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Dodgers: MLB Insider Identifies Options For LA if Corey Seager Leaves this Offseason

Corey Seager has been an important piece of the Dodgers franchise since his debut in 2015. After spending his entire major league career with LA — 7 seasons — this offseason could be the end of the line for the 2016 NL Rookie of the Year.

Seager is a free agent and reportedly has a high asking price, which can make things more difficult as he negotiates his next deal. With that said, there is a lot of speculation on what the Dodgers will do if they part ways with Seager.

In a recent article at The Athletic, MLB Insider, Jim Bowden, spoke about the Dodgers’ options at shortstop if Seager does leave via free agency.

If the Dodgers can’t re-sign Seager, don’t expect them to pivot to (Carlos) Correa, (Javy) Báez, (Marcus) Semien or (Trevor) Story. Plan B would probably be to move Trea Turner to shortstop and Gavin Lux to second base.

The offseason has brought plenty of rumors, including some Dodger fans clamoring for the signing of Carlos Correa. Although it could be interesting to see, it does not look like it is in LA’s best interest to bring him on. However, being able to have the ability to use players as versatile as Gavin Lux and Trea Turner could go in the Dodger’s favor for the next season.

Dodgers Rumors: Corey Seager Rejected Contract, Insider Says LA ‘unlikely’ to Sign Trea & Seager

There are a lot of directions that the Dodgers could go, but it just depends on how much they are willing to spend. Corey Seager will always mean something to the Dodgers organization. Not only did Seager help the Dodgers will a World Series, but won the NLCS and World Series MVP Awards along the way.

Corey Seager will always be a Dodgers legend.

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      1. I did and what Corey did in 2021 did not exactly light anybody’s fire. His defense is of concern and he does not appear to be willing to make the move to 3rd which would be to the benefit of the team.

      2. I suggest you look at his postseason history less the 2020 anomaly. One awesome postseason doesn’t make a legend. Seager is a very good player that any team would want, but to pay him as though he is an absolute must, or legend, is ridiculous. His regular-season numbers are up and down, and if the excuse is injuries, then that is just another reason to not be ridiculous.

        1. How very convenient to dismiss his 2020 post season as an anomaly. Anything that contradicts your position is simply an abnormal accident. Given that Seager is a career .297 hitter with an OPS+ of 131, I submit that his subpar playoff performances are more of the anomaly than his unbelievable performance in 2020. For the record I consider Orel Hershiser a Dodger legend for his single anomaly 1988 playoff performance too.

        1. Let’s not pretend this is about the player. If the Dodgers signed Seager for 5 years at 20M per every Dodger fan would be thrilled and happy to have him back. It’s about Boras and the expectation that he’ll demand 300M plus. Even the Dodgers can’t pay everyone that kind of money so they’ll pivot to plan B. Bashing a career .297 hitter who was instrumental in bringing a championship a year later is petty and bad form.

  1. Bowden has been wrong so many times regarding the Dodgers that it is hard to consider him an :”insider.” And you don’t need to be an :”insider” to assume that Seager is probably gone. Or that making Trea Turner the SS, at least for 2022, is the fallback. Not sure what Dodger’s fans are clamoring to sign Correa. So they can be reminded every day about how the team was cheated in 2017? Might as well trade for Altuve as well. No thanks.

    1. I don’t see how I could ever cheer for Correa. I’d rather eat a Dodger Dog, and as a vegetarian, that is saying a lot.robi

  2. I don’t think we pivot to signing another shortstop if we can’t resign Cory….that’s why we traded for Trea Turner. No Cory? Trea to short and Lux gets another shot at second initially AND we sign either a third baseman and/or outfielder to make up the offensive lost. This appears to be another one of those articles written to fill up space on a website. Not a new issue. Knowledgable fans proceed to yawning.

    1. Exactly. Seager has to know that Dodgers have a few other free agents to consider are probable don’t need to issue another crippling contract to him making tough to spend on other areas of need, namely the bench and starting pitching. If Seager wants a $300+ million contract, he’ll have to get it elsewhere.

  3. Seager is not coming back because Scott Boras is his agent. We all know what that means. Trea will be the everyday shortstop.

  4. Let him go he is to injury prone to get a big contract. Plus like already said 2020 wad a rare thing in the playoffs for him he usually bucks just like this year he is not worth a huge pay it is more important to keep other like Clayton and Mac and get a better bench along with other pitchers.

  5. I think that was the plan all along. Trea moves to his natural position and the Dodgers give what Roberts like to say “the runway” for Lux to earn the 2nd base job. Lux played well towards the end and is under team control for a few more years. Seager has been injury prone and yes had 1 phenomenal post season but paying him 300 mil doesn’t make sense.

  6. With a surgically repaired hip and a surgically repaired elbow, I wouldn’t be giving Seager a 10 year contract.

  7. I want to know which fans exactly are calling for the Dodgers to sign Correa? Are you serious? How would he be greeted in the clubhouse? I would like to think our players have some self respect. I for one will be disgusted if he were to join. The man has no remorse and his arrogance is through the roof.

  8. Let him go! The New York media will eat him up just like they did to Lindor and Baez. He’s not worth the $300 million he’ll be asking.

  9. I live in an area where the Camp Fire burnt down our town. Being self employed, and having just about everyone leave… Boy, I sure wish I could make $1000.00 a month.

    1. Seems to be strong consensus here about Seager and you can count me in. IF we were to sign a free agent shortstop it would be Trevor Story. But we have Turner for another year. Lux can go back to second. Lux’s end of year stats plus Trea being a natural shortstop kind of makes it a no brainer. Our other free agents are a much more pressing issue.

  10. I hope the dodgers resign Cory. He has to work with us on the contract, and know he will eventually transition over to 3rd base. But, what happens if trea doesn’t resign with us. We can never have too many good players. Hopefully our upper management will see the light and continue to keep our home grown players. Now, Kershaw, that’s gonna have to be an incentive based contract. Go big blue.

  11. IDK for sure if it’s true but an analyst or host on MLBN mentioned that Seager may now be more open to moving to 3rd but a huge contract offer from a team will do the talking for him. Even with a DH in 2022 however , I don’t believe he would settle for just being a DH only. WSS.

  12. He’s a .300 hitter in the regular season, a .238 hitter in 250 post season at bats, which pretty much tells you, he doesn’t hit superior pitching very well.A good player for sure, but we already over paid for Mookie.I say, let the yanks have him.

    1. I don’t think we overpaid for Mookie. He’s the reason we won the WS. He dealt with injuries this year, but hopefully it’s not permanent. Worth every penny if he gets back to form.

  13. Yes, Seager is no anomaly, but I have a problem with all his injuries and inconsistent D. I would love to sign him but not at the expense of losing some other key players. He still makes the lineup that much more formidable.

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