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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Resumes Throwing, Roberts Talks Best-Case Scenario

The Dodgers have been without long-time ace Clayton Kershaw for a pretty long time now. The 2020 World Series Champion has been sidelined since early July with an issue in his throwing forearm.

Initially, it was termed elbow inflammation and something that was expected to keep him out not much longer than 10 days. Eventually, he was placed on the 60-day injured list and was still dealing with soreness as recently as a week ago.

Clayton re-joined the team at Dodger Stadium on Monday and picked up a baseball for the time in more than a week.

Dodger manager Dave Roberts shared an update ahead of LA’s 2-1 win over the Pirates. Moreover, he shared his best-case scenario for the three-time NL Cy Young award winner.

I hope and expect him to be pitching for us sometime next month. Best case scenario is he’ll be making a couple of starts in September. That’s kind of the best-case scenario and then we’ll see how it plays out.

Last week, Kershaw admitted that he tried to “come back too fast” in his recovery from the discomfort. Now, at the earliest, Clayton could come off the IL on September 5th. With that comes a ticking clock. The left-hander hasn’t pitched in a game since July 3rd and would need time to build up to a starter’s workload. Notably, the team is willing to concede that there might not be enough time left on the calendar to build him up. With that, the possibility of a bullpen role could be on the table.

The next few weeks will be crucial for Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers.

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  1. Nope, its a planned hiatus. He hasn’t pitched a full season in 4 years, that’s why he’s been effective again.

  2. I’m not ‘too confident’ the bullpen
    idea will work tho usually a pitcher’s
    fastball is a tick higher in that role!
    Right now our bullpen is dominant &
    that would bode well if they could get
    him stretched out to (5) innings before
    season’s end!

  3. Really hate to bust bubbles.
    Look at that photo. Is that iconic Dodger?
    Hell no.
    My respect for the franchise has faded. Long for the O’Malley years. Tradition.
    LA needs to follow the Yankees.
    Haircut’s and clean Shaven. LA is just another ballclub any longer. Dodger tradition in the shitter.
    Bad enough every other player looks like a billboard. Tattoos everywhere.

  4. I don’t listen/read anything Doc has to say anymore. From Kersh to Belli to Jansen and on and on.
    He should consider politics. His bs would fit right in. Governor of NY down the road? ?

  5. If Kershaw returns during the regular season I will be surprised. At this point, we should not count on anything said that alludes to Kershaw getting healthy enough to do his job. Bauer is, for all intent and purpose, a moot point. Hopefully, Urias returns unscathed and ready to resume what he has shown us he can do. For now, we have Buehler and Max and our (overtaxed but overall holding it down) bullpen. Because our starting pitching is so depleted, our offense is really going to have to produce to pick up the slack.

  6. I fully concur with the comments about Roberts, but “LA is just another ballclub any longer” because of tattoos and long hair. Give me a break. As a kid I listen to the Brooklyn Dodgers every night. I loved the O’Malley years, Walter Alston, and all-stars everywhere in the lineup. I was proud of the Dodgers for being the first team to bring up black players to MLB. I’m still proud of them long hair or not. Give me the red-dream in the lineup anyway he want’s to wear his hair.

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