Dodgers: Braves Threw Everything They Had At The Dodgers

The Dodgers lost 2 out of 3 in Atlanta this past weekend. Overall there were a lot of concerned Dodger fans in the Dodger ether. Not this one, though. I would’ve liked to see them win these games, for sure. It was certainly frustrating to see the Dodgers fail with RISP, but alas. I also recognized a profound difference between this series, and what a playoff series would look like. A handful of other Dodger fans also noticed.


The Braves Threw The Kitchen Sink At LA

In that 3 game series, we saw all the Braves had to offer. They started their rookie phenom Mike Soroka. They used Sean Newcomb in relief against the Dodgers for past history reasons. Shane Greene closed the Dodgers out, as well. For the Dodgers, Kenta Maeda and Tony Gonsolin started games 1 and 3 of the series, respectively. In an NLDS/NLCS there’s little to no way we see Maeda or Gonsolin start a game, at least to start. Dustin May came out of the bullpen for the first time in his life, and because of that he struggled. Names like Yimi Garcia, Kristopher Negron, they’re not likely to be seen in a playoff scenario. The Dodgers used some unconventional names and unconventional strategies as test balloons in a series where the Braves (playing at home) played their very best all 3 days. The other interesting part of the series is that the part of the Dodgers ordinarily decried for being their weakest link, performed quite well.

‘Pen Is Mightier

Other than the massive bomb that Dustin May gave up, the bullpen performed well during the 3 game series.

Only Dustin May’s home run sticks out. Otherwise, the bullpen allowed not a single run to the mighty Atlanta Braves. This is obviously surprising, but encouraging. Kenley Jansen had a clean inning, Joe Kelly worked out of trouble. Adam Kolarek was effective, as was Pedro Baez. Julio Urias (who we’re still likely to see out of the bullpen in the playoffs) was also efficient.

A Few Things To Work Out

Granted, there were some concerns. On Saturday the Dodgers only managed 2 runs, while going 1 for 7 with RISP, and they left 10 runners on base. Not ideal. Hyun-Jin Ryu also had the rare tough outing, but that’s not something I think is likely to repeat. The lineups are (hopefully) more likely to be a bit more cohesive, resulting in fewer innings ending with a lot of men on base.

Final Thoughts

This Braves team is better than the Braves team the Dodgers saw in 2018. That said, this Dodgers team is way better than the Dodgers team who beat the Braves in the 2018 NLDS. I came away with a better sense of the two teams. The Dodgers pitching staff is better than the Braves. The Braves offense is formidable to be sure, but even the Dodgers offense is statistically better than the Braves. Should the Braves and Dodgers meet in the 2019 playoffs, bring it on!

AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan who grew up in California. His whole family is also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, his guitars, and beagle Kobe.


  1. Except for Braves use Newcombe regularly. They didn’t adjust the rotation for Soroka to start. They are also playing with triple AAA guys due to injuries to regulars. Most notably pulled their best hitter after 2 PAs in the rubber match of a must win series. Good article but misleading….they hardly threw everything they had at the Dodgers. To the contrary they pulled their biggest asset. And forgot Greene didn’t close the 3rd game.

    1. AND Snit pulled his star player for not hustling in game three. I wouldn’t consider that a “throw everything at them, have to win move”……

  2. Spoken like a Dodgers fan. Lose 2 of 3 and say you are not worried haha. That’s fine. But Braves are not worried also. Bring on L.A. we will see you in the playoffs. Go Braves!!!!

  3. Braves fan here – and while I don’t necessarily think the Braves would win a series against the Dodgers in the playoffs simply due to bullpen issues, it is objectively false to say the Braves threw the kitchen sink at the Dodgers. We are missing half our team right now…. (Riley, Markakis, Swanson, and Inciarte)

      1. Typical Dodger fan, but I guess I’d be salty too if my team had a 300 million dollar payroll and no rings to match it.

        1. 300 million? maybe you should check your facts, dodgers have cut the payroll every year 4 years in a row, also, How many rings do the Braves have vs. Dodgers…………I guess I would be salty in my response also if I only had 2 rings in history.

        2. The Braves the greatest team that never was lol amazing how all of you discredit this article yet it appears to be triggering outrage for days

    1. It’s not exactly like LAD was playing at full strength. Count the number of rookies that played for them in this series. Taking nothing away from what ATL did, taking 2/3 at home (and their pen played well in those wins), they got swept on the road, still losing the season series. The Dodgers started a rookie pitcher in Gonsolin and brought in another rookie to relieve him. congrats on that rubber-match victory?

  4. The Braves will only get better as the playoffs approach. Our bullpen will continue to get stronger.

  5. The braves threw the kitchen sink at the dodgers but had their starting rf,starting ss, and starting cf all out with injury. They also pulled their best player in the middle of the third game. Other than that this is a fantastic take.

    1. What kind of stupid name is kerrick? You know what kerrick you’re Derrick now and you’ll have to accept it and we’ll slap your parents for thinking they’re clever and original

  6. Newcomb has been the the bullpen all yr. AND they didn’t get the Braves best. Swanson out. Markakis out. Riley out. Ender out. Hardly what I would call getting the kitchen sink.

  7. Its pretty obvious you dont have all the facts. Sean Newcomb has not been a starting pitcher since the second week of the season. He has been a bullpen arm against everyone including to Dodgers so he was not put in the pen just for this series. Also. Atlanta was using essentially a backup shortstop and 2 backup outfielders because their starting shortstop and 2 starting outfielders are on the mend. So you see….LA saw a team that was missing 3 of its big offensive pieces so your article doesn’t hold much water. Im not saying Atlanta is a better team but it is a team that took 2 of 3 from the Dodgers while having 3 big pieces on the DL. All of which will be back before the playoffs.

  8. Hi AJ,

    This is such a biased piece and I quite honestly had a great laugh. Here I was reading along wondering who could be hating on my Braves so bad? I scroll down to the bottom and then saw that you were a lifelong Dodger fan and then it all made sense. I am a lifelong Braves fan and I live in Los Angeles. I go to every single game at Dodger Stadium every year and I hear the same thing over and over again. I like how you mentioned you would have liked to have seen the Dodgers win those two games that they lost. I say that after every L. Well, too bad time machines don’t exist.

    Please don’t sit there and act like the Braves were at full force when we played your first place Dodgers. We are without Dansby Swanson, Ender Inciarte, Nick Markakis and Austin Riley and we even benched the best player in the NL in the fourth inning of game 3 and still beat you with a rookie. So let me guess, putting Dustin May out there was a decision made because you didn’t need to win this game? Well, you had the lead then and then our rookie beat your rookie fair and square and the Braves prevailed and beat you with our B squad.

    What’s your take on us beating Ryu in game 2? He had a bad game? We got 3 ER on him which is only the second time he has given up more than two earned runs in an outing this year. We chased the future 2019 Cy Young award pitcher and you’re going to sit there and tell me that you don’t need to win these games?

    This was a statement game. No, we did not throw the kitchen sink at you guys because we literally couldn’t. Had the Braves been at full force with the players mentioned above that are all on the IL, do you think you guys would have beaten us? I think we would have busted out our brooms!

    Let’s face it, our bullpen lost us game 1. Mike Soroka had the Dodgers stymied until that point. It looks as though our bullpen found their footing and shut down a potent Dodgers offense I’m games 2 and 3. The Dodgers couldn’t even muster another run past the first inning of game three because our starter locked it down and our bullpen finished you off. 95% of Braves country didn’t even know who Rafael Ortega was when he walked up to the plate.

    Now, what do you say about Brian Snitker benching Ronald acuna Jr in the fourth inning for his lack of hustle? is that a move that a major league manager makes when he feels like he needs to win a game? Ronald acuna Jr is the best player in the National League and he rode the pine and the Braves still prevailed and beat the best team in the National League.

    To put things into clear perspective for you. A whopping 5 of our starters weren’t involved in beating the Dodgers past the fourth inning in game 3.

    I think y’all are scared because you’ve met your match. This isn’t the same team that you guys swept in Los Angeles earlier this season. Believe me, I was there and it didn’t look good. The Braves are solid. They have everything the Dodgers have minus the starting pitching and possibly a better bullpen at this time.

    Also, when you mentionee that the Braves needed the series, of course we do. We play in a much tougher division. We would love to get to beat up on the San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants and the Rockies all year but we don’t have that luxury. Hell, the Washington Nationals and New York Mets have a better starting rotation than the Dodgers do. Prove me wrong.

    Nice try, but I’m not buying it. I think after this weekend series the Dodgers have a much less chance of representing the national league in the world series this year.

    Bring it on!

        1. Think about what you just said “02 in the WS” where were your Braves at home watching the games on TV. Even Tommy went 02. When was the last time the Braves went to the WS?Lol

    1. Thoughtful comment. I had the Braves in the NLCS against the Dodgers before the year began. I think they can play with the Dodgers. If things don’t break right, the Braves could easily be in the World Series. They have a window right now over the life of Acuña’s contract to compete. They should be good for a long time. Great core of talent.

    2. You will get worked by LA in the playoffs, if you even get to see LA, Braves are WAY overrated, Dodgers in 5 if we see Atlanta in the NLCS. You will see Buehler, Kershaw, Ryu, end of story. We will destroy you. Your comment is a joke, yes, the Dodgers lost 2 of 3 and the pen lost game 1, our pen lost game 3, you did not Chase Ryu, you hit 2 homers, otherwise you got 4 hits against him. Please, when we destroy you in the playoffs remember my name idiot. JASON…………………………………………..and the dodgers played this series like they had a big lead which they do…………you are going to see SMITH< BELLI< MUNCY<TURNER<POLLOCK<SEAGER<TAYLOR<VELDUGO< WITH FRIESE< HERNANDEZ PEDERSON we did not play this lineup in 1 game against you…………and you do not have the best player in the NL we do……….my goodness………you forget how easily the Dodgers dispatched braves in la………..you will not last 6 games against us……..and had Pederson and Pollock made 2 routine plays that should of been outs, the Dodgers sweep the series against you…………

  9. This might be the dumbest take of all time. It’s almost like you haven’t watched baseball all year. Do better.

  10. Annnnd the Dodgers have spent the kitchen sink (~$200,000,000) to try and buy their championship (for 6 years now) and still can’t get it done. Always have some excuse.

    1. Whoops look like someone hasn’t taken a look at the roster in at least 4 years. There’s actually an article on here regarding your exact stupid comment. 18 of our 25 players are homegrown

  11. – Soroka started because it was his turn in the rotation.
    – Sean Newcomb was used because he’s left-handed, he’s been one of our best relivers since May in an awful bullpen, he has the stamina to throw multiple innings/days in a row, and he has been good against LA in the past. Does this constitute “throwing the kitchen sink”? Seems like an obvious and easy managerial decision.
    – In an NLDS/NCLS there is little to no way we see Foltynewicz. Also, Snitker could very well go with the veteran Teheran instead of Fried in the playoffs, alongside Keuchel and Soroka.
    – Names like Rafael Ortega, who hit the deciding grand slam in Sunday’s game, Adam Duvall, and Adeiny Hechavarria are not likely to be seen in a playoff scenario (assuming some starters regain their health as expected).
    – Ender Inciarte, a Gold Glove winner hitting .293 since the break, and Ronald Acuna, the Braves best offensive player, both left the game early on Sunday. Acuna, as we all know, was purposely removed from the game.
    – Outside of the five earned runs on Friday, the Braves bullpen only allowed one earned run to the mighty L.A. Dodgers. If I were writing a pro-Braves spin piece about the Dodgers “going all out”, I would’ve also noted that Kenley Jansen, who is better than anyone in the Braves bullpen, appeared in a non-save situation. Also appearing were Joe Kelly, Julio Urias, Pedro Baez, and Adam Kolarek, all of whom are no worse than anyone in the Braves bullpen, statistically speaking and otherwise (save maybe Shane Greene, who we’ve had on our team for 19 days and pitched two innings in the series).
    – The Dodgers are definitely the class of the National League and are more talented than the Atlanta Braves. Also, nothing written in the article is untrue. However, the article reads more like propaganda than anything else. I know it’s a Dodgers website and it’s not necessarily supposed to be objective, but for nearly every single point made as to why the Dodgers lost, someone could easily use the exact same points to make the case for how amazing it is that the Braves managed to win this series. Looking forward to the playoffs!

    1. FINALLY someone who understands………good comment, as a dodger fan, I agree with you

  12. Um, they pulled their young super star in the 5th inning of game 3, started two guys that they just claimed off of waivers, gave playing time to a guy who has been in the minors most of the year and started two rookie pitchers….yea, sounds like they went all in for the series win. They did these things because they had to, no doubt. But to use this series as a barometer when the Braves do not have 3 of their regular position players seems a bit disingenuous. The dodgers are a better team probably, but this weekend might have shown different!

  13. Man your fanboy is showing, if u think the braves threw everything at the dodgers your nuts. Braves winning 2 of three with injury depleted offence should worry you because once we get riley and swanson back you guys will be in for a fight. GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Living in the Valley, being born in LA , and watching the Braves play on TBS as part of my youth; I’m a Braves fan. Both teams will match up nicely in the fall. Yes, I agree with the article to some degree. Braves have some of their better players on the IL. For sure it’s going to be a great series. I’m certainly not a Dodger fan, however; I do realize they are a strong team, but also the Braves. As anybody would know that in the playoffs it’s a different beast, players play at a different level. Some players shine and some falter.

    With all that said, I can’t wait use my Southwest and Hilton Honors points to travel to see my Braves at Suntrust win it all. It’s always nice to watch a game over there and not worry about gangbangers and hoodrats not embarrassing us Latinos.

    Go Bravos

    1. So in other words you’re a bandwagoner. A little baby that took the easy way out and hopped on the best teams bandwagon. Typical SoCal kid.

  15. This guy obviously knows nothing about baseball the Braves were midtown four starters and Newcombe has been pitching out of the pen for two months.

  16. Well this is a dumb article. The braves literally pulled their best player and played with a makeshift lineup. Newsome has also been a reliever most of the year so again your points aren’t valid. I don’t think the series means much but the braves sure didn’t throw no kitchen sink at them.

  17. I don’t think that was a good series against the Braves. This is a team the Dodgers do not want to face in the playoffs. Max Fried looked really dominant, at one point he struck out Negron, Pollock, Smith, Turner, Bellinger, Gyorko in consecutive orders. Mike Soroka was also solid, he gave up a first inning 3 Run HR to Bellinger, but after that he settled in and was unhittable. The Dodgers hitters don’t seem to figure out these two pitchers yet, in a seven game series, they could easily win 4 games against the Dodgers just with Fried and Soroka. I think Dodgers fans are being to optimistic.

  18. All these Braves fans acting like they are the only team hurt? I mean, they are aware the Dodgers also played a ton of rookies in this series due to injuries, right? Beaty, Rios, Garlick, Gonsolin, May, Smith. Negron while having had a hot start isn’t a world beater, nor are some of the fringe bullpen arms they used. Verdugo, Taylor, Hernandez, Freeze, Stripling (and other bullpen pieces) are hurt and yes, Taylor and Hernandez are back as of today. Pollack is being played sparingly, Urias is suspended. They faced the Dodgers worst starter and a practical bullpen game and it took everything to beat the Dodgers. Yeah, they pull Acuna…in one game, doesn’t change anything. They had to, you don’t and it sends a terrible message, not going to lose my mind over something any good manager would do there. Dodgers experimented all series and the Braves played the best games they could. Braves fans can say that they aren’t worried and that’s good, but the facts are the Braves aren’t on that level yet. Be proud they finally pulled out a series, first since what? 2015? You should be throwing a party, but October belongs to L.A.

  19. Lol look at all these angry Braves fans coming out of nowhere. Typical dodger obsession we got fans from everywhere always lurking on our sites

    1. Actually wasn’t lurking on the Dodger sites. This popped up when visiting Atlanta Braves’ sites. Dodgers have a great team but some of you Dodger fans need to get over yourselves and give the other team credit when due rather than making up excuses for why the Dodgers lost.

      1. Oh so you’re going to lump us all in with this writer. Right there I can tell you have a very simple and immature thought process

    2. I typed Braves into news and this article was #2 on the list. Not obsessed, just want to call out BS when I see it. The Braves didn’t give all they had to offer. Just like LA, they were missing key players, and yet still came up with the series win. Hell, the guy who hit the salami in Game 3 is Rafael Ortega, a man who has spent a decade long career in the minors, only called now because the Braves outfield is as thin as paper.

      The Dodgers are still unequivocally the best team in the NL, and the favorite to win the pennant. That said, this series was a bit of a watershed moment. The Braves are on the rise, and can seriously challenge the Dodgers, despite having multiple starters out on injuries and a brand new bullpen.

      Overall this series wasn’t a good judgment of where the two teams will stand come playoffs, as both teams were playing a lot of bench players. But generally, it’s undeniable that the gap between the two clubs is smaller than it has been anytime in recent memory. This whole “not worried” attitude isn’t going to do Dodgers any favors when October comes. The Dodgers have the advantage, but you still have to play a 7-game series. The Dodgers might have the statistically better offense, but were still only held to 3 runs two games in a row. With Braves pitching showing that can happen, and the offense clicking, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Braves win the NLCS. And if that happens, there isn’t going to be any articles consoling fans about the loss. This weekend was a statement, and the Dodgers had better not be sleeping on the Braves.

      1. Oh I see somehow the Dodgers should be scared but not the Braves? Seems to me that based on these comments Braves fans are acting just like dodger fans but want to call us out like hypocrites. The Braves were banged up a little and the Dodgers didn’t exactly play to win with their experiments so I’d say this series meant nothing like any regular season series. Things will be much different for both teams in the playoffs so don’t act arrogant just yet especially if you’re going to get upset when the other side acts that way in your eyes

        1. everyone expects the dodgers to win, because the dodgers do have a more complete team. My point as a braves fan and it seems like this braves fan’s point also is that it is not out of the realm of possibility that once the braves get everyone back that we could take you down

          1. And? The same can be said about any team. This is baseball. My point is don’t be hypocrites. You think you have a chance to beat us and we think we can beat you don’t get upset when someone thinks their team can take yours if you’re going to act the same way

          2. Braves fans swarming in outraged like how dare you think you could beat our team. Why shouldn’t we think we can beat you? Like you said we’re the more complete team so we should have confidence just like you can have confidence that your team could possibly shock people in a series against us there’s no reason to come here with a stick up your a.s.s.e.s.

      2. Who said the Dodgers are sleeping on the Braves? I feel like you dumb sports fans often confuse what fans and writers say with how the actual players on a team feel. You Braves fans shouldn’t get so emotional over articles

  20. Max Muncy stated last week that he doesn’t view the Braves as a rivalry. He may not, but apparently this guy does. Stop worrying so much about if the Braves throw the kitchen sink or not. Win a World Series and then you can walk around beating your chests. Until then, you’re still just a bunch of choke artists.

    1. Wow! I think too many people on both sides are giving a 2-1 series victory more credibility than deserved. The Dodgers were swept by San Diego not long ago and I doubt anyone here believes that they are a better team. Also, I have to laugh some of the statements above, like saying Acuna is the best player in the National League. I think Bellinger and Yellich might have something to say about that. Also, calling the Dodgers out on not winning a World Series. Last I checked, y’all haven’t had near the winning history LA has had. Been a long time since Bobby Cox guys.

  21. What a bunch of garbage. Your article shows an abject ignorance about the Braves. They did not change anything about their rotation—Friday was Soroka’s normal day to start. Newcomb has pitched out of the bullpen exclusively after he returned to the bigs after a demotion to the minors. What was yours (the Dodgers’) excuse for losing Saturday when Ryu was pitching.

  22. The Braves won the series, the article is an excuse for the Dodgers loss. The writer under estimates what the Braves have become and they aren’t done yet! No Swanson, no Markakis, no Encearte so, they didn’t throw everything at them yet!

  23. Except Ronald acuna was taken out early in game 3. Inciarte, Dansby Swanson, Nick Markakis, and Austin Riley will all be back for post season..they missed the entire series. They won the series with Freddie Freeman not getting a single hit. Of course the Dodgers are probably the best statistically in the NL..but the braves are a young team hungry to get back on top after last year..I wouldn’t share the same confidence

  24. Pure crap! The Braves were playing without Dansby Swanson, Nick Markakis, Austin Riley, Ender Inciarte, and a short bench. This was a series where Julio Teheran was pinch-hitting and their best player was pulled in the middle of Game 3.

    Tell me again what game Shane Greene closed out. No, Mark Melancon saved both Braves wins. The “journalist” brings up names like Garcia and Negron when they got beat by Rafael Ortega in the third game!

  25. While I agree that your Dodgers are the better team, you failed to mention that four of our best players are on the IL. We should have them all back for the post season.

  26. Well written, well said. From Braves country, I agree. I think it’s a good indication of where each team is in their development. Dodgers definitely have grown since 2018. Strong top to bottom. This series helped them to get deeper! We got some kinks out, tested some youngsters, and grew a little more as well. We have pressure from the Nats, but hope we meet again in October, will be good either way.

  27. the Braves were without, Culberson, Markakis. These are these two Hughes Batting averages. This is a major issue for the Dodger.

  28. Braves have like 3 or 4 normal players injured right now and benched acuna for one game . Far from full strength and still easily could have swept you.

  29. We (braves fans down south) want to see our Braves and the Dodgers meet in the playoffs. The Dodgers are a complete team, maybe the best in baseball. But, to use that old cliche, if you want to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best. Anything can happen, especially in a playoff series. If I were the Dodgers, I wouldn’t get too cocky. You never know.

  30. While I agree the Dodgers are the better team, to suggest the “Braves threw the kitchen sink” at the Dodgers is ridiculous. They played without three starting regulars because of injuries, and in game 3 took out their best player for not running. This was a pretty depleted Braves offense. It seems the Braves were also putting long term interest ahead versus winning the series. They just got lucky.

  31. You do realize the braves have 4 of their starters out with injuries in this series? Not to mention they should have one the first game if newcome didn’t come in and blow the save.

  32. “Braves threw everything at the Dodgers”
    Oh you mean Ender Inciarte out because of injuries? Or maybe about Swanson out because of injuries? Or did you mean when they pulled Acuna in the 5th inning of game 3? Yea they were really throwing it all at you guys!

  33. Damn. You wrote this article like … you mad bro.
    The Braves were just to beat the Dodgers, they are trying to stay on first place against the surging Nats and Phillies; not forgetting about the hot Mets. Something you wouldn’t know about I’m the Western Division. You still mad Bruh.

  34. As a lifelong Braves fan it pains me to say I agree w/your “final thoughts” commentary. While the Braves are closing the gap, your Dodgers are still top to bottom the best team in the NL. That said, if you think you got the Braves best then clearly you’re not paying attention to the 3 starters we have on the IL. Dansby Swanson, Nick Markakis & Austin Riley make that formidable lineup even better. Should we get those guys back & should we meet in the playoffs..bring it on!!

  35. Ortega and echavarria will not be starting for the Braves in the playoffs and like Buehler and kershaw, the dodgers will see keikel and Tehran. Advantage dodgers with the starting staff, but the Braves proved to themselves they have a chance. Hope it happens as it might be a great series. Good luck dodger fans

  36. The Braves limped into the series with their injuries to some big names. Sure, LA played a great series with the guys they played. They also have nearly a 20 game lead in their division which makes it easier to play those guys. ——side note——
    With the injuries to Swanson, Riley and markakis, one could make the argument that beating LA without three of our top 9 hitters is something the Braves should be very proud of. That’s not including the loss of Inciarte in game 1. When comparing hitting metrics, and where they rank on the team, that would be like The Dodgers losing Muncy, Pederson, and Seager.

  37. The Dodgers faced a Braves team with 3 of our primary starting 9 on the injured list. The Braves beat the Dodgers with 1/3 of our team being scraps from the waiver wire. I very much look forward to seeing these two teams when the Braves are at full strength.

  38. This article is embarrassing and cringey. The bottom half of the braves lineup is our AAA team as markakis, dansby, inciarte, and Riley are all injuries. Hardly throwing the kitchen sink at the dodgers. Both teams are a little banged up and experimenting. I’m a braves fan and obviously the dodgers are the better team, but this article made me cringe hard.

  39. Yep. The Braves thru half of the Gwinnett Stripers and a player or 2 that was jobless the previous week at the Dodgers. Whatever makes you sleep better at night.

  40. Wow these Braves fan are a sensitive lot! I would be to if I see the Dodgers standing in the way. I saw nothing that would cause me alarm. Their focus is winning their division. The Dodgers focus is winning another world championship!

  41. Braves fan here. Hell of a series. Both teams got rookies playing and both teams got injuries. And both teams got talent. Kitchen sink was not thrown at anyone. Both teams were playing to win the series. I personally hope we play y’all in the NLCS and I think it’ll be a fun series. Playoff baseball is the best and I can’t wait. See y’all in October.

  42. But also the Dodgers also seen our weakest links. They also prevailed Note Swanson,Markakis,Riley,and Inciarte are on the IL but will be ready for postseason. All in all both teams were testing each other. It’s gonna be a great October

  43. AJ, surely you realize the Braves played that series without starters at shortstop and two outfield positions.
    I know fan sites see things through colored eye glasses, in this case “Dodger blue,” but LA hardy saw the best the Braves have to offer.

    From: Dodger hater since the Braves were in the West?

  44. Ladies (based on most of the heated stances of the aforementioned comments)… no slight to the females…and Gentlemen….What all have to know is The ATL is on the cusp of dropping mad Elbows. While I respect all of this baseball talk, “The” season is here. You all have to know there are only 2 seasons in sports…… Football season and Waiting for Football season…….I love my Braves and am all on board (we have a great team) All the Dogers this and Braves that, sorry, but who cares….all that matters is YOUR ATLANTA FALCONS!!! Curious… Is there anyone of yall who actually thinks the LA teams are better then ours….

  45. Dodgers writer feels the need to write an entire article that could be summed up by the words “Don’t panic!” and Dodgers fans are on here talking about Braves fans being too sensitive. ? The Braves were without two starting outfielders and a starting shortstop, Dodger dudes and dudettes. Freeman went 0 for the series. This was not our best effort. As much as you would like to curl up with that safety blanket. This article stinks of desperation. “The Braves even used Greene to finish a game!”… We used our closer to close a game and that proves we were trying too hard? How about some logic? Even I as a Braves fan can see the Dodgers are a more complete team. The beauty of baseball lies in the ability of one team to rise up every so often and do the unexpected. Stop making excuses and enjoy your great season.

  46. B.S. the dodgers are tall grass an the BRAVES are a brand new zero turn lawn mower…period, see you in the playoffs, yall lost ,there’s no evaluation to be said.
    MAN some commentators are stufid.

  47. All that you said is excuses. Admit it bro. We may not be there yet, but 2 years from now the braves will be the dodgers. You see us as a potential threat now. But in two years the dodgers will be nothing.

    1. What a stupid comment this writer obviously got the better of your emotions. The Dodgers aren’t going anywhere and you clearly have no knowledge of our farm system. We have more coming up in the years to come we draft the best despite having a winning record every year. The pipeline never stops producing for us as long as we got this ownership. Enjoy seeing us for decades to come

  48. There are a lot of Dodger fan who have moved from LA. I’m a life long Braves Fan who has seen Steve Howe due drugs in the Dodger Stadium bullpen. Gagne admit to using illegal banned substances as a so called great closer. Turner and Muncy have me wondering how they could have been so below average until they got to Dodger Stadium. LA needs the Dodgers to win! 1988 is a long time ago and they have spent millions. LA means lost again! Sorry!

  49. In a series, if I had to bet; I would probably take the dodgers. Especially since they will have home field advantage. With that being said, the gap between the two teams is no where near as big as it was last year. Plus, you will have trouble with the Nationals in the NLDS in my opinion. This year finishing with the best record in the NL will give you a more difficult NLDS series.

  50. The Braves pulled Acuña out of Sunday’s game – while losing.

    Dansby, Nick, and Ender are out.

    Your article reminds me of similar ones by the LA press from way back in ‘91 – I think Dodger nation is worried.

    You should be.

  51. “The Dodgers used some unconventional names and unconventional strategies as test balloons in a series where the Braves (playing at home) played their very best all 3 days.”

    The Braves in contrast used conventional names like Hechavarria and Ortega in a series where the Braves played their very best all 3 days, led by Freddie Freeman with 0 hits for the series and a bullpen’s collapse after taking a lead late into game 1. We definitely don’t consider Melancon, Martin and Greene as test balloons and definitely take Acuna out regularly because that’s part of our game plan.

    Hypothetically, if we did put more into it than the Dodgers, it would probably have something to do with having a 5 game lead in the east instead of a 19 game lead. Because, hey, our divisional race isn’t over yet.

  52. It’s quite clear the writer of this article knows very little about the Braves.

    1) Yes, Soroka is the Braves’ best starter. He was scheduled to start – on regular rest. Just like the Dodgers’ best pitcher, Ryu pitched on Saturday.
    2) Newcomb has made 40 appearances in 2019, 4 starts and 36 relief appearances.
    3) The Braves starting SS has 17 HR, and 57 RBI – and hasn’t played in a month (Swanson).
    4) The Braves starting RF, who was an All-Star and Silver Slugger in 2018, is hitting in the .280s with 55 RBI, and hasn’t played in a month – because a HBP broke his wrist (Markakis)
    5) One of the Braves regular OFers, who has 17 HR in only 236 ABs is on the IL with a knee injury (Riley)
    6) The Braves starting CF, who has been hitting .293 with a .931 OPS since the All-Star Break, is on the IL… because of an injured hamstring (Inciarte) – and that injury happened against the Dodgers.
    7) The reliever, who closed out the Braves’ NLDS Game 3 win over the Dodgers last year – is out for the season with shoulder surgery (Vizcaino).

    If you’re going to write an article dismissing your team’s series loss, which save for a hanging curveball to Muncy, might have been a sweep… at least show you have an idea of what you’re talking about.

  53. Another? In case you forgot, The last world championship came in 1988. 31 years ago. You make it sound like you’re the Yankees or the New England Patriots. I’m not saying the Braves weren’t at 1 point in this same position. 14 straight division titles, 5 world series appearances, but only 1 world championship, I’m just saying to not go claiming yourselves champions of anything but a champion of a weak division just yet. Lots of BB yet to play.

  54. this is a laughably weak take. I’m under no confusion that the Dodgers are not better-rounded than the Braves, but half of this article clearly shows you haven’t watched a single Braves game this year outside of Dodgers/Braves matchups. Please kids, when you grow up, don’t blindly write Op-Eds without knowledge.


    -Your team isn’t special. It was Soroka’s spot in the rotation. By that logic, you threw your stud in Ryu so you guys must have been scared!!!!

    -Braves are missing 4 starters. Hardly ‘the kitchen sink’

    -Newcomb has been in the pen since early Mayish. So your knowledge is only 4ish months behind!!!!

    -You can cover for Carrot Top all you want but he looked ripeeee for October pickings.

    Bring it on

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