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Dodgers Considering a Trip to the Injured List for Mookie Betts

The Dodgers are playing it very odd with Mookie Betts as he recovers from his hip injury. After coming out of the game on Saturday with the flare-up, Betts has taken just one at-bat in which he struck out on Monday. 

The expectation was that the Dodgers would place Mookie on the injured list after missing his third-consecutive start on Wednesday. Instead, they have continued to keep him on the bench and not place him on the IL. 

It’s an odd move and one that continues to perplex Dodgers fans. Resting up Mookie now and giving him the week off to get right is the obvious choice. But Dave Roberts cleared up some of that prior to Wednesday’s game…sort of. 

I think with Mookie right now, I know I’ve said this the last few days but it’s day-to-day. And I’m going to keep trying to stay away from him. I know the IL is certainly a topic of conversation internally, but we’re just not quite there. Hopefully, he can get out and move around today and a little more tomorrow. We’ll see where he’s at come Sunday. 

It sounds like the Dodgers are waiting until Sunday to make a decision on Mookie. Max Muncy will be back with the team after that, so whoever they decided to activate would presumably stick around to take Mookie’s spot. If it comes to that. 

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But the consideration for an injured list designation is there. If Betts hasn’t been able to get into games at all over the last few days, it must be a big issue. 

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  1. As usual Dodgers love playing short handed. Betts should already be on IL. Waiting around like they are is ridiculous but this team plays with a 25 man roster as opposed to all the rest of teams playing with 26. The decision making by Roberts and this FO is a real concern and the best thing is to see Dodgers just go home and forget about playing in October. Hopefully Jansen won’t be back next year and replacing Roberts just might be necessary right about now year. He’s LOST IT AS A MANAGER!!

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