Dodgers: Alex Wood Thinks He Belongs in the Starting Rotation

The Dodgers are stocked with starting pitching options for 2020, and the camp battles for the final spot should be epic. After his first Spring start, Alex Wood made it clear that his spot is in the rotation, and that’s where he belongs.

Wood threw one inning on Sunday’s game and struck out two in his first start of spring camp. And while he believes he belongs in the starting rotation, it’s safe to say he is not a lock. The Dodgers are stacked from top to bottom with young, exciting arms. The way that he talks about it though, makes it seem like he is confident he will be a starter.

I love these guys and I love this place, but I wouldn’t have taken the risk of coming back if when Opening Day comes around I wouldn’t be in the starting rotation.

It sure sounds like he thinks he is a lock for that last spot. Dave Roberts has already confirmed Julio Urias will lock up the fourth spot if healthy, adding to the trio of Walker Buehler, Clayton Kershaw, and David Price.

Wood went on to acknowledge that while he thinks he belongs in the Dodgers’ rotation, things happen in baseball.

Once season starts, things can change. You have to perform you know? But I came back here fully cemented in the rotation. I felt great today and I think my performance will back that up and continue to.

With just over a month left until Opening Day, the Dodgers have a lot to figure out with their pitching staff. The positive is that an excess of talent is a great problem to have.


  1. I was surprised the Dodgers resigned AW in the first place and I get that he sees himself as a starter but if Urias is destined for the rotation that would mean that Buehler would be the only right handed starter. As usual, the spring will determine the starters but it seems that Ross Stripling deserves a shot, unless they still plan on trading him. Additionally, I have read that Dustin May may start in the minors to conserve innings for later in the season but I think he could be that 4th starter (Buehler R, Kershaw L, Price L, May/Stripling R, Urias L, would be a pretty good rotation).

  2. Wood is likely in the rotation. His competition it seems is Stripling who the team attempted to trade. May starts in AAA with Stripling and Gonsolin in the pen.

  3. The Dodgers will use a 6 man starting rotation that will conserve arms for the postseason, and protect rookies from wearing down. Wood will definitely be in it. Stripling should stay in the bullpen until injuries, or other issues require him to make spot starts. Graterol should probably start in the minors, and then come up in the second half, after he works on some stuff. May and Gonsolin should be long relief guys who get occasional starts in the 6 spot.

  4. How does having May in AAA conserve innings? Aren’t there three outs per inning in the minor leagues? Are the innings in MLB, other than the competition he’d be facing, different in AAA? If he throws 5-6 innings every 5th day in the minors, how does this conserve anything? Serious question, as I’ve never quite understood the logic with this.

    1. I agree completely David. May should be with the big team all year as a long releiver and occasional starter. His innings can be better preserved in the bullpen rather than starting him on a regular basis in the minors, which will just use up his arm for nothing. May can contribute on the big team right now, and he needs to get the seasoning to be a full time MLB starter next year by pitching to MLB hitters this year. If this is a roster game, they’re picking the wrong guy to play games with.

    2. The Dodgers WILL NOT have a six-man rotation. However, many different pitchers will take starts throughout the season. I would say at least nine if not 10. Buehler, Kershaw, Price will be the stalwarts. Others who factor in are Urias, Wood, Nelson, Stripling, May, Gonsolin, and Ferguson (do not forget Caleb, who has the makings of an excellent starter). There is also a possibility that Gray is MLB-ready in the second half. That’s 11 guys. most of whom have a high ceiling. This is another example of Friedman’s brilliance. Accumulate as many quality arms as possible, then see who pitches at the highest level. It’s no accident that the Dodgers have led the league in ERA by a wide margin for three straight years, and will be the favorites to do so again. They lost Ryu, Hill, and Maeda and won’t even feel it. Other teams would kill for that kind of quality depth.

  5. I want to see Congress get involved with the Astros like they did with the PED Roger Clemens. Let’s get a real investigation going and if the Astros players, Astros Staff, management, ownership and Rob Manfred lies to Congress now we are looking at prison time for them. No immunity now

  6. Astros say the cheating didn’t help much. Let their catcher call out every off speed pitch for two years. Let’s see how that goes.

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