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Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw Transferred to the 60-Day Injured List

The Dodgers are making a few roster moves ahead of their series with the Phillies this weekend. On the day off, they claimed a catcher and an arm while also needing to shift around some guys on the injured list. 

That includes Clayton Kershaw, who the Dodgers moved to the 60-day IL today. The veteran southpaw has been on the injured list since before the All-Star break when he was shut down with forearm tightness. 

Kershaw was initially supposed to throw a simulated game last Sunday. That did not happen though and the Dodgers were apparently forced to shut him down from throwing altogether. He was going to be the Saturday starter in Anaheim if that sim game went according to plan.  

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The move doesn’t necessarily mean that Kershaw is in danger of missing the rest of the season, but it doesn’t exactly inspire hope. The Dodgers have already said that they don’t expect him back until September which would be right on track with the 60-day IL placement. 

The biggest question right now seems to be the health of his arm. Kershaw has dealt with his fair share of injuries over the course of his career, but an arm injury like this is new to him. That has Dodgers fans on edge as we very quickly approach the end of the regular season. 

Time isn’t necessarily running out, but they will probably need to get him built back up when he does return to action. 

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  1. Unfortunately, he’s done. Even if he were to get back before the end of the season his innings would probably be severely limited and it would take some time to regain his sharpness. Interesting that all this from the very beginning has been “forearm tightness”

    1. Interesting too that MRI and other test results show no structural damage. Not sure if future tests don’t reveal something Dodgers weren’t initially aware of.

    2. He is done. I suspect Tommy John. Often you feel forearm tightness before further tests reveal the damage and Tommy John is required. Sad, I have been a huge fan for years. He is dominant when he is sharp and still seems to get the job done when he is not. I hate to see him go out this way.

  2. I am generally optimistic about the Dodgers chances to win it all again. And I still am. But if AF hadn’t picked up Sherzer, we would be dead in the water right now. AF is the MVP front office guy again this year. Regardless of how things play out.

    1. no doubt it takes a great FO to give the Manager and coaches the pieces they need to win ball games. Getting Scherzer was huge – but getting Trea Turner was even huge-r! We need Betts and JT healthy, and Kersh and Duffy back healthy in September. I think we have enough guys back now to catch the gnats in 4 weeks. p/u 1 game a week in the loss column

        1. I was forced to be vaccinated for work a few months ago and several times a day I feel like my actions are being controlled by a chip

  3. I have never been a fan of him and I do genuine feel sorry for this to happen to him. However, no sympathy to Friedman and company and in a twisted off-the-wall kind of way, I’m glad this happened. If Friedman and co don’t have any forethought of what might happen, they should not be in their position of trading, signing, etc As they did diddly.

  4. What a difference form the beginning of the season when all we ever heard was the depth of the Dodgers starting rotation, which of course we needed with the lousy bullpen. Bauer, Kershaw, Buehler, Urias, May and Gonsolin. Now we’re down to two and thankfully we now have Scherzer and on top of all of this we still have that lousy bullpen. Hopefully Kershaw has thrown his last pitch for the Dodgers and we can go out next year and get a reliable starter, which we should have done when Wheeler was available.

    1. you’re 1 sick dodger fan if you wish harm to Kershaw. We need him back to with the division and playoffs

      1. I wouldn’t say we need him to win I suspect he reverts back to blowing it in big games. This could be a blessing so he doesn’t ruin his repaired playoff reputation

    2. I don’t wish him harm, he has not been a reliable dependable starter for the last 3 years and if the team wanted to repeat he needed to be replaced.

  5. We really don’t know what happened to Kershaw. Perhaps he winding down his career with a disability collecting his full pay. I am just kidding. Lets see what happens and I hope he will return.

  6. By last count this leaves us with three starters and then a Price-bull pen loss? The chances of this club getting deep into any playoffs is getting slimmer and slimmer. Post it note to Freidman for next year – we need more legitimate starting pitchers and a new closer. Put it on the refrigerator door.

      1. Dodgers obviously couldn’t anticipate what happened to Bauer and May. But if Dodgers fall short, it can be attributed to an inconsistent offense at times and their record in 1 run and extra inning games. But there are still 50 games left so WSS.

  7. Roberts has been pampering these guys all season , only talking about the playoff’s and World Series. The Dodgers sense of urgency has been dull all season as this team has been stumbling around trying to NOT get injured. And the Over confident arrogant approach taken by Roberts seems to encourage players to take a few days, “We’ll be fine,” the giants will fade!. That attitude must change right now, and Sherzer and Trea Turner are a spark that will change that concept. The team has laid way too many eggs and from what I see, they better wake up.

    1. Scherzer and Trea Turner are the spark we need now with everyone back healthy to win this thing

  8. Buehler, Scherzer, Urias and Price may get us through the playoffs if Kershaw is not able to pitch. Going on the 60 day IL only postpones his expected return date [from prior announcements] by about a week. Maybe he can pitch simulated games starting in late August so that he can start again in early September, maybe 4 innings at first, to build up to be playoff ready. But it is concerning and maybe his injury is more than just soreness.

  9. Kershaw is a great pitcher and future HOFer. He had his best postseason ever last year, and was a big reason the Dodgers won it all. I hope he can get back in the game in September. He deserves another WS title more than most on this Dodger team for all his years of superior service.

  10. Kersh should be ready sept 6 and in 3 games should be ready 4 innin his first game 5 the second and 6 his third game .and if he can’t pitch Max,Buhler and Urias can handle it with Price filling in if needed still have to see if Hammels has something left in tank.if he can go 4 innings we’re set him and price can fill in as fourth starter.Most important thing and can make dodgers loose is Dumb roberts stupid idea that Kenley can close out games when really he can’t! He’s not championship closer but we’re cooked in any close lead in 9th because dumb Roberts will bring in kenley. That’s the biggest fear.Also dodgers need to win division cause as wil card in one game vs padres dodgers loose cause padres players want it more dodgers players are too damn lazy accepting days off .

      1. Right on- they still haven’t addressed
        the ‘run at will’ base stealing issue tho
        it has gotten better lately. The (3) Pads
        games end of the month will let us know
        exactly where we stand in that department!

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