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Dodgers: Corey Seager’s Progress Towards a Return Hits a Snag

The Dodgers are going to have to wait a little bit longer on the return of Corey Seager. The expectation was that at some point over the weekend he would be heading out on rehab. Dave Roberts said late last week that it was not going to happen and they weren’t sure of the plan yet. 

Seager had previously started taking batting practice with the Dodgers when they were in Arizona last week. That was a huge step as getting at-bats in was the final step towards his return to a rehab assignment. 

According to Roberts, the increase in his workload led to soreness in his hand. The Dodgers responded by having him put down the bat altogether for now. 

It just isn’t responding. He’s just not coming along. He still feels it when he hits. So we’re putting it on the backburner and slow-playing it a little bit. …I don’t know exactly what day he stopped. But I do know they wanted to stop the hitting to see if there’s a way they can get the soreness out.

According to the OC Register’s Bill Plunkett, Seager has had scans on his hand on a weekly basis. The latest scan revealed that the fracture in his 5th metacarpal had yet to fully heal. He was hit by a pitch way back on May 15th resulting in the break. 

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Roberts had previously admitted over the weekend that after the All-Star break could be a realistic return date for Seager. At this point, it seems like that’s just a guess given the uncertainty of his hand. 

The good news is that the Dodgers aren’t in desperate need of him for the moment. They will need him eventually though, so getting him back to 100 percent health is the most important thing. 

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  1. Regarding free agency, it’s been a a helluva roller coaster for Seager. After years of battling injuries it looked like several guys would jump in front of him in this class, but then he has that crazy post season last year and probably shot to the top of the list. But now another injury, and the fact that he looked nothing like a shortstop before he got hurt.

    Boras has gotta be hoping for two good months of peak Seager. If that happens someone will bite in free agency. Probably not the Dodgers though. I have to think he needs to commit to 3B to have a shot to stay in LA. The way Lux has looked at short only solidifies that.

  2. Rushing with batting practices? Rushing a player like you guys claimed other teams do? No not the Dodgers! Of course not!

  3. Well Lux is close to being platooned so I don’t see him taking Seaver’s place.Dodgers need to sign him or Yankees will take him. They already over spender on Pollock and kelley and price .Why not give it to a Star player like Seager.

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