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Clayton Kershaw Is Struggling Early in Spring Training 2019

The beloved Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw appears to be dealing with some issues at the beginning of Spring Training which is obviously not a good sign.

This comes on the heels of being sent home early on Thursday.


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Kersh’s offseason was supposed to be one where his main focuses were regaining his velocity and increasing his flexibility. Hopefully those two things still come to fruition in the regular season, but the odds do not look great at the outset of camp.

After a year where Kershaw’s velocity dropped down to 90.9 mph on his fastball and his swinging strike rate dipped at an alarming rate (14.1 to 11%), this Spring Training is quite possibly the most important of Kershaw’s career.

However, as fans, we know just how much of a gamer Clayton is. If he felt 90% in his pen sessions, it doesn’t meet his standards. Although this seems a little more alarming, we know Kershaw’s work ethic has always been fantastic.

The idea that there is no timetable for him to resume throwing is not great, but it could simply be the Dodgers playing it slow with the veteran. With the amount of success he has enjoyed in his career and the mileage on his arm, he should be afforded extra rest.

If Dave Roberts is not ‘alarmed’ that really does not mean much anymore. The Dodgers have a history of downplaying injuries or certain instances that occur around the clubhouse, most notably the Corey Seager situation.

We can hope and pray that Kersh is fine and gets back to being vintage Kershaw in 2019, but the odds of that happening are trimmed quite a bit by this situation.

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  1. For the first time in this current iteration, I am saddened by Clayton’s seemingly final days but am not remotely alarmed. The team can still win it all without him. That is new.

  2. Been pitching my whole life (still am at 74) and “not feeling right” means absolutely nothing at this stage of spring training. He’ll take a day or two, shrug his shoulders and get back at timing his readiness for opening day. Is it an issue? Maybe, but we’re a long way from that right now.

  3. This is no surprise. If he is done then we need to move on with what we have. Great career Clayton….glad you were here.

  4. Even the strongest, most reliable machines break down and need repair. You don’t always throw out a good machine.

  5. Not really a surprise. Could see this coming. When you start to decline at 29/30 you are pretty much done. Look at the king in Seattle. Same thing. We should appreciate what we had for 10 years.

  6. I am most concerned about CK’s medical issues. Maybe during the middle of the year an injury of this nature might take place, but not before spring training games actually begin. I have always maintained that clubs win with pitching, and almost all of our pitchers spent time on the DL in 2018. If I could land Kluber or Kuichel in a reasonable deal, I would make the pitch (excuse the pun). Go Blue Crew!!!

  7. I hope that, to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of Kershaw’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

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