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Dodger Stadium: Sandy Koufax Statue Unveiling Expected in June

Major League Baseball’s All-Star game is coming to Dodger Stadium in 2020, and renovations are in full swing. Not every new feature will be ready to go by The Freeway Series later this month. However, we do have an idea of when we will get to see the new Sandy Koufax statue

The renovations at Dodger Stadium include a brand new entrance in center field which will be a focal point. That is where the brand new Sandy Koufax statue will be unveiled sometime in June. His statue will be erected adjacent to that of Jackie Robinson’s, which is moving from the top deck.

The date had previously not been announced, just that it would be some time ahead of the All-Star game. We now know that it will be in June, just a month ahead of the Mid-Summer Classic. The All-Star Game is set for Tuesday, July 14th this year. 

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Koufax’s statue will be just the second one ever at Dodger Stadium, with Jackie’s being put in nearly three years ago. Nicknamed “The Left Arm of God”, Koufax pitched twelve wonderful years with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Koufax won 165 games and won three Cy Young Awards from 1963 to 1966. He was a three-time World Series winner, three-time triple crown winner, and five-time ERA champion.

Koufax spends his days working as a special advisor to the team and can often be seen around the stadium or at Camelback Ranch during spring. 

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  1. Great story!!!!!! Mr. Koufax is truly one of the nicest and grandest of all of my boyhood heroes. I have been fortunate enough to meet Mr. Koufax on several occasions as an adult, and let me state, that he is as great in person as he was on the mound. Go Blue!!!!

  2. I grew up In Bklyn and Koufax was my idol. My cousin Lenny played HS ball with him and Fred Wilson the Mets owner. Koufax was the greatest left handed pitcher during his time frame. He pitched through pain and his arm was put into a bucket of ice after every game. He had to retire early because of this. He and big Don Drysdale were a great 1-2 punch. They held out for 100,000 at that time. Imagine what they would be worth today. Koufax is a True Blue Dodger!

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