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Dodgers: Albert Pujols Homers Against Former Team, Doesn’t See it as Revenge

At the start of the season, if anyone were to say that Albert Pujols would be a part of the 2021 Dodgers, many around baseball would’ve thought that idea would be a long shot from the truth. However, after the Angels released him back in May, that crazy idea became a reality. 

The former NL MVP and future Hall of Famer, signed a one-year deal with the Dodgers to stay in Southern California. the Angels wanted to rid themselves of Pujols to make room for Jared Walsh, and while that may be working out in their eyes, Pujols has been a solid acquisition for Los Angeles. He’s proven that he has plenty left in the tank and all he needed was a fresh new environment. 

While Pujols has mentioned he has no ill will against the Angels, his former ball club came into town this past weekend giving him the chance to prove they made a mistake. He was able to do so on Sunday afternoon as he was called on to replace Justin Turner and immediately made his presence known. He drove a ball to deep left field to extend the team’s lead.

“I didn’t get much preparation about it, but when my name was called I made sure I was ready to go. I’m glad I was able to contribute.”

After the game, Pujols was asked how it felt to show up his old team. Of course, he mentioned he’s just happy he was able to help the team edge out a series win. 

“It’s not the first home run I’ve hit against the Angels. To me it was just – I was glad I was able to contribute today to the ball club to win the series today. I really didn’t put too much thought about it. Obviously it can look a different way  where it could look sweet because it’s against your former team, but I don’t look at it like that. I look at it – every time I’m out there no matter who I’m facing, I try to help out ball club to win.”

Pujols doesn’t have a whole lot of experience coming off of the bench due to his years of starting, but that figures to be his role moving forward as the Dodgers are finally getting healthy. That seems to be just fine with him as he new he wouldn’t be starting every day on a loaded roster. Having Pujols ready to answer the call in any scenario only makes that roster that much deeper.

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  1. Pujols is a class act and a sure HOFer. And he still loves the game. But come on Albert, just between us, hitting that HR against the Angels felt really good. Right?

  2. Albert has been a positive cast member and very productive…his experience and input appears to run off on and off the field. Thank you Mr. Moreno again!!!

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