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Why Dodgers Offense Struggled in the Postseason and How to Fix the Hitting

The Dodgers underachieved in so many places during their NLDS loss to the Padres in the 2022 postseason. None, however, proved more costly than the lack of production from the offense.

The 111-win Dodgers finished the regular season with a +334 run differential, tied for fourth on the all-time list with the 1936 Yankees. And yet, in the postseason, the Dodgers scored just 12 runs across four games, and were abysmal with runners in scoring position.

The experts here at Dodgers Nation looked into the disappointing bats in the NLDS and what the team needs to do to solve that issue in 2023.

WATCH: Why Dodgers Offense Struggled in the Postseason, How to Fix Offense, Time to Fire Hitting Coaches?

After leading the league with a .272 batting average with runners in scoring position in the regular season, the Dodgers hit just .147 (five for 34) with RISP in the NLDS. At one point, they had an 0-20 streak that was among the worst in MLB history.

Clearly, they need to make some changes ahead of next season. So Dodger fans should be very excited about the upcoming offseason, and the major moves that could come with it. Despite Andrew Friedman saying there will not be any coaching changes, a new voice or a different voice in the hitters meetings could change an approach that clearly works well in the regular season but misses the mark in October.

And, if the team doesn’t add a prominent vocal leader to the clubhouse, perhaps a change of scenery with Dave Roberts’ right-hand man in Bob Geren will inject some much needed fight into this club.

What do you think the Dodgers need to do to address this issue in the offseason? Who’s your dream free agent pick up? Let us know in the comments below!

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Noah Camras

Noah is an Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. Hire Kevin Long from the Phillies as the new hitting coach. He has the right philosophy in hitting and scoring runs. There’s always contact to put the ball in play, moving men over, even having Harper and Schwarber buying in to go oppo to drive runners in along w/ their power. K. Long was Trea’s hitting coach @ Washington, so I think the Dodgers will lose Trea to the Phillies. They have a very productive lineup w/ guys having a 2-strike approach, plate discipline and hard contact. I see how they were able to out score the Cardinals, Braves, Padres, and now the Astros. I am envious of that style of hitting and intrigued by the whole team buying in.

    1. Only problem is the front office and/or manager have to buy in. The only guys that have a two strike approach are Freddie, Lux (starting this year under Freddie’s wing) Trea a bit this year all the time last year, Justin, and once every 2 weeks Cody punches one to left with the shift on. Even the guys coming up from the minors hit the ball where it’s pitched. I’m sure the guys on staff know the how to, but someone else up the food chain is telling them what they should teach.

  2. The Dodgers need to get new batting coach(es)!! Offer the batting coach position to Albert Pujols!

  3. Grab Judge, put him in the lead off spot, let him do his thing and everyone else will follow.

  4. The Dodger hitters are very patient at the plate…they do so to wear the opposing pitcher down. Use that patience to get ahead in the count and hit the strikes the opposition needs to throw to even up the count. Save your home run swings primarily for counts less than two strikes. Continue to have the hitting coaches lay out an offensive strategy for every game.

    1. Did you or anyone else posting here watch game 2 of the Series. Houston was not trying to get Wheeler out of the game by pitch count, but by knocking the H out of the ball. Took exactly 4 pitches for the Astros to score 3 runs. Working the count might be fine over a 162 game marathon, but not so much in the Series. Bullpens are too good in today’s game and getting a starter out on pitch count is not the answer. The Dodger hitters need to take a more aggressive approach and stop swinging for the home run. There is a comment below from Ralph Kramden that is on the mark. Roberts needs to go. Those of you that keep saying we will win a few more rings are blind. Until we hire a manager with some pee and vinegar in his veins and can light a fire under the butts of these players, championships are not coming in bunches anytime soon.

  5. The numbers show during the regular season that they were the best offense…the best at timely hitting. This dud of a postseason has a different cause and no one is talking about it. The Dodgers took 3 of the last 6 x games off against the Rockies, throwing cold water on the offensive killer instinct. They didn’t show up for the game, and that is on the Field Manager, as well as a on the players who may have been a little full of themselves. LaSorda would have never allowed it. They lost the edge and couldn’t get it back for the playoffs. For me this fix is a new Field Manager, a hungrier, less self absorbed guy and a few changes on the field for those of our Blue who feel they are holier than thou and strikeout way too much.

    1. Well said. Starts with an untruthful FO, an arrogant manager who puts his foot in his mouth, and a few complacent Boys in Blue who got too big for one’s britches.

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