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Dodgers: Albert Pujols Praised As a Game Changer by Teammates

When the legendary Albert Pujols started off the 2021 season with the Angels, it seemed as if his playing days were over. He wasn’t producing much at the plate and was a liability on defense. However, signing with the Dodgers not only allowed him to stay in Southern California, but it also helped him revive his season. He’s shown that although he’s on the last legs of his career, there’s plenty left in the tank. 

Max Muncy who knows a thing or two about playing with energy, spoke about how much the 41-year old has brought to his new team.

“I don’t think anyone can match it. From the moment he got over here, a month or two ago, or however long ago it was, the guy’s been non stop energy, non stop smiles. He loves being out there every single day, he loves working, he just loves the game of baseball and that’s starting to rub off on a lot of people. He’s been huge for us. I don’t know if there’s enough words to describe how much of an impact he’s had for us.”

Upon his signing, it was talked about how much of an impact he would have in the clubhouse. From mentoring the rookies, to offering extra tips to the vets, that would be his role. During the games you can just see the excitement he has for his teammates, almost routinely offering hugs and smiles.

Yet Pujols has shown he can bring more than just some teammate love to the table. His bat has woken up and has been a positive impact for the Dodger offense. Gavin Lux even mentioned the quality of his trips to the plate.

“I feel like every time he’s in the box something good’s gonna happen. He always has really professional at bats … It always seems like he comes through and it’s been a lot of fun having him around.” 

Whether it be an RBI single, a home run, or simply working the pitcher and adding to his pitch count, Albert can affect the game in many ways. The Dodgers made the right choice to bring him aboard and it seems as if they are constantly reaping the benefits of having the future Hall of Famer in Dodger blue.

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  1. Keep him in the lineup and get rid of Bellinger and Barnes while you’re at it! Those 2 are pathetic!

    1. The league caught up with Bellinger last year and adjusted to ALL his bad habits. He’s now an easy out, yet Doc, the genius keeps plugging him into the cleanup slot. Is there a hitting instructor anywhere that is capable of surgically removing his head from his you know what? Swings like a lunatic and every blue moon a mistake will hit his bat. Barnes on the other hand has always been awful…no need to adjust to him.

      1. As I said before, Roberts is inept when it comes to lineups and managing his pitching. Bellinger right now at least has no business batting 4th. But ya can’t fault Barnes because this year because of no DH, he’s hitting infront of the pitcher as opposed to last year batting 9th in front of the lead off man Betts. Obviously he’s not getting those same pitches to hit this year.

          1. He usually does take his walks,Bum4ever, but last year was a notable difference with him being able to contribute more having Betts hitting behind him in the lead off slot. Because of no DH , Will Smith sits when Barnes catches thereby taking AB,’s away from him, as well as an opportunity to get key players off their feet while keeping their bat in the lineup.

      2. True, Bellinger has no reason to even be playing in the Majors as of now. It is mind boggling how he receives entitlement over players like Mckinstry and Beaty who both produce while he sinks deeper into the sub mendoza. Belly plays great defense, and Barnes is a better defensive player than Smith. Barnes sticks around because just like A.J. Ellis, Barnes is Kershaws buddy. Barnes is similar to Ellis, both hit low 200’s with little power, Barnes is a better defender than AJ was, and has much better speed.

        1. Barnes can also fill in on the infield if ever need be. But I still say if Barnes wasn’t hitting in front of the pitcher, he might be a bit better offensively and last year proved this point I’m making.

  2. Albert Pujols is class! Albert Pujols is quality! The Dodgers made the right move signing the future Hall of Famer! Albert Pujols never cheated the game of baseball! Every Dodger must take advantage and learn from Albert the Professor!

  3. Albert Pujols has something that almost all professional hitters have. Patience. This is lacking in the Dodger hitters who are struggling at the plate. They end up guessing (wrong mostly), taking too many fastballs down the middle and then end up chasing something out of the strike zone. Early in the count it’s ok to try to send one out, but after that, be protective of the plate. In other words, watch the professional hitter and learn from him.

    1. Concur here. And while at the present time he’s much better against LHP than he is against RHP, he certainly didn’t become to be a future Hall of Famer with 678 career HR’s but not hitting well enough against righties in his career.

  4. With the anticipation of Bellinger coming back from injury and producing, there also came the concern that once he was back in the lineup, that he might be only a .200 hitter with infrequent power who K’s way too much and can’t be counted on to hit in the clutch with any consistency.
    Unfortunately, that’s what we are seeing so far. His inability to get around on fastballs, no matter the location of the pitch, is something we’ve seen before and it’s painful watching Bellinger trying to produce with any consistency with that upright stance and a swing that is just too long.
    He’s got to improve over the next month or so, or else he’s just not helping the team enough with the bat. Bellinger’s athleticism and ceiling are off the charts, but he has regressed significantly, from the .265 hitter with solid power that he has been in the past-even though he’s always had consistency issues. If he just hits .250ish with “pretty solid, pretty consistent power” he has positive impact. But, even cutting him some slack because he’s just come back from injuries, he’s light years from even that modest production level.

    1. Great posts about Pujols and his patience etc. Spot on post about Bellinger. Unfortunately he is needing to be sent back to OKC to try and regain his stroke. The team should just say he needs time to rest his injured self, or some other excuse that will make it look like he’s ailing. They did it to Graterol and it appears to have helped him somewhat. Bellinger could use some wheaties and the weight set, changing his swing especially having that Bat wrapped around his head. He has to create 2 movements to get his swing into the zone, 1st back, then up, then he comes through, which is causing him to be late on anything. He’s doesn’t have strong enough wrists to just be quick. Something has to change for him because he looks worse than he EVER has. Something has to change in Roberts entitlement “Favorites”mentality as well because if he keeps this up with Bellinger , he’ll set even new MLB records as a manager. Roberts will be the 1st manager in history that had a 130 hitter batting clean up with less than 10 home runs and 30 RBI’s in a season.. Unbelievable right? Not for Roberts…..

  5. Kirk, I fully agree here as far as his upright stance and on many occasions misses hittable.pitches. If you recall. It was sort of a down year in 2020 for Bellinger as well compared to 2019. And as a result in a way, we saw Bellinger bat 6th, which is where he should bat if he’s in the lineup or even bat 7th in light of him having missed a great deal of games after a very brief spring training.

    1. For sure Paul, and once again last night he get’s the Sac Fly but against a avg reliever at best. Always upper cutting and trying to Homer. I agree IF he remains in the line up 7th would be best. Can’t put him at the 8 because he’d get even worse pitches due to the pitchers spot. It’s progressed past pathetic now, and become more laughable watching his plummet, and Roberts with that stupid look on his face half concerned, and half confused. I truly hope Bellinger finds a way to start listening to someone else than who he is right now, because he needs help, and to regain even half of what he was if he wants to remain in the major leagues..

  6. Pujols is like having another batting coach in the clubhouse and dugout. Signing him was brilliant.I just wish that walk-off homer, against the Giants, wasn’t saved by a great catch.

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