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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Shows Support to Hometown Phoenix Suns

The Dodgers players and organization don’t have much to root for in the NBA playoffs now that the Lakers are out. The Clippers are still in it, but just hanging on by a thread in the Western Conference Finals. And you probably won’t find too many players cheering them on anyways. 

But Cody Bellinger is still rocking his Phoenix Suns as he pulls up to Dodgers games this month. Especially since the Suns just took down the Clippers in game 4 and lead the series 3-1. Belli rolled up to the ballpark with a Phoenix hoodie on before Sunday’s game. 

The best part was definitely his caption though. 

We’ll take it that Belli calling himself a bandwagon Suns fans means that he’s usually a Lakers guy. The Dodgers outfielder has been spotted courtside at several games at Staples Center, and the relationship between the 2 organizations is very strong. 

Especially since 2 Dodgers owners just bought into the team. 

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Bellinger was born and raised in Arizona, and the Dodgers drafted him out of Hamilton High School in Chandler back in 2013. So it makes sense that he would be going for the Suns in this one. Just don’t let Lebron James see his post. 

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