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Dodgers: Corey Seager Will Be Out of the Lineup Saturday

Corey Seager’s long-awaited return to the Dodgers went about as well as it could. After weeks off due to a broken bone in his hand, Seager was back in the lineup on Friday night in Arizona. Unfortunately, it did not result in a win. 

The Dodgers dropped the game in extra-innings, but Seager did everything he could to keep them in it. He collected 2 hits and both came at big times in the game. The guys behind him couldn’t pick him up after he collected those hits though. 

Seager made all of the plays on defense that he needed to make, even ranging to his right to make a great play on a groundball. He looked healthy and ready to go for the Dodgers. But Dave Roberts explained after the game that Seager would be out of the lineup on Saturday.

He’ll be down tomorrow, you know after playing a 4 hour-plus game. he’ll be back in there on Sunday, but I thought he looked fantastic. It was good to have him back. 

Dodgers fans obviously did not react well to that news since Seager just got back into the lineup. But after a very long game on Friday night, it makes sense that they would want to get him a day off of his feet. 

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The Dodgers face off against right-handed pitcher Merrill Kelly on Saturday night in Arizona. Seager has faced Kelly just twice in his career and is hitless. Chris Taylor is expected to be in at short with Seager out. 

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  1. This is what gets me about “today’s” baseball. Let the guy play if he’s feeling up to it. So much coddling and way too much analytical influence goes into how a team is run and game strategy is employed. Cory should be ready to play every day after an extra month of rehab unless there’s some sort of health issue. He looked good last night and should be allowed to contribute as much as possible.

  2. Sitting Seager is ridiculous! He broke his finger and has been running, fielding without throwing, etc. for two months. This is not basketball, football, soccer, ice hockey, et al — good grief, he is a top notch athlete, in his athletic prime, with a right hander on the mound for Dbacks! AZ starts a LH’er on Sunday. Awful, awful management decision!!!!!!

    1. They treat these grown men, in top physical shape, like they are made out of glass. Ridiculous.

    2. It’s unbelievable. Because it was a 4 hour game, Seager sits, after finally playing his first game back from the injury.
      All this decision by Roberts does is fuel speculation that maybe Seager came away from the game last night with some soreness in his hand. I doubt that’s the case, but come on.
      If anything, It’s Dodgers’ fans who need to sit today’s game out, because last nights’ game was another long, slow, tortuous slog of a game that has become routine for this club.

    3. SoCalBum, I’ve been posting about Robert’s inept ability to manage in game, lineups, and the pitching. I echo the ridiculous. For one thing, putting Seager in the cleanup spot was a reach. But he had a good game, however once again the Dodgers did not. I wonder if the FO directed this decision.

      1. Roberts …please…its him or the front office that micromanage too much…but are we suprised

  3. Totally agree. It seems like Roberts doesn’t want to win. Tre can’t play for another week. We get a reliever who can’t pitch till the end of Aug. Bellinger can’t hit but he still in the lineup. Send him down to get his head together. Another extra innings game lost!!!!

  4. Another brilliant decision by the master strategist. Seager must be exhausted after last night. I can’t wait to see what happens when he’s back full time and Betts and Turner are also available. What are the odds on the moron benching either Taylor or Pollack so his .156 slugger may continue to work his way out of his two year slump. SMH

  5. Has Roberts ever heard of Cal Ripken, Jr. or Lou Gehrig. They each played in more than 2000 games each. Resting a player because he played in a 4 hour game is totally ridiculous and stupid. Its harder sitting on a bench for 4 hours than being able to stand or walk in a position. Pure insanity.

    1. there was another guy in a Dodgers uniform under Tommy, I think his name was Gracey or Garvey or ‘bad checks’ but he, as I recall, played about a million games in a row as well. Did it with all manner of small, and not so small, nicks & dings…i believe he won an MVP, hit buckets of HR’s and a passel of gold gloves. Even Tommy didn’t dare sit him no matter what…today’s players are just sad. Betts is a true throwback though, he was clearly not well from game one. However, he never called in sick…he is a man and a real MLB player. His manager should have sat him but my bet is Betts might have ran out there anyway. OK hobbled out there a few times but he was not gonna sit.

      The heck with Bellinger because, well, he is just another Greg Brock. Pretty swing with the only problem being it’s either a foot over or under the ball.

  6. Just when you think it can’t get worse, they lose another extra inning against one of the worst teams.
    Truly amazing that Roberts still has a job with all his brilliant decisions. Another slugfest by Bellinger, who would be sent to the minors by any other team. A salute to Friedman for the moves that were made yesterday. This current roster needs a blood transfusion and better leadership. As far as Seager goes, he is pathetic with all his ailments.

  7. Another overtime loss!!! Just shows how bad a manager Roberts is. He has no clue on how to score a run except to sit back and hope for a dinger. Then he plans on sitting a player in the prime of his career because he played a 4 hrs game, half of which he sat on the bench. Brilliant. Besides the bullpen, Roberts is the most glaring problem. Oh, that’s right. With Seager benched he can put Belli back in the cleanup spot after another 0 for 5 night leaving 5 runners stranded.

  8. The Dodger’s insanely deep lineup is a joke these days. There’s a lot of noise about how formidable this club is, from starters to bull pen to the day-to-day players. What is laughable is the oldest guy on the squad is both the most consistent and least injured. All the young stud types look anemic, except for Taylor. Lux = not up to potential. Bellinger = should be in AAA. Betts = bad year so far. The list goes on, but apparently Roberts isn’t interested in what they ARE performing like on the field, but rather what the analytics from last year say they should be doing. Seager’s injury status as reported indicated he’s back, but now it’s more of a day-to-day, possibility thing. It is really, really, hard to figure this outfit out. I tell you one thing, if Tommy was managing this club there’d be some interesting and colorful language flying around during practice and he’d most certainly shake things up in the lineup, getting more aggressive and for certain “dead wood” players.

  9. I must agree with you all here. Unbelievable how inept a manager Roberts has become this year, but we are stuck with him, and it’s because Dodgers have won before in spite of him. I have a solution for when Trea Turner returns. He can play in CF and Bellinger can be benched! Hasn’t Roberts seen enough after another dismal 0 for 5 game be him?

  10. Having just lost 5 of 7 to the Giants, the Dodgers are very fortunate that S.F., since July 17th is only 1-5 in games played against other clubs. Of course, that just reinforces what a botch job it was for the Dodgers to roll over against the Giants. S.F., of late can only beat the Dodgers and no one else, not even the lowly Pirates who just took 2 of 3 from them.
    The Dodgers cannot continue to stub their toe while waiting for the Calvary to arrive.
    Bad habits are bad habits and once Scherzer and Turner join the club and even with the return of Seager and Betts, this team needs to take the field every game with more purpose, passion and more “alertness”. Even when Betts and Seager were in the lineup earlier this season, the Dodgers were too streaky and too often seemed to be in a fog.

  11. Or another idea that would work is Trea at 2nd, and CT3, in CF. One thing is certain, Roberys CANNOT sit CT3 under any circumstances unless it’s just to give him a day off from starting. But Dodgers have this coming Monday AND Thursday off however.

  12. Wow! I talked about breaking him in slowly after a long layoff, but not this slow. How the guy is to get his timing back and the speed of the game ASAP? He can take the day off when they face the lefty and Mon. is an off day already. Also hitting him 4th on his 1st day back, is it a subtle way of putting more pressure on the guy?
    Yesterday’s loss was a bore because we were watching the Dbacks taking a nice Fri. night stroll around the bases, our 2 main producers ( JT & Muncy ) failing to bring in the runners except CT3, and Belli; bunt the ball w/ 2 runners on, no outs and game tied. You’re not having good ABs all night, think team first, try bunting for a hit or @ least move the guys over to scoring position…if you had tried that, people would’ve credited you.

  13. This team is hopeless I don’t expect them to do any better even after getting healthy and having Turner and Scherzer. Like I said before, the other hitters can’t drive in runs when they need to and Roberts knows how to blow games with his bullpen. To me these trades will just make every loss even worse to take. On a side note the Giants need to be looked into there’s something up with that team, not saying they shouldn’t be in the mix, but to seemingly never slow down and be at the top of baseball just isn’t believable. Lots of low average bench players in their lineup yet no slowdown. I suspect there’s a cheating system going on up there with maybe a little roids?

    1. Don Cato… There is no cheating or roids. I live in N. Calif. and whether the Dodgers are home or away, I only get the Giants Play by Play. Their announcers have been very complimentary towards the Dodgers this year, but they also said that the Giants are continuously practicing, many times till 9-10:00 at night. They are always practicing, game day or not. The question is, just how often are the Dodgers practicing. Bellinger?? Probably not much. Taylor, probably a lot. Chris should definately be our Centerfielder. Unfortunately, he may go the same way as Kike. What a loss that will be for us.

  14. This is not a winning attitude…it’s time to get tough and win….never mind worried about 4 hour game (that we lost).

  15. Like boxing, there’s a tremendous difference in sparring and actually going twelve rounds.. I just hope he stays healthy. Good to see him back.

  16. I can’t believe it. Seager out of line up. F that game I am watching the Olympics. Next time when there are no outs and men on third. Who’s responsible for no bunt down the 1st base line that would have scored a run. What the matter with the Roberts. I have seen this 4 time this year

  17. Stop panicking everyone. Seager gets a day off – come back string Sunday, Monday off, play Tuesday, it’s all part of the Dodgers process they have used for years now. It works too. Dodgers will be back to full strength in a week or 2. Plenty of time to turn on the afterburners and catch the gnats. The defending World Series Champs won the trade deadline battle and let the gnats and pods know they are loaded for bear – Dodgers will win the West. So relax, go support the home tram against the cheating stros next week and watch Max throw a gem for the Dodgers!!

  18. Seems like there’s no urgency with this team. Giants and Padres are not going away. A ridiculous payroll and a third place finish is looming if they are lucky.

  19. Thats right seat Seager, the guy who had 2 hits last night and play Bellinger who has not hit .140 for the past month. Roberts has no clue nor will he ever. My prediction is he will platoon Trea Turner with lefty and righty pitching with one of the minor league players they have brought up.

  20. Joe, as was brought up, today Dodgers are facing a RHP and on Sunday they will face a LHP. If anything Roberts could perhaps better serve Seager by giving Sunday off instead, which is followed by an off day on Monday. That appears to make a bit more sense.

      1. I must admit most of what Roberts does in game is sort of a reach. Bellinger needs to sit a while once Trea gets back because CT3, Seager and Turner all DESRVE to be in there instead. Tonight Bellinger bats 6th, which IMHO is still too high up in order. He looked awful last night with his stellar 0 for 5 performance.

  21. Maybe the problem is Roberts was never an everyday player for the majority of his career, just a platoon type of guy who never really made it and that is what he teaches with his lineup. Be a platoon guy, play multiple positions, never get really good at any one position and be willing to sit when your hot at the plate.

    Roberts school of managing

  22. MY Dodger Lineup Suggestion for Roberts
    2B Trea Turner
    CF Chris Taylor
    3b Justin Turner
    IB Max Muncy
    SS Corey Seager
    RF Mookie Betts
    C Will Smith
    LF AJ Pollock

    Sorry, But Bellinger does not belong right now in the majors and the sooner the Dodgers realize this the sooner he can get some help

    1. Only issue is that Pollock is swinging the bat very well and tough to have him bat 8th, where because of the pitcher hitting behind him, he would not see too many hittable pitches, especially if that said pitcher is what gets the team on the field out of the inning.

  23. Robert’s need to play to win, and not be a nice coach to Bellinger. Send him down so he can get his swing straight for the long haul.

  24. Let’s just take 2 out 3 from the worst team in baseball, and then sweep the Houston Aholes.

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