Cole Hamels Rumors: Phillies Want Final Offers By Wednesday

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The trade deadline is just days away and one of the biggest pieces available for trade has yet to be moved in Philadelphia Phillies left-hander Cole Hamels.

While the Los Angeles Dodgers have been named one of the favorites for the former All-Star, along with the Texas Rangers, talks have been nothing more than that to this point. There are several other teams that have shown interest in Hamels, making him the most pursued starting pitcher before the deadline.

According to Jayson Stark of ESPN.com, the Phillies are still entertaining offers and have put a deadline before the deadline:

The Philadelphia Phillies have told several teams interested in acquiring Cole Hamels that they’d like to get their “best” offers by Wednesday, sources told ESPN.com.

Putting teams in a sort of bidding process is the Phillies way to receive the best possible deal, as it would be expected that teams put in offers that intend to beat out all others interested. By putting a deadline at Wednesday, the team has until Friday to continue negotiating and strike a deal.

For the Dodgers, it’s been reported that the Phillies are requesting six prospects if top prospects Corey Seager and Julio Urias are not involved in the trade. It’s a unusually high demand, but the Phillies believe that the fact that Hamels is under contract through 2018 makes him worth it. The NL West leaders reportedly have David Price as their top choice to acquire; however, the Detroit Tigers are still deciding to sell or buy. Price would become a free agent after this season, lowering his price despite being younger with better numbers than Hamels.

The Dodgers are sure to submit a bid for Hamels, but do no expect it to meet the Phillies demands.


Vincent Samperio

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I believe that if you want to see Hamels in LA, The phillies are going to stick it to us way beyond what the deal is actually worth, and I don’t think our front office wants to win *that* bad. The fans do, but the office doesn’t.

  2. I don’t think that Hamels’ value is actually that big…perhaps we can’t win the WS without another good arm but decimate our farm system isn’t the answer either. Philly know that several teams are willing to overpay so they are trying to get as much as they can. Hope the Dodgers will be reasonable about this, though the possibility of seeing Hamels in Dodger blue is enticing.

    1. the value of Hamels skyrocketed, at least in the mind of Ruben Amaro Jr(or Ruin Tomorrow Jr, as Philly fans like to call him), after the no hitter that he just threw against the Cubs.

  3. Heck NO!!! He’s not worth 6 prospects. They can keep him. We’ll figure out something else. We’ve worked too hard to build that Farm system. I’m telling you guys the Dynasty is coming. Be patient. We better sign Price in the off season though and Seager is ready RIGHT NOW. Plus we MUST find a LEADOFF hitter

  4. Just say no and hang up the phone…this is stupidity and if they can extort another team, fine…they seem to be scoped in on the dodgers waiting for them to blink

  5. Not worth 6 prospects but a Cole’s Yasiel Puig deal would be fine with me after all can anyone write down right here anything Puig has done this season to get us into and stay in 1st place in the west? Can’t be done because I like Puig as much as anyone but he hasnt done anything to help this club so far and so you gotta think beyond the passion of a like able player and into what is best for the team and we can do without Puig so long as we get a good strong arm in the rotation for that is a glaring weak point with this team… Another is the 7th and 8th innings and hope the F.O. is looking to shore that weakness up to get a reliever we can depend upon to hand the ball off to Jansen in the 9th…. Fill those 2 huge holes and we begin to look like a championship team able to fend off and beat SF for Nat West title and St Lou in the playoffs…

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