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Dodgers Free Agency News: Bryce Harper Decision Expected By End of Week

First, the Dodgers jumped back in the mix on Bryce Harper. They held an impromptu meeting in Las Vegas – Dave Roberts attended – and little more was said about it. Actually, Roberts did say this.

Then, there was a Brinks truck at Dodgers camp; literally. Now, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale (friend of the show, Blue Heaven Podcast) says that Harper will be making his decision on a team by the end of the week.

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To clarify, two rival GM’s are the source of Nightengale’s report.

Harper is expected to make his decision by the end of this week, two team executives told USA TODAY Sports. The executives spoke on condition of anonymity because of ongoing negotiations.

In addition to this, I talked to someone I know who is close with Harper. Actually, the person approached me. Here is what they told me.

The entire Harper saga has been an exhausting one for all of us. Still, imagine how Bryce feels! That said, he’s about to become an even more rich man. In any event, it appears it’s coming to a conclusion for all of us.

Indeed, it seems the Harper sweepstakes are down to three teams: Philadelphia, San Francisco, and your Los Angeles Dodgers. So what are your thoughts? Do you think that the Dodgers have one last legitimate run in them for the prize free agent?

Let us know in the comments! The truth will soon be revealed, and the truth shall set us all free!

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  1. I think the Dodgers are serious in its pursuit of Harper and will increase the number of contract years, but not go to 10. My guess, Dodgers offer 8 years, $300MM with opt outs after 3 and 5 years.

    1. Socal…….There is an unsubstantiated rumor on the MLB twitter feed that the Dodgers DID offer him ten years with a five year opt out on Monday. I read it early this morning……is it true? I have no idea……..

      1. Interesting, because no other details were talked about. But I can just imagine the fall out if Harper were to sign with the Giants (he allegedly loves that park) and that would mean the 2 biggest FA’s this year end up with Division rivals.

        1. And to continue that line of thought, AZUL, we thus face Manny and Bryce 36 games!!!! That is a lot of games!!! Can we afford to take that chance? No. Go Blue!!!

  2. I’d love to have Bryce, but am really worried about Kershaw and am wondering if that money should go to Kluber or some other top line starter

    1. Kluber is not a feee agent so if pitching is your concern due to Kershaws shoulder, then you’d be in favor of signing Bryce then trading Verdugo/Joc and prospects for Kluber or Bauer

    1. Bryce will probably be less a disruptive influence in the club house than Yasiel!!!! And I am a big Puig fan!!!! Go Blue!!!

  3. had machado and he did not lite a fire and didn’t want to play for the Dodgers and now harper and what does he have to offer……if the given team went to the playoffs multiple times without a machado or a harper, one player is going to turn this team around?…..we NEED a manager who can motivate a team and we’re not going that direction…we have players wanting to play but NEVER knowing if and when they are going to play or where they are going to play……and still adding more personnel……

  4. What does it matter what we think? Kasten and Freidman are going to do what they want to do.

    1. I’m a San Francisco Giants fan now. Yeah they’re in transition but I know they’ll always do right by the fans and team first. They will come out of it winning championships again I guarantee it. Dodgers brass care about the almighty dollar above all else. There’s no need to win it all for them there’s no passion. Plus, those five years where the Giants won 3 I always admired their style and culture from afar and the fans get into it and help spark the team in October unlike Dodgers fans

      1. Really glad your a Giants fan. Your ignorance and stupidty fit right in. Dumbest statements I’ve read on here ever. Go troll your team’s site w the rest of your kind. Thanks.

        1. Lol you’re a dumbass dieselfarts19. Everything I said was a fact and many Dodgers fans are aware of what’s going on here stay in denial fan boy

  5. I am surprised to hear that he loves the Frisco park. It is 421 to RC with a high wall.

  6. If the Dodgers sign Harper, there are two certainties:

    1. My Spectrum Cable bill will increase to $250.00 per month, and
    2. The cheapest pint of beer at Dodger Stadium will cost *$21.00

    Bet the house on it!

  7. If the Dodgers sign Harper, there are two certainties:

    1. My Spectrum Cable bill will increase to $250.00 per month.
    2. The cheapest pint of beer at Dodger Stadium will increase to $21.00

    Bet the house on it!

  8. Dodger Blue has to go all in. We need that high profile player to put us over the top. Everyone knew Manny was only a rental and not a true Dodger. Harper will have Dodger Blue in his blood on day 1 and wear our uniform with pride. Then we are loaded with trading chips to bring in more pitching at the trade deadline. Dodger Front Office….pls go ahead and pull the Harper trigger. The other cable holdouts should come onboard.

    1. High profile player doesn’t mean anything. I believe the Dodgers have been there done that over the decades and the outcome was no better than without one. The team needs to just do it with what they have there’s more than enough. It’s time to grow a pair

  9. I hope they DON’T sign Harper. There’s NOBODY worth $30M per year, especially, for what Harper wants: 10 years. Think about it, 10year $300Million.

  10. Just wondering why everyone is worried about the money. It’s not yours people …get over it! he’s an obvious talent and the Dodgers will be better with him. This fact is undisputed.

    1. Worry about the money?? Many years ago, you (anyone), could to a Dodger game, and have a great time. Now, at the present time; with all these “SuperJocks”, a family of 3, can’t get by for less than $100…(High Money Contracts).

  11. The problem here is that because of all the hype people forget about his actual numbers and talk like he’s Lou Gehrig. Other than one really good yr he’s no superstar. Look up WAR list. He’s down @ 71st place among active players!! Look at that list on Baseball Reference and see all the players ahead of him, it’s crazy! Besides him being just another left-handed mediocre defense outfielder he’s just not worth what Boras wants us to believe.
    My choice would be to get what ever we need at the trade deadline, let the team up north handcuff themselves w Harper.

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