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Dodgers: Another Julio Urías Gem Should Not Go Unnoticed in the Loss

What Julio Urías is doing for the Dodgers right now is highly undervalued. The southpaw hurler is stringing together one heck of a month of July, and overall is having an incredible season. Most important, it’s happening when the team needs it the most. 

The Dodgers are down a couple of starters and in great need of an innings eater in the rotation. Julio has been able to be that guy all year long. He’s already thrown 119 innings and is on pace to throw well beyond 200 innings at this point. Given his injury history, it’s likely the club would like to keep that from happening. 

And even though the Dodgers lost on Wednesday thanks to Kenley Jansen giving up the lead, Julio’s efforts should not be ignored. Urías held the Giants offense to just 1 run across 7 innings of work. He also punched out 5 batters and issued a walk in the outing. 

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Julio was well on the way to his 13th win of the year before Jansen gave up the go-ahead homerun in the 9th inning to Wilmer Flores. Regardless, he was lights out and held the Giants to just 3 hits. He owns a 2.45 ERA across 4 starts in July and is having one of the better seasons of his career. 

The timing could not be better. 

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  1. Headline should have been “Dodgers waste yet another quality start” Bullpen stinks when it counts.

  2. The bullpen is absolutely terrible. Throw in the fact that Dave Roberts sucks as a manager, well there you go.

    The Padres and Giants both are kicking our ass. Roberts reply, don’t boo Jensen. Really, get a real manager.

    1. I so much agree , when has his decisions led to wins over his decisions which has led to losses
      I can’t name one

  3. I agree to bench Jansen.. Give Treinen the opportunity to close out the game. Robert can’t manage in save situations. Dodgers blew two games in a row. Dodgers will be lucky to win a wild card position this year

  4. These one run game or 2 today are just a downer. 3 to 1 all 8 innings. There is no way we can win with mediocre at bats. and sloppy defense. We need to correct these stupid errors or bad plays. The Giants were great. They are doing what the Dodgers should be doing. The line up for the Dodgers still sucks. I have to stop because I get to wound up. Bye

  5. maybe we need to admit this is a good team on paper and scary good if healthy, but on day-to-day basis it’s just not a good team right now. the baseball gawds are just done with our bums again.

    Long season left. Definitely time to recover from injuries & WS hangover. I just don’t feel it is in them. It’s the poor fundamentals for every facet of the game this team is poor to inept. Bunting, hitting against the shift or to move runners, cutting down swings in slumps, actually catching/picking-up the ball in laughably sad for a MLB team… meh, we all know that just from watching. And, of course, I just wonder about Robert’s as a manager. Maybe he (and FO) is just too committed to pure metrics driven play. Whatever this year’s team looks, to me, to lack not desire but the luck needed to win. the game’s ‘good bounce’ luck balance was spent getting to the top.

    Stinks too because Tmo gave us a free year of MLB.TV & I live out of market now… see the BB Gawds are indeed having a grand time teasing us gullible Dodgers fans.

  6. Roberts feels obligated to Jansen . Gives too many days off and we have wimpy lazy players. Steve Garvey wouldn’t have accepted all the days off that these guys do.Dodgers don’t have luxury of giving days off to their good hitters while having Mookie and Seager out and Bellinger out even though he’s playing.Not good managing.

  7. Also Urias on his first full season as a full time starter is doing better than what Kershaw and Buhler did their first year as starters.I said it with Urias we had 3 aces before Bauer signing and Urias is having a good year.

  8. Bases loaded none out ninth inning score tied – Roberts doesn’t call for a bunt. Guess hes not interested in winning games. This has happened many times before. But him a one way bus ticket out of town.

  9. Yes…I agree that the time to leverage Jansen is now. He still has value but the Dodgers are trying to win another pennant. Now is the time to trade Kenley (and while we’re at it Cody Bellinger) for some baseball players.

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