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Dodgers: Analyst Doesn’t See LA Parting Ways with Dave Roberts

Usually, when teams don’t meet expectations, a change often follows whether that be in the front office, the coaching staff, or the roster. More often than not it’s typically the manager who gets the boot as has been seen around the league this year.  

The Dodgers’ case is no different as many fans have already called for the removal of manager Dave Roberts despite racking up a 542-329 record as the skipper with a World Series title and multiple NL Pennants. According to Fabian Ardaya of The Athletic, he doesn’t see the Dodgers moving on from Roberts as manager next season.

“I don’t think the Dodgers will move on from Dave Roberts as manager. If that were the case, they likely would have made that move already. It will be interesting to see if they enter 2022 without an extension and with Roberts as a lame-duck manager.”

There’s some truth in that as one would think the organization would’ve fired Roberts right after the team’s early exit from the postseason. It’s easy to play the blame game and use Roberts as the scapegoat, especially after a 106 win team was eliminated by a Braves team who squeezed into the playoffs with a 88-73 record. 

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However, so many things went wrong for the Dodgers season and they just simply ran out of gas to get the job done. What more could Roberts have done? Of course, he made some questionable calls this postseason, yet again, but he also managed some games pretty well too. As long as Roberts continues to squeeze the best out of his players, and embraces the analytics side of baseball, it’s very unlikely the Dodgers move on from him anytime soon.

He’s still got one more year left on his contract, so it will be interesting to see whether they offer him a contract extension or not. Roberts has already mentioned that he’s hopeful a deal can be done before next season.

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  1. Please fire this piece of crap manager. I hope that he never manages another baseball game ever again for the rest of his life.

    1. Hey Dodger Boy, ,as this page says, it’s highly unlikely Roberts gets replaced before the 2022 season. But as we both know the active roster does need fixing. The FIRST to be re-signed is CT3. What do ya think ?

    2. DB – please chill dude!! You never want to see Kersh pitch again; you never want to see Doc manage again. You are one depressed fan. Unless something happened behind the scenes we are unaware of, doc will return in 2022. Hope that makes you happy!! Cheer up!

  2. i want the Dodgers to give Mike Scioscia a chance! He has the small ball mentality that i believe the dodgers desperately need.

    1. Totally agree, but the offense were not hitting and scoring runs. That is why Roberts was forced to play Smith for his bat, but Barnes’ pitch calling and control of pitcher’s composure was more valuable if the offense could have covered for him. He is also capable of bunting the runners over for the pinch hitter coming up for the opener at times.

  3. It’s time to part ways now !! 6 seasons with one WS title (short season). This is the result despite having the best player roster in MLB. It usually becomes more evident when looking at postseason record of mismanaged failures.

  4. Hahahahahaha! Questionable postseason decisions? Taking out an on-fire Graterol to play the matchup game by tossing in Avila who causes empty bases to fill and runs to be scored in a 1-1 game?
    Going along with tossing in a 20 game winner into relief in game 2 then NOT starting same 20 game winner when he should have? Bullpen games with a gassed bullpen? Using Barnes as a hahaha pinch hahahaha HITTER? LMFAO! The Giants would have handed Atlanta their arses. The Cardinals would have handed Atlanta their arses (and their manager was FIRED ffs!). Roberts on the other hand basically manages by the seat of his pants and still hasn’t learned how to sub.

  5. Exactly how was Roberts squeezing the best out of anyone?

    No one was really hitting. And to many players struggled at some time during the season.

    Starters were not great in playoffs. In fact they were getting worse at end of the season, except maybe Urias.

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