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Dodgers: Analyst Expects Very Long Term Deal to Re-sign Corey Seager

The offseason may be young, but I’m sure we’re all itching to see the first domino to fall, especially when it comes to one of the Dodgers’ free agents. It’s been a hot topic among fans about who should be Los Angeles’ top priority, Chris Taylor or Corey Seager. 

Many fans mentioned that Chris Taylor should be the guy the Dodgers target the heaviest. A Dodger Insider also labeled Taylor as the guy to re-sign not too long ago. However, MLB Analyst and columnist for The Athletic Jim Bowden begs to differ. He believes that Seager is the more important free agent.

“Seager is the Dodgers’ most important free agent, his prime years are just starting, and they need to re-sign him. He’s delivered in the biggest moments, winning the NLCS and World Series MVP awards in 2020, though he did struggle some during this postseason.”

While he is suspect at times on defense, there’s no denying that Seager is one of the best hitters in the game. Still just 27 years old, he has some bright years ahead of him, if he stays healthy.

That might be the biggest knock against him along with the fact that his agent is Scott Boras. Boras will undoubtedly be seeking a pretty penny for Seager. Of course, we all knew that, but how long of a deal would it take?

“It will probably take close to a 10 or 12-year deal for the Dodgers to keep Seager, and if they plan to make that type of commitment, they should plan to play him at third base for the majority of the contract.”

Anytime you lock up a player for that long, it never ends well towards the end of the deal. Take a look at Albert Pujols who was essentially dead weight for the Angels before showing life with the Dodgers. The risk is even higher for someone like Seager who plays shortstop, yet his future home may very well be at the hot corner. 

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see the organization retain such a high-end talent, but it also wouldn’t be too surprising to see the two sides call it quits either. I guess we’ll have to just sit and wait. 


  1. To give a 10-12 year deal to a player and expect him to play a position for many/most/all of those years when he has made no mention of being willing is already a bad deal and will likely have the team searching for a trade to get out of the deal. I cannot help but think that Seager is that type of guy if the position play isn’t in the details and agreed to. he’ll balk at that moment of postion movement.

  2. Let him walk. Don’t want another Mookie contract. Going to get stuck like the Yankees with Cole,Stanton,and soon to be Judge.

    1. Agree. 5-7 years max. And as much as I like Mookie, does anyone think his body can last that long at the level he plays? Who knows, maybe he becomes manager at some point to finish off that contract..

  3. I say make him a Qualifying Offer get a 1st round draft compensation pick for his departure. Re-sign Chris Taylor, slide Trea Turner to SS, sign Marcus Semien for way less salary than Seager to play 2B. Save some cap space to pursue Max Scherzer and Kershaw. CT and Lux as Utilities again. Seager is injury prone and is only in his 20’s. What’s he going to be like in 10 years with a 6’4″ frame? If they re-sign him, front load that damn contract so we won’t have to eat it in the latter years. LAD has already been burned by bad contracts like Bauer’s, Carl Crawford’s and David Price’s.

  4. 2021 wasn’t the only poor postseason he had. I love Seager but would not commit 10 or 12 years–no way. Taylor needs to re-sign. Seager will end up back East–maybe not a Yankee but a Philly.

  5. 10 to 12 years? No thank you. Dodgers don’t need his crippling contract demands that doesn’t allow much left to fill other needs such as starting pitching and the bench, which both took a serious hit in 2021. Again CT3 must be re- signed first.

  6. Defense matters. He’s a clunky shortstop. Let’s start focusing on having the best possible options at each position on a regular basis next year and in October EVERY night

  7. No team can commit to signing 10-12 years to a bunch of players. Players get injured. Their abilities gradually fade. Wonder if the Angels regret signing Pujols to those 10 years.

  8. This is all a waste of ink. A Dodger scout told me Seager turned down their extension offer last spring, and they won’t make a better offer after 1) his injury-prone, poor defensive season 2) his bad postseason 3) acquisition of Trea 4) Luz playing well 5) need to sign others, especially expensive SPs. I expect Yankees to get him for 7 yrs, $200m. I’ll miss him, but Dodgers will be fine if they can reconstruct the starting staff and pick up a couple of versatile hitters.

  9. Bottom line here is with a demand for a 10 to 12 year deal, Seager and his agent Boras have already priced Dodgers and many other teams right out of negotiations. I also wouldn’t be too surprised if Seager is still un-signed through January or even February.

    1. are funny…he will get $300 mil…Texas …Yankees….Detroit…10 years if the Dodgers won’t pay him…the kid has not reached his prime..29/32..that kid is special

      1. Correct, there may be a few teams that could offer that $300 million 10 year deal for Seager, but I simply understand that Dodgers have other big holes to address, mainly starting pitching and the bench. Understandable if Dodgers have to let him walk cause they aren’t in a position to shell out that kind of $$$$to just one player.

  10. Seager in the Bronx is a perfect fit for him with that little league right field. His biggest concern will be the New York media eating him up. Be careful what you wish for!

  11. A contract for Seager shouldn’t be any more than 8 years, with inducements for number of games played, the more games he plays the more money he makes..

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