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Dodgers: Trea Turner’s Dodger Debut Will Have to Wait

Many fans are eager to see the Dodgers’ newest additions don the iconic Dodger blue. However, Trea Turner’s Dodger debut will have to be put on hold for the time being. Although the 28-year old shortstop was recently acquired from the Washington Nationals, Turner currently has Covid and is not able to join the team right away.

He exited the Nationals’ game on Tuesday after testing positive for the virus. The following day it was reported that Washington was dealing with an outbreak in their clubhouse. While his pending arrival is unfortunate, the activation of Corey Seager makes the news sting a little less. Still, it’s only fair to wonder when Trea will be able to join his new team. Dave Roberts wasn’t sure about when he could arrive but mentioned next week as a possible option.

“Trea is dealing with Covid protocols. I guess we’re hopeful for sometime next week we’ll get him back. There’s still testing that he’s got to kind of get through and a little bit of the quarantine process that he’s got to get through. I’m not totally clear on that.”

Andrew Friedman also spoke about how much the newest member of the Dodgers wants to make it to Los Angeles as soon as he possibly can.

“I’m not sure yet. I think we’ll continue to read and react to the situation. I know he’s chomping at the bit to get out here as soon as he can. As soon as he’s good to do so I know he will. As we learn more we’ll share that.”

Of course, as both Friedman and Roberts mentioned, Turner will have to undergo a quarantine process as well as testing to ensure he is clear and ready to play. When that happens though is unclear. With that being said, when he is ultimately cleared, the Dodgers will surely welcome his 5-tool skill set as they continue to make up ground down the stretch.

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    1. You’re correct. We never got the true closer and elite Rh bat that we knew we needed before the season started. Giants and Padres are still one step ahead of us. 2 months to go and we can’t be blowing games like we did again last night!

  1. We need a closer who does not get in his own way . Jansen cannot help but put men on base and try to work out of that . Too much can go wrong with how he lets that happen . He is too careless with two strikes as he them tries to nip a corner and winds up walking people . . He cannot hold a runner on either .

  2. Too little. Too late. We’re going to have to go with what we got….like last night.

  3. Knebel will be back shortly. and Price or Gonsolin go to the pen when Kersh returns. That’s 2 top relievers! Dodgers have all the pieces now to win the West again adding TT to the mix.

    1. Joe you are the most optimists, but we have to be realistic. Knebel, jury is still out against major league hitters after an injury, and no body else can be trusted except maybe Treinen. IDK how the Dodgers lost out on Kimbrel, w/ the White Sox giving up only a 2nd yr. inf. and an up and coming RP to the Cubs. Kimbrel had one more yr. of control which the Dodgers could have matched the WS offer.
      W/ no closer and a unreliable BP, the Dodgers would need to hit like heck and be ahead by 7 runs or more in the 9th to have a chance to win.

  4. What’s with the quarantine business? I thought it was two negative tests in a 24-hour period and a player is good to go.

  5. We should have traded DOC to the Yankees for Boone, straight up. They need a politician as a coach, and we need someone that knows how to manage a baseball game. Andrew can only do so much.

  6. Well, regarding when T. Turner can join the Dodgers, there is positive news there regarding the Dodgers’ upcoming schedule. This Monday is a day off before the 2 game series with Houston and then there are 2 days off on Aug. 5th and Aug. 9th. After tomorrow, the Dodgers “only” play 5 games in 8 days. Especially with Betts and Seager back, the Dodgers shouldn’t miss Turner too much, if he’s able to play right after that.

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