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Dodgers: Add Another 300 Game to Mookie Betts’ Bowling Ledger

One Dodger star taking full advantage of his offseason is right fielder Mookie Betts. The former AL MVP has spent the last few months getting married and honeymooning with long-time girlfriend Brianna. He’s spent time in the cages, at least once with former Red Sox teammates. And he’s gearing up for his pro-am golf debut next month at Pebble Beach.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mookie went out and added another perfect 300 game to his bowling ledger. The 5-time All-Star shared the feat on his Instagram page this weekend.

In case you didn’t know, Betts is an avid bowler and has actually rolled four perfect games now, including once on one of the biggest stages in the sport back in 2017.

For his most recent 300, some of Mookie’s teammates jumped in the comments to give him a hard time.

Justin Turner joked that Betts “prob didn’t like it,” playing on Mookie’s perfectionist attitude. Former Boston teammate Jackie Bradley Jr. laughed at JT’s comment, adding that “this is the most underrated comment here! He never likes anything.”

Outfielder Steven Souza Jr. shared the same sentiment with his, “ahhh didn’t feel right though, I think something is off” comment.

Hopefully, Mookie and all of us can get back to baseball soon.

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