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Dodgers: 4 LA Players Land Among MLB’s Most Hated Players

Every season, baseball fans get to see a map of the favorite and most hated teams across the country. It’s always sort of fun to see, especially when the Dodgers are on the map in other states, It really is a huge fanbase, and we travel well. 

But this week, we were treated to another interesting list. came out with their most hated players in MLB of 2022 so far. They based that off of Twitter and negative tweets about players since Opening Day. The Dodgers had a few players on that list. 

Before we list them out, it’s probably worth mentioning that there is likely a reason for this. Primarily, the Dodgers are hated around the league for always being one of the best teams in baseball. So of course opposing fanbases will have bad things to say about the players here. 

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Trevor Bauer came in at number 6 on the list, but that one was expected. What was not expected was having Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts on the list. Given that they are two of the nicest guys in baseball, you didn’t expect to see these Dodgers stars make the list. 

Just the other day, Mookie tried to connect with a fan who missed catching his homerun ball. But then you go down the list and see guys like Justin Turner and Max Muncy on the list. And then you start to think that Giants fans must have had quite a few negative tweets to get them on that list. 

Sometimes, that’s just what happens when you’re always one of the best teams in baseball.

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  1. We need to trade Bellinger, Justin Turner, Edwin Rios and David Price to the washington Nationals for Soto .. As you can see , we will lose a lot of up coming games with These clowns on our team .. Bring up jake Lamb and Kevin Pillar and trade these four players ,, Pitching is something we have , do not trade Bobby Miller or Pepeot … Bellinger , needs to go , he will play much better , once he wakes up in D.C WE tradeed two Studs for Trea and Max .. we have to keep Trea and get rid of the cancers JT and Rios as well as Belly

    1. You are brutal, dude. Putting together a trade like this would be akin to proposing a trade of Hanser Alberto for Mike Trout. I think all of those names deserve to be trade possibilities, but Washington would want prospects, and bushels of prospects, as they continue to rebuild. So, you wouldn’t be able to protect Miller and Pepiot, or really anyone. Look at the current list of Top 5 Dodgers prospects and say goodbye to them all to start the conversation. Any deal would be tough because the Nats consider Soto to be the anchor of their entire rebuilding program. But, with next year being his walk year … who knows?

      1. Soto is not a free agent until 2025. Washington still has 2 and 1/2 years of control. Any team that trades for him will have him for the 2023 and 2024 seasons. That is another reason the price to acquire him will be so high.

    2. Only one problem with your trade proposal. No one wants any of the players you listed. They have little to no value on the trade market.

    3. Wow Joseph, WTF have you been smoking? You are proposing to trade a young gold glove type former MVP (Bellinger), the aging soul of this team (Turner), a salary that no team is going to touch (Price) and a platoon player (Rios) for SOTO?? The chance of that trade happening is about the same chance as you getting a job in MLB evaluating talent. Zero. Bellinger and Turner are off the table. Along with Rios and Price (We would have to pay Price’s salary), you would have to include at least 2, maybe 3 prospects and they won’t be from the bargain bin. A stud pitcher and a stud position player, most likely. Then you must decide what to do with CT3 and/or Lux. One or both of them will have to come out of the lineup. Look, Soto is good, but he’s not a generational talent. I wouldnt sell the farm for him. No deal.

  2. Most of these comments don’t even address the topic (4 hated players ). Joseph seems to be the #1 hated commenter on DN.

    1. These 4 players hated mostly for just being on a Dodger team that has been to the PS for pretty much a decade, 9 out last 10 years. As far as that trade, well no need for further talk cause no team would involve themselves in a deal like that.

    2. Well, it’s a deal that will never take place. Those 4 players mentioned as most hated are on a team that has seen October baseball for the past decade.

  3. Most teams would think about trading 200 hitters that they are paying Millions to. But not the dodgers, they love 1-0 losses especially sitting the only hot hitters on the team. No worries, Dr Dave will wait for them to get hot then rest them like always…

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