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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Got a Haircut and the Internet Lost its Mind

As Cody Bellinger has struggled his way through the 2021 season, calls have come in far and wide as to what’s going wrong with the Dodger centerfielder. His swing is too long, his stance is too tall… his hair is too long!

Well, he fixed one of those things.

Yesterday during the TV broadcast, a cleaned up Bopper was spotted as the Dodgers lined up to celebrate a 4-2 win over the Diamondbacks…

Cody got a haircut and trimmed the beard. And with that, of course, the internet went wild.

Including some of us at Dodgers Nation.

As the season has trudged along and Cody’s struggles compounded, the calls for — more specifically the emails for — him to cut his hair have come with regularity. DN alone for some reason receiving at times 3-4 messages daily about a haircut being the cure to Belli’s woes.

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While he’s still on the injured list as he recovers from a fractured rib on his left side, you have to wonder if he’s working on bringing back all of the hits that worked for him during his magical MVP season in 2019. Do we start hearing Hotel California by The Eagles blaring at Dodger Stadium again? Will we again see the return of the classic upright stance after Cody introduced a newer, more simplified approach at the plate before Gavin Lux ran into him.

Cody Bellinger got a haircut… league in trouble now.

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    1. For one thing, Bellinger still has a couple years of team control so in any event he won’t be dealt for just a so so return. He will have a full off season to do normal workouts this time to be ready in 2022. One other thought is also Bellingers been on a down slide since mid 2019 so his struggles just didn’t take place this year.

  1. Bellinger not only Dodger that has been struggling with the bat. Several others in starting lineup
    also fall into this category (No so much looking at box score but more the non-competitive at bats where hitters either strike out or make weak contact). If there is a one game playoff with Cardinals (which is looking more likely as each day passes) Scherzer may have to pitch a shutout

  2. Bellringer should stick to playing golf. Is it hard to figure this out? For the useless batting coaches it is. He has the same stroke as when he hits a small golf ball but hey…the ball is on a tee. Belli only has problems hitting a ball that moves. Gee whiz…they were all laughing when screwing around hitting the golf balls at Dodger Stadium but no-one could figure out why he was striking out 9 out of 10 at bats. The answer was right in front of their rose colored glasses. Muncy too. What? 4 hits in September is good? Lucky that he hit his game winning HR a few days ago. What a mess and a bunch of tired out old guys.

  3. Stating the obvious, here, but by looking at the pic and the Gnats on top by 1. I would much rather see the Dodgers up by 1 instead of some haircut?!?

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