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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Talks Game 5 of 2017 World Series

Clayton Kershaw is one of the greatest pitchers of all-time in the regular season. That is an inarguable fact. He is likely going to go down as the greatest pitcher of the last few decades. This knock of Kershaw has always been his lackluster legacy when it comes to pitching in the playoffs. Kershaw has no World Series rings at this stage of his career — they could still come — but the Dodgers have lost countless meaningful games due to underperformance from their ace.

However, the Houston Astros cheating scandal sheds some light on the legacy of Clayton Kershaw. He had a fantastic Game 1 outing against Houston in the 2017 World Series and was excellent in relief in Game 7. This all happened while the Astros knew what pitches were coming. Wild.

Clayton Kershaw has never been recorded specifically discussing Game 5 of that World Series since that day, but he took the time to talk about it on Petros and Money on AM 570 Los Angeles.

Kershaw Talks Game 5 of 2017 World Series

Despite the frustration, Kershaw is handling the news quite well. He views it as a strengthening mechanism that can bring the 2020 Dodgers together as a team:

“I was listening to it and understanding what went down and it’s just frustrating. It’s now fun. After 2017, you try to just bury the hatchet and move on as best as you can, but when stuff like this comes back up, it is just a little harder to swallow. I think the one bright side of all of it is that it happened now and that we can get to spring training and get together as a team and move forward. We have had about a month to process it, so I think at least for me that will be good.”

According to Clayton Kershaw, he never suspected that something was wrong in Game 5 of the World Series:

“I didn’t. It’s so hard to think that when you are in the middle of that. The one thing that is frustrating is ‘hey you should use multiple signs with nobody one base.’ I don’t know what to say other than it is no fun.”

Manager Dave Roberts spoke about the legacies of Kershaw among other last weekend at FanFest. And more importantly, the unfair criticism still following a few players to this day.

Really for me, it goes out to some of the unfair criticism that guys like Clayton [Kershaw] took… Yu [Darvish], and Kenley [Jansen]… I guess ‘frustrating’ is probably the floor of my emotions, but that’s where I’m at.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Kersh with a new fire in his eyes in the upcoming season — all of the Dodgers, in fact. Max Muncy recently spoke about the team’s perceived “World Series hangover” and hurt early in the 2018 season. The revelation of this Astros scandal is the type of thing to galvanize a team as they look to break a 30+-year-old World Series drought.

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  1. “— but the Dodgers have lost countless meaningful games due to underperformance from their ace.”

    Countless? Please. This is just another way to not be specific about a very specific charge. If you look at his numbers, and you look at the games, he has been more competitive than not, and his offense has more than regularly failed to show up for him.

    That’s why Game 5 sucked so bad. They cheated and tarnished his legacy when we all know Clayton was winning that ballgame.

    1. Uh guys. He still has I believe the highest post season ERA in league history. That is not more competitive than not. Kersh is one of the reasons they have won 7 west division titles in a row. He is also the reason they have not won in the post season. His post season legacy was ” tarnished” long before the world series. Hard to accept. Get over it! There’s always next year.

    2. Marijuana, you’re conveniently forgetting all of the choking he did years before the 2017 World Series

  2. I wish Kershaw had made a stronger statement about the Astros cheating him and the team out of game 5 and thus the whole series, because the Dodgers won game 6.

    1. He’s the embodiment of the pushover Dodgers of our modern time. They think being classy and taking the high road all the time will get them anywhere. It gets you nothing in this world especially sports. Nice guys finish last

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