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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Very Doubtful That He Will Be Able to Pitch in the Postseason

Friday was just the worst night for Dodgers fans, and really just baseball fans. Watching Clayton Kershaw leave his start in the 2nd inning clearly in pain was so difficult to watch. Seeing him on the bench in the dugout was even worse. 

The 33-year-old southpaw left the start with what the Dodgers are calling forearm discomfort. It was bad enough that a guy like Kershaw that pushes through everything was not able to continue in the middle of a division race. 

After the game, Kershaw didn’t offer much in the way of hope for his immediate future. The Dodgers starter talked about the next couple of weeks and the disappointment that he was probably going to miss the playoffs entirely. 

The biggest thing is that I just wanted to be part of this team going through October. This team is special, you saw tonight…I’ve known that. I know that we’re going to do something special this year, and I wanted to be part of that. That’s the hardest part for me right now, that chances are it’s not looking great for October. Overall though, it’s going to be fun to watch. I’m excited for these guys and what they’re going to do. 

The concern is obviously Kershaw’s long-term future with the Dodgers and baseball, not really the immediate. At 33-years-old and in the final year of his contract, fans just want to know what the plan is if major surgery is in the cards. 

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Obviously, his future is still yet to be determined until the team figures out the issue. But Dave Roberts had also said before the game they were not optimistic given where the team is in their season. With just 2 games left until postseason baseball, Kersh is almost certainly done for the year. 

Get well soon, Clayton. Go win it for him. 

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  1. This may upset some, but this could be a blessing in disguise as Kershaw hasn’t been so great in the postseason that eliminating Roberts from forcing a way to start Kershaw is a good thing. Kershaw has been mostly unreliable in postseason play, though I don’t envision the team getting very far with or without Kershaw, as the offense is too unpredictable as too showing up game to game.

    1. Taryn,
      If you are a real Dodgers fan, you should be a lot more positive now. I know these guys play some games as they are really tired and not focusing but somehow they find a way to win. They’re human and they play many consecutive games so it’s justified that they look bad sometimes and that’s when they need our help and support as real fans.
      I just hope that Kershaw is not hurt bad and if he needs surgery have it done and hope for the best in recovery. That’s what he needs right now, faith and support. GO DODGERS!!!

      1. So, unless everything I say is positive, I’m not a real Dodger fan, even since being a fan on my dads’ lap when they played in Brooklyn. I’m a REAL fan and the best kind in my opinion because I won’t overlook what is an issue or bad play or bad game management. I will cheer them on in the postseason, but not be blind to the reasons that might have them failing.

        This season is still a great season with a possible 106 wins, but every time they had the opportunity to take charge of the Division, they caved, and that kind of fail usually bites in the playoffs, and the reasons for that caving are many and actually became a pattern. I hope they get up for this game against the Cards because the Cards appear quite ready to play the Dodgers in a one-game win or go home.

  2. In an odd way, this injury might INCREASE the chance that Kershaw will eventually be back as a Dodger. Of course we are all hoping his injury is not too serious. But if he were to hit the open market without question marks, he would have far more suitors.

    And the Dodgers know his history and medical records, so they might be willing to work something out with him in the long run, based on incentives. I think both sides want to see him retire as a Dodger. I just pray it isn’t TJ surgery that is needed.

    Even if it is, would he decide to hang it up? He already hinted that he might not want to play much longer. At the same time, it is hard to envision Kershaw giving up and walking away without fighting to make a comeback. It will be a very interesting off-season for so many reasons.

  3. I wish a good recovery for CK over the off season. He is finished for this year, and I think that the Dodger Higher Ups, pushed his recovery. Can’t do that as it usually turns out just like it did last night. Sorry folks but CK has been more of a liability during the playoffs than the sure fire stopper he had been in his prime. The fans love him and always wish the best w/o a doubt, but the Dodgers are well equipped to win w/o him. Move on. One game at a time.

  4. Brook’s last sentence says it best – “Go win it for him.”

    The Dodgers owe it to Kershaw – he won when they couldn’t – now they should win when he cannot.

  5. We all hope for the best for CK. In the meantime, Tony Gonsolin must start giving some length as a starter. It’s been turning into a BP game when he starts because he has been leaving the bulk of those innings to the BP.

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