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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Doesn’t Regret Houston Astros Cheating Comments

Over the weekend, business picked up at Camelback Ranch in Arizona. Of course we are talking about when Cody Bellinger kicked off the weekend by going hard on the Houston Astros and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.

From there, a ripple effect seemed to happen off Bellinger’s original comments. For instance, Carlos Correa clapped back at the MVP. In fact, Correa had so much to say in his rebuttal we had to break it down in two stories.

Now that he’s had the chance to get it off his check, Bill Plunkett of the OC Register asks him if he has any regrets on what he said. In true fashion – as you would hope – Bellinger stands his ground.

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfielder says he has no regrets.

“I said what I wanted to say.”

Obviously, a few days did not change his opinion on a faux event that changed legacies. Indeed, we are talking about the 2017 World Series.

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In summary, this issue is not just burying itself like Manfred likely hoped at the outset of the story. Calls for the Astros to vacate the 2017 title are getting louder. The game seven starting pitcher of that 2017 World Series – Yu Darvish – came out and defended Bellinger publicly.

For the Houston Astros, it could be a very long month. Perhaps they should look forward to when the real games begin because until then, it appears that they will be fielding questions about this subject matter. And if you want to talk Astros’ sign-stealing, it’s best to stay out of Cody Bellinger’s kitchen with it. As we know, that’s going to ignite a fire.

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  1. WHATEVER CORREA or any of the participating astros say, its a little like the kettle calling the pot black! Yu Darvish was right! You Cheaters should keep your pie holes shut and take your beat-downs like the men you proved you were not! All Cheaters have the same problem. Their words ring hollow because after all, THEY ARE CHEATERS. If you want to say something admit you are cheaters and not just guys who got a bad hand dealt to them. If you knew and didn’t say anything, your are just as bad as those who did know. ALL IN ALL YOU ARE CHEATERS, FOR NOW AND EVER MORE AND NO AMOUNT OF WHITEWASH WILL COVER THAT BLOTCH!

  2. Did Bellinger stutter or speak in foreign language? Why ask him if he has any regrets about telling the truth? He said what he meant, and he meant what said. And he’s right. These guys are showing some fire, and I like it. They have a title to win this year.

  3. The owners ought to demand the commissioner’s resignation. The players ought to stage a major protest on opening day to demand 2017’s World Series champs be stripped of their titles, pennants, rings and trophies (MVP too). The trophy means something or why bother?

  4. Bellinger does not regret his comments nor should he. None of the Astros have any credibility so why Correa bothers with spewing forth useless rhetoric is beyond comprehension. After all, nothing Correa or any of his teammates have to say will make a bit of difference in the court of public opinion. The cheating Astros have a tough road ahead of them this season; and, I do not believe anyone feels sorry for them. So, Correa is the one who needs to shut the f up.

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