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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Says ‘No Way’ Spring Training Starts on Time

The MLB lockout has already spanned two full months. Many MLB experts fear it might roll right through February too. The players are equally pessimistic of a deal getting done anytime soon. Including, former Dodgers pitcher, and current free agent, Clayton Kershaw.

Pitchers and catchers would typically report to spring training next week. Kershaw doesn’t think that’s going to happen as the MLB-MLBPA bargaining sessions continue to be unproductive.

“We have to continue to prepare like we’re going to play. At this point, it’s February 9th, there’s no way we’re going to be in Spring Training in a week.”

That being said, Kershaw is still optimistic the 162-game regular season will remain intact. The 33-year-old is certainly training for a full season.

“But I hope we’re in Spring Training soon so we can get the season started on time because ultimately that’s the goal. So I’m continuing to prepare like we’re going to start on time, but each day it seems like we’re getting further and further from that.”

Kershaw’s statement aligns with the comments of longtime teammates Justin Turner and Cody Bellinger. All three don’t think losing spring training time is cataclysmic, but canceling regular season in games would indeed be a disaster for the sport of baseball.

Whenever the lockout ends, it will create a frenetic situation where spring training and free agency are happening simultaneously.

The consensus among MLB experts is Kershaw will re-sign with the Dodgers once the lockout is over.

Hopefully, Kershaw is more confident about returning to the Dodgers than he is about spring training starting on time.

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  1. Clayton would know. The encouraging signs from him? It sounds like he is preparing personally for the season . If that is the case? Maybe his arm responded well to the platelet injection. But the bottom line is we need some ACTION on the contract. This is not rocket science. These are millionaires negotiating. Not rank and file UAW members or other common people negotiating for their survival. They really only have a few issues of any serious consequence. Common dudes! Think about the fans. GET THIS CONTRACT SETTLED!!

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