a happy camper.

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