Who is the Dodgers Biggest Trash Talker?

When you think of these current LA Dodgers, it’s kind of tough to pinpoint a player you can identify as a trash talker. Yes, those days of baseball are pretty long gone — lest you think about players like MadBum and Archie “Depends” Bradley, as least in the NL West.

The modern trash talker might be someone that takes to social media to voice their feelings (think like a Trevor Bauer type), but thankfully the Dodgers organization runs a tighter ship when it comes to what players can post.

On the field, gone are players like Yasiel Puig, Manny Machado

So, if we’re trying to identify a current Dodger trash talker, who do you come up with?

Walker Buehler

Walker Buehler certainly can be taken into consideration. Mr “Sorry, Kids” recently told teammate Ross Stripling that he “embraces the adrenaline” in big games, so undoubtedly that adrenaline can lead to some on-field dust-ups, right?

Other than this brief “go sit down” moment with Ildemaro Vargas, it’s been more intensity and strikeout reactions than trash talking.

Perhaps the phrase “hard-nosed” fits better for Walker.

Kiké Hernandez

Enrique has the chops to be an elite trash talker on the ball field. Instead, he channels that energy into shenanigans and tomfoolery, much to the enjoyment of the fans.

Definitely not so much of a trash talker.

Max Muncy

Now we’re getting somewhere! For this, I’ll let MLB.com beat writer Ken Gurnick handle the heavy lifting.

Muncy homered off Madison Bumgarner on June 8, reason enough for Muncy to be a fan favorite. But the ensuing exchange became legendary, with Bumgarner yelling at Muncy for admiring his shot, prompting Muncy’s epic response: “If you don’t like me watching the ball, you can go get it out of the ocean.”

The T-shirts couldn’t be silk-screened fast enough.

Here’s that glorious moment.

Undoubtedly, this was Mad Max’s signature moment in Dodger blue — perhaps even more than his 18th inning walk off in the 2018 World Series (but that’s very much up for debate).

Do you agree?

Is Muncy the premiere trash talker on the Dodgers? Is he more of a clap-backer? Let us know in the comments below.

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