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Yasiel Puig Says He Didn’t Work Hard For Dodgers The Past Couple Years

Yasiel Puig has a very headline grabbing quote for all of you in Dodger-land. Moreover, Puig talked to about the state of his next contract. While Puig was candid in what he wants in the future – he spoke to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer about the past.

Of course, that past extends into his days as a Los Angeles Dodger. In this case, Puig talked about the work ethic of his recent past.

“The last couple of years, I didn’t work hard because I still have a contract to go,” Puig said. “Now, I think work harder than any year of my life.”


This is the ex-girlfriend you were in love with telling you not only that it’s over. No, she’s not just saying to let her go. She’s telling you that she never loved you. And she’s talking about her new guy!

More Puig, for all of you that haven’t had enough.

“If I can sign here, you say?” Puig said. “I don’t know. You been asking the GM if he wants to sign me? If he gives me the money I want, (and) I’m going to be here all the years he wants. I love Ohio. This is my color. I love red.”

This is especially tough for a fellow like myself. A fellow that wrote this emotional piece on the final days of the Wild Horse. I wore my emotions on my sleeve – as Puig wears his now (a red sleeve).

It’s uncouth of the former Los Angeles icon to say he didn’t work hard, and it came down to money. Still, I want to choose to believe that this is simply Puig being scorned or just making headlines like only Puig knows how.

Give Us Your Opinion On Puig’s Comments!

What do you think? Do you think Puig is being legitimate? Do his comments bother you?

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  1. If this truly how Puig went about his business, and the Dodgers knew about it, it’s no wonder they gave him away for almost nothing. I also have to think other teams knew and stayed away so much that it took the salary dump of Homer Bailey to make it happen.

    I don’t know if they have a lot of bridges in Cuba but Puig just did a great job of burning his.

    1. Do you really beleive this? Not!! Its Puig being Puig. Plus the media never appreciated this giy. Always talk of trade. I will moss bim but, he is in a better place and will shine.

    2. For the las 3 play off. Oportunities they have, Yassiel Puig was the main reazon they whent as far as they did.
      He did as much as any one could do for that club even if he did not do all he could have done, he was only one player.
      So let us not start any hate campaine against Puig
      To minimaize his constribution to the Dodger’s organization. It is jut not fair.

  2. We were are captivated by his potential and talent. But as he shows in these quotes the man has never matured. I am sure it was incredibly frustrating for the Dodgers to know he has such amazing potential and he as for whatever reason not worked to capture it consistently.

    He is a 5 tool guy with incredible speed and power. In that tiny park he will hit a ton of HR’s and extra base hits. I wish him well but I especially hope someday he matures.

    1. A five tool guy who only excelled with two…throwing and fielding. Now he gets to pad the other tools while playing 81 games in what can be considered a Little League field. His exuberance, which many admired, was more a hindrance to the team than a benefit. He had good moment but not enough to erase all the bad.

      1. Fielding and throwing? He was a minus defender who consistently missed the cutoff man.

  3. Is anyone surprised by these comments from Puig? Not me! Dodgers tried to trade him for the last couple of years and this is the reason.

  4. I think Puig is just into baseball for fun, he doesn’t look on it as work.. Just have fun and get paid for it, we all should have such a job!

    1. I just watched him at practice in Goodyear and he stayed an hour after practice and had the hitting coach machine 3 crates of balls to him and then worked with that same coach for another 30 minutes. All of this after every other player had gone into the faciliy after practice.

  5. Ya dejen de tirar leña a puig . Yasiel les demostro en las 2 World Series quien es el hizo su trabajo el que no respondio fu el manager roberts asi ya veran el mal movimiento que hicieron

  6. Plaske(with the LA Times) has written that Puig was a detrement to the Dodgers and that they should get rid of him. I know he was a favorite to a lot of Dodgers fans and trading him has angered them, but IF he says that he didn’t work hard for the Dodgers, another athlete that didn’t take advantage of his ability. I loved the energy he brought to the team, but as I’ve read “you take the good with the bad.”

      1. As a fan who is only recently rooting for dodger blue, I can tell you fans of other teams don’t like this guy at all. that said, it was almost like you hate him but secretly wished he was on your teaM. That kInd of a player. These latest Puig comments easily knock that sentiment out of the park. I know many fans loved him, but for me it will be easier to love this team without him or Machado (a rental, I know) for that matter. Looking forward to reading more of your articles, Mr. Evans.

      2. Anytime there is judgement required, Puig fails. Whether it’s hitting the cut-off man, baserunning, or swinging at breaking balls down and away, he was consistent. Really bad judgement.

  7. wowsers.. can’t believe he said that. I too now see him in a different light.

  8. Too much fame, too much money too fast. Hes still very immature. I think he did his best here. I believe he’s searching for something to say that he thinks the Reds fans want to hear. His agent should be more involved in coaching, teaching him the ways of the baseball culture.

    You did refer to Puig as an icon, All due respect, Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Sandy Koufax, Gil Hodges are just a few examples of Dodger Icons. Puig is not one of those.

  9. I have been saying for years Puig has a lot of talent but is not a “baseball player”. I even wrote to Bill Plasche of the L.A. Times after he wrote a glowing article about Puig saying how I saw Puig as a player. I realize L.A. fans all loved him, but he was always a detriment to the team.
    So yes, I believe what he has said in Cincinnati and am glad he is gone.

  10. Lots of good comments here. Does this really surprise anyone? It shouldn’t. Lots of talent but he never learned to channel his efforts correctly. He did confirm for all of us however, that it’s all about the money, so remember this when the strike comes and the players and their out-of-touch union sue on the basis of collusion because, well, they need not billions of dollars but rather trillions. I’ll side with management on this one. The game has changed to a “money game” not a “baseball game”. Sad.

  11. Anyone else remember this? ” Wasserman Sports terminated its agreement with Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig in an unusual separation of athlete and agency.” USA Today February 7, 2018 How many professional athletes do you recall being terminated by his/her agency?

  12. What a scumbag moron. That’s not the attitude any team wants. Good luck getting the money you want when all teams know you won’t work hard once you’re secured

  13. when mlb teams go to whatever it takes to get a foreign player and circumvents the process by offering them the ability to become a citizen…….they are easily bought and don’t get the discipline that normally goes with the citizen status…..covered up excessive speeding (breaking the law) more than once and didn’t get jail time is just an example……..and you want this person on your team who does what he wants…..Dodgers finally took responsibility to trade him and get off the hook……best of luck for him on another team

  14. Puig was always more trouble than he was worth – good riddance – no matter what he does from now on

  15. Honestly Puigs grasp of the language isnt great so he may be saying that he is extra motivated to get a new contract by playing harder, but that vibe is lost in translation

  16. Not much to say but there are basically 2 sides to every story and the Current FO and Roberts and how they managed the team may, i say may have prompted these comments but not really sure. It’s too bad but with or without Puig, as of now anyway Dodgers are not as much of a threat as they were in the last couple of years.

    1. Please explain how the FO and/or Roberts had anything to do with Puig saying, ““The last couple of years, I didn’t work hard because I still have a contract to go,” Puig said. “Now, I think work harder than any year of my life.” Just a pure BS attitude from a BS player!

      1. SoCal, I am not necessarily saying that FO and Roberts made Puig say these things. He just may not have been on their same page but in any event, for Puig to come out and say what he said now indicates Dodgers were good and had good reason to deal him away. And I am sure other teams will take note of this when he enters FA. Reds may find out he is a BS player like ya said, or maybe with less pressure playing in a little park, who knows. BTW what is your take on Machado signing with padres for 10 years and $300 million.

        1. Machado? I think Preeler made another mistake, this time a $300MM mistake. From what I observed when Machado was with the Dodgers, I’m glad he is with Padres — his attitude will have a negative impact on the clubhouse and could rub off on young players like Mejia, Tatis, and Urias.

          1. Honestly, the way the FA landscape appears today, I am kind of surprised that ANY MLB team would give out a 10 year $300 million deal. Time will tell but wss how this signing elevates the Padres in the NL West or not.

    2. Yes, I’ll miss on-field Puig. I’ll miss his antics. This doesn’t change it. I don’t believe that he didn’t work hard, despite the comments.

      1. Puig was one of the best defensive right fielders that ever played for the Dodgers. He kept runners from taking extra bases and was able to get to balls that other outfielders could not. He hustled and was fast without caring about running into fences. He played hard for the dodgers. He is just upset about the trade and about having to sit against lefties.

  17. He’s a jerk, and a worthless showboat. Always has been, and I’m sure he always will be. Good riddance to bad garbage!

  18. He’s such an emotion driven kid (I say kid as in childlike, and sometimes childish). He’s obviously hurt and will just maybe someday regret having issued that statement.

  19. I watch baseball to be entertained. Puig was more entertaining than most. For his faults, I will miss seeing him play.
    Personally, I dont think he just pulled out those quotes. I think it is very possible he is just trying to endear himself to his new town (who says they live ohio?), so he is trying to make a good impression right out of the gate at the cost of smearing his old image. Can’t say many of us wouldn’t do the same. We know Kemp did.

    1. Tyler, I agree with you. How quickly did everybody forget the excitement he brought to the Dodgers. Especially his first year!!!

  20. Wow. What a disappointing thing to read. I pretty upset to see him go. This significantly lessens the blow.

  21. He’s going to hit a lot of Home runs in Cincy. Still he was disappointing, right when you need that extra hit that outside slider still gets him out every time.

  22. Think that Yasiel Puig is butt hurt that Dodgers traded him? This is typical Puig. But his comments do make it easier to “get over” him. Bye-Bye.

  23. This is lengthy, but just wanted to “defend” Puig (from himself!)…

    I think (hope) that is is a misguided attempt by Puig to offer up an “excuse” for his “sub-par” stats/performance over the past couple seasons (compared to his exceptional first couple years with the Dodgers) and set higher expectations for 2019 with the Reds. Although he is going about it the wrong way, I believe he is trying to tell the Cincinnati fans that they can expect a “better Puig” this season. His mistake is trying to explain away the last couple of years by chalking that up to “not working hard” (i.e., he could of performed much better, but he wasn’t really trying that hard), instead of just simply owing it. Then he basically says that he will work harder than ever, this season, because he is essentially auditioning for a new contract.


    1. continued:

      But, he’s basically contradicting himself because following that logic he should have been “auditioning” at least last season also, because nowadays teams are much less inclined to offer big money contracts for one good (recent) year, instead they are looking for (valuing) more consistency than that (especially when they cannot judge how many of Puig’s homers are simply due to the right-hand friendly home run park in Cincinnati versus “trying harder”). Yes, admittedly, some elite players with free agency around the corner might ratchet it down a bit to avoid injuries and/or reduce wear and tear, but Puig is not “elite”, and those players have more substantial, consistent, and credible track records which might make the “ratchet it down” gambit worthwhile for them. Furthermore, “not working hard”, just doesn’t pass the smell test with Puig based on what we have seen on the field. He is pretty much “all in” physically and emotionally when he plays. Yes, he was wasn’t a big fan of platooning, wanted to be a full-time starter, and probably wasn’t “thrilled” by his demotion to the minors, in other words he probably was “demotivated” (justifiably or not), but that didn’t show when he was actually on the field.


    2. finally:

      So, I’m inclined to chalk this up to Puig attempting to explain away his past few years of performance instead of simply owning it. It’s a shame, because Puig is the type that will give 110% on the field (even if frustrated by platooning) and shouldn’t be cloaking himself in the narrative of being one of those elite disloyal schmucks who throttles it back pending free agency. It is disappointing to see him say this, maybe some of it is language (fluency), but I see it more as a PR failure and lack of maturity (in not owning his performance) than truly “not working hard” in the past (which would be a very disappointing betrayal!).

      That being said, Puig kinda doubled-down on the disloyal schmuck thing with his comment about signing in the future with the Reds if they “give me the money I want”. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get paid what you think you’re worth, baseball is a business, but it is also a sport with fans loyal to their teams, and it rubs me the wrong way when players are so blatant about the money and don’t handle the topic with a bit more finesse. It is enough to say “I love Ohio” and then something like “I hope my agent can hammer something out with the GM downstream to stay here”.

      Final note, Puig has to be careful and up his PR game, a one-off quote like “not working hard” can stick and haunt a player and turn off some fans and front offices alike… “Johnny hustle”, anyone ?

  24. IMO, as far as Puig saying those things to appeal to his new settings, the rabid fans will love it BUT the team will either disapprove or see through it (or both). so….is he doing it for that reason or is it real and he’s NOT a rocket scientist??? Hmmmmmm.

  25. I was bummed LA let him go. Thought it was a mistake. Now I can let all that go and celebrate that the Dodgers let go of a guy who rolls like that. Good riddance.

  26. Yes, it hurts. In the same vein as Machado’s Johnny Hustle comments. But it hurts more because we loved Puig. Sigh.

  27. Dodgers trying to justify the Puig Deal, worst ever, by bringing this out. Fans will show their displeasure with the trade by their attendance at Dodger Stadium. Should have traded the Manager instead.

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