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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Lists Great Things About Chris Taylor

The friendships between Dodgers players might be the best part of this team. A lot of these guys came up through the minor leagues playing together and some of them even ended up living together for periods of time. 

That would include Cody Bellinger and Chris Taylor. Both guys had big years for the Dodgers starting in 2017, Bellinger as a rookie and CT3 making a name for himself after leaving Seattle. Naturally, they bonded pretty quickly. 

So it’s no surprise that when am570’s Dave Vassegh sat down for an interview with Taylor, Bellinger was there to crash it. The Dodgers outfielder was asked to list all of the things he loves about his former roommate and current big league teammate. 

One of the best surfers you’ll ever see. Great HBO show and Netflix recommendation guy. And a great baseball player. He can do it all. Great roommate, been a while. Great dude, he’s the best guy. And when he’s hitting he’s an even better guy.

First of all, imagining Bellinger out surfing with Taylor is just the best. But the Dodgers outfielder talking about CT3’s tv show recommendations also has us wondering what the heck that he likes to watch in his downtime. 

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We know what we love about Chris Taylor. The veteran utilityman has been a huge part of the Dodgers’ success in 2021 and should be around for a long time. The next step? Getting him signed to a good extension. 

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  1. I worry a lot about Taylor leaving. He is one of the best all-around players on this team.

    And what worries me more is the Giants snagging him–or the Padres, although they have dug a hole with some of the huge contracts they have on the books.

    Chris Woodward is also known to be a huge fan of his, so Texas will probably pursue him. There will be PLENTY of competition for him in both leagues. I hope he wants to stay here and they can work out something.

  2. I am true believer in not worrying about what may happen after the season. We have only 1 focus: win today’s game, and enjoy the ride as Dodgers get back to the World Series. Like doc said, getting back to first place “is a good start”

  3. Chris Taylor USED to be my favorite Dodger, with those STIRRUPS he used to wear back when Vin Scully was about to go off into a very well earned retirement. And that monster shot he hit about 70 percent up the Left Field Pavilion in the 2016 Playoffs. ……

    Why’d you lose the stirrups, Chris?

  4. After this 2021 season. It’s a great if all players will be intact coming to the next season. This might be happened if Dodgers can depend their crown this season. Absolutely, LAD management will retain all their role players next year..!!!

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