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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Discusses Corey Seager’s Future with Team

Andrew Friedman took the time to talk to the media during the GM Meetings at the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia, where he fielded questions with a ton of variance.

He discussed many things, among them being shortstop Corey Seager’s future in Los Angeles.

The Dodgers seemingly have a plan this off-season to reshuffle their infield. We will probably see Justin Turner as the starting first baseman in 2020, should the Dodgers move in a different direction (what is expected). The Dodgers also carry top prospect Gavin Lux, Max Muncy, and the aforementioned Seager to fill out the infield. If the Dodgers got an Anthony Rendon, Josh Donaldson, or Francisco Lindor, how would the infield maneuver itself to get everyone at-bats?

Seager has never really played another position. Outside of a brief 39.2 innings at third base in his rookie season, shortstop has always been his home. His bat keeps him around with his glove slightly lagging behind, but in 2019, he posted a slightly above average .817 OPS. There is a real chance that Seager was not 100 percent healthy in 2019. It might even be the most likely scenario. Simply put, the Dodgers would be well-suited to hold off on dealing him away unless the right package came along — possibly for Lindor.

Never sell your assets at valley value, only at peak value.

Andrew Friedman called Seager’s season “a great success” and for good reason. His second half was a lot better and it seemed like we got to watch daily doubles come off of his bat. He appears poised to have a full head of steam rolling into 2020.

Here is what Andrew Friedman had to say regarding Seager:

“When you miss that much of a previous season, to come back and do what he did speaks volumes to his ability,” he said. “I’m very bullish on what he will do in 2020, having been back now for a year. I think there’s gonna be another significant step forward.”

Friedman also stated that the Dodgers have conveyed to the young shortstop that he should be less aggressive on the first pitch.

“There are times when pitchers definitely exploit that, and I think there are times when it definitely serves to his advantage,” Friedman said. “It’s finding that equilibrium that I think is important. He possesses that ability, after the first pitch, to look over a baseball as well as anybody. So incorporating that a little bit more on the first pitch, I personally think would be a good thing.”

Andrew Friedman gave Corey Seager the vote of confidence. However, we are not that far removed from the same conversation being had about Dee Gordon. Corey Seager will be available in trade talks this winter and in the right deal, they should pounce.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. There is zero reason to “bounce” on a Seager trade, unless you’re the receiving team. Trading low on a player with a ton of upside makes no sense for the Dodgers.

    1. Wait, who said they should sell low? They wouldn’t do that. They would do it only if the right offer came along and someone was over-valuing Seager, IMHO.

      1. You’re not getting top value right now by trading Seager. Whether it’s because of surplus from a trade, say perhaps Lindor, or because he’s not happy about going to 3rd. Sure a team can offer something crazy for him, but Dave Roberts could get fired tomorrow. We can hope but reality is reality. Seager’s not going any where and it will be fun to watch him hopefully for a full healthy season.

  2. Barring injury, Corey Seager will be the starting shortstop for Dodgers on opening day 2020.

    1. Yes, but 2021 or 2022? I bet someone else is there by then if he doesn’t see an uptick in 2020.

      1. Clint, my guess is along with other players, Dodgers might also look at his performance should they reach the PS again in 2020. if I recall, Dodgers may not have been all that thrilled with 8 K’s in 20 AB’s during the NLDS. But by no means is Seager alone in turning in such a sub par effort in October.

  3. Seager had a pretty darn good season considering he missed all of 2018 and was recovering from 2 surgeries. He deserves a full year with the Dodgers in 2020. I do think that 3rd base is his eventual position.

  4. DId you really just compare Seager to Dee Gordon at SS? And then didnt edit it out? Wow. Speechless………

  5. I was raised in Bell Gardens Ca in1957-1981 moved to OREGON in 1981. For an 18yr old young man you are on the right track. I enjoyed your article well written.keep up the good work and you never have to work for a living understand!

  6. Yes, everyone knows Corey Seager is a “first-pitch” hitter. But what if all pitchers adjust? They don’t give him a strike to hit on the first pitch, does he then become a “second-pitch” hitter? It’s just not a good approach when the entire league knows Seager swings on the first pitch. Even Jessica Mendoza on ESPN said it, on the game against the Yankees, “watch Seager swing on that first pitch” – boom, Seager swung and missed on the first pitch. If a TV analyst can predict Seager’s hitting habit, he’s pretty much down on 1 strike before he even gets on the plate. Plus he can’t hit breaking ball low on the inside, the Nationals totally exposed him in their series. Unlike Friedman’s bullish outlook I just don’t see Seager improving much moving forward.

  7. i think the dodgers should keep seagar i think he will have a good year in 2020 they should try and improve the starting pitching and get some bullpen help they should have signed will smith now it is too late the braves have him smith is one of the best cloers in the game

  8. I’m not sure why this writer is so hell bent on moving Seager? For some reason this site has been floating trade Seager articles quite a bit this early off season. But reading Friedman’s comments in this article, he does not sound like he’s trying to move Seager……..he sounds as if he was very happy with Seager’s progression from injury this season. I was too……….Seager was a doubles machine in 2019 and like Friedman, I think another year removed from all the surgeries, he will only get better.

    1. Bluz I agree this 18 year old writer has floated several very unlikely ideas for 2020. The Dodgers are going to stay the course. It is the Kasten plan and he is in charge. Why don’t a lot of writers listen to Kasten and Friedman? They have consistently stated their plan and yet people continue to think they are going to sign Harper, Hamels or trade for Realmoto. Sportswriters were willing to trade Bellinger or Verdugo and now they want to trade Seager.It is the next shiny object.
      My daughter is a Sports PT working with Olympic Athletes. She told me in 2018 that the surgeries Seager had he would probably be back to full strength and agility in about a year and a half.
      Seager has great potential still and it would be foolish to trade him. The Dodgers should see the market sor Pederson as he had a great year and will probably sell high.

  9. I think 2020 Seager will be the starting SS, now beyond that if he has a good year I could see them possibly trading to get max value, I think they hold on to him for a while if he continues to prove valuable it will put the FO in a tough spot to want to move him because of the belief his ceiling is so high.

  10. Seager has peaked and now is in decline. His continuing propensity for injury, at such a young age, is worrisome but his plate approach in the playoffs – swinging at pitches outside the zone, repeatedly, with runners in scoring position – show that the league has his number. At this point he is an average SS and if you could package him for a Lindor, that would be an huge upgrade.

  11. Teams focus on putting fans in the seats and getting them to tune into games. Corey, like all modern players, has a monetary value. That value has a lot of variables. His troubles with health do harm his value. There should be a lot of value in his character and leadership on and off the field. I am not sure where he falls in those categories. He will get better, if healthy, over the next few years. Fans forget just how young these guys are right now. I do think more help is needed from the GM down than with the particular players. I am not sold on the Dodgers having the correct management team in place.

    1. Well for 1 thing Roberts, as far as many here are concerned, Roberts is NOT the proper manager to be in place here, and most already have witnessed all the reasons why.

  12. This is all stupid talk. Seager is one of the top young talents in baseball and isn’t going anywhere. Saying they would trade him if the right deal came along is true of every player in the league. Which makes it a full on nothing burger. Only off season prattle.

    1. I am not sure in any event that any big FA names will be signing here to begin with. As far as trades, whatever or whoever is involved, the team must be willing to part with value in order to receive it in return. To be honest i would be very surprised if this off season was not the usual quiet one when all is said and done.

  13. You Seager haters are wrong. Corey will be great again. Forget Lindor. I don’t trust Freidman for the vote of confidence either.


  15. Unbelievable… they will consider getting rid of Corey.. but keep the azz that lost regular season games with his outlandish managerial decisions.. and totally blew the playoff….

  16. just occurred to me….These are the Dog Days of the season…no games, no trades to talk about, we are so hungry to talk Dodger Baseball…we have an 18 year old leading us…( ok, he does a great job)….ahhhhhhhhhhhh the horror

  17. It’s the Pitching stupid! Trade some of these left handed bats (Seager…Peterson..) for Pitching.

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