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Dodgers: Albert Pujols on Covid Injured List after Receiving 2nd Vaccine Shot

It was an out of nowhere head-turner, eye-popper of a sight when we saw the Dodgers had placed Albert Pujols on the injured list for an undisclosed reason. Well, it turns out that reason was for the greater good as the future Hall of Famer was feeling the effects of his second shot of the covid vaccine.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts had the update ahead of Tuesday night’s game

It’s a covid IL. He got his second shot and he just didn’t feel good after getting it. As far as playing in a Major League game. So just to kind of give him a day to see where he’s at tomorrow, it was an easy move to activate Cody [Bellinger].

Thankfully, this is fully normal for some (or most) with these vaccine shots. In all likelihood, tío Albert will be back on the active roster by Wednesday or Thursday, unless they opt to hold him off for longer while looking at possible postseason roster options here in the final week of the regular season. It’s safe to say that, even at this point in the season, there final 2-3 spots on the October roster are far from set in stone. Moreover, teams will need to trim their rosters from 28 players down to 26 for postseason play.

Walker Buehler takes the ball against Yu Darvish and the Padres tonight at Dodger Stadium. First pitch is set for 7:10 PM PT.

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  1. “it was an easy move to activate Cody ”

    Of course it was easy. That’s why he’s not in AAA.

    1. Of course it was an easy move due to DRRRRRRRR playing favorites with his boy Cody. Someone mentioned earlier that on any other team Bellinger would have already been sent down considering his sub par BA of .159. That’s unless he is out of options, IDK.

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