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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Explains Roster Moves, Leaving David Price Off

With the Dodgers coming out of the NLDS victorious over the San Francisco Giants, they would surely make a few changes to their roster to adjust to a new opponent. I’m sure we all hoped one of those moves would be the addition of Max Muncy. 

However, that wasn’t the case. Instead, the Dodgers added a couple of new arms to the roster and dropped Bill McKinney in the process. Dave Roberts explained that they wanted to be prepared in a potential 7-game series. 

“We wanted – in a seven-game series, potential seven-game series – we wanted the extra arm. So that took McKinney off, took McKinney out of the equation.”

As for the additions, they added LHP Justin Bruihl and RHP Evan Phillips. One slot was already cleared with the removal of McKinney, but the other forced David Price off of the roster. Price was part of the NLDS roster but never appeared in a game as the Dodgers stuck with their best arms to shut the door in the late innings. But why excuse him if he is still fresh, and over a rookie?

“As far as [Justin] Bruihl, he has pitches with certain left-handers that the spin that goes away and the sinker in, it just matches up better with some of the guys that potentially he might face. With [Evan] Phillips, I think that his pitch mix with this particular lineup matches better. With David [Price] and his experience, it was a very difficult call for us.”

With power-hitting left-handers like Freddie Freeman and former Dodger Joc Pederson, the Dodgers want to be sure they have the right guys to silence their bats. Although Price had a decent season, he wasn’t seen as the right man for the job against the Braves. Both could potentially be added back on for the World Series roster if the Dodgers were to advance, but the chances of that look slim.


  1. I’ve said this sooooo many times…Smith’s defense!!! Arghhh. But it shouldn’t have even been an issue if Seager would have “stayed with the tag!”

    Shoddy defense! Ok, now let’s score some runs boys!

    1. Thank goodness Smith can really swing the stick!

      Dodger pitchers are making the Braves look like a Little League team lol. Bruihl strikeouts the NL MVP on 3 pitches lol.

      1. Would really like Smith coached as a first baseman and placed there at least part time, for better defense at catcher and pitcher handling, with Barnes there, including some hitting at and pop.

        Or how much drilling this winter and spring can upgrade Smith’s containment of the ball behind the plate?

  2. Game 1 loss in the books, bummer. However, there is a silver lining. Dodgers lost games 1 and 2 to Atlanta last year, then won 4 of the next 5, which included the last 3. I’m not in a panic, for some reason, I feel really positive Dodgers will win this series and the WS. Why? Because, they see the shot at beating one of the two cheating teams that beat them (2017 and 2018). And the Dodgers want that badly!

    1. Steven, I completely agree. As nervous as I was against the Giants, I feel completely calm and relaxed in this series. I’m sticking to my prediction…Dodgers in 5.

      1. The offense MUST SHOW UP then. Only scoring 1 or 2vruns won’t get it done. We can talk about CT3 getting caught between 2nd and 3rd but once again, too many players failed to make contact in key situations. As the offense goes, so go the Dodgers. IMHO the pitching did well enough to win but the offense did not.

  3. Price has one more yr on his contract and we might be stuck with Bauers contract. That’s alot of dead weight on a payroll that will have 5 big free agents to consider.

    1. Need to find some good attorneys to void the human dumpster fire’s contract! Price you just gotta suck it up. Was part of the cost of getting Mookie (btw how does he get 4 hits in game 5 vs the Giants, then lay an egg in game 1? mlb directive?)

      Oh well, nothing shocks me in this game anymore.

  4. I was a Dodger fan and lived in Brooklyn when Jackie Robinson broke in….. this team recognizes what it has to do in order to .win and has the manpower to make it happen. Fear not, they will carry the day.

  5. On a different note, I find quite interesting the comments that get hung up in moderation here.

  6. The Dodgers choked twice. All of the things they scraped by during the season have caught up to them. God only knows why they won’t bunt and run, when the 3rd basemen is playing on the outfield grass with a man on third. It’s mind boggling. Smith can’t throw anyone out, so winning runs will take a base whenever they choose. Roberts makes flubs….Last night Trienen gives it up, tonight Urias and Kenley give it up. It was a good season y’all but this team and manager will not manufacture runs, they’re tired and run down. Pitching is burned out……Braves are 5 times more hungry….

    1. Kirk, I do have to admit Braves certainly appear to have more fight in them. That being said, I still think Dodgers will find a way to win. WSS. Down but not out.

    2. Kirk, you as well as anyone reading my comments know I have said that Smith’s inferior defense would cost the Dodgers. That being said, throwing out base runners has not been the reason why. That issue is 99% on the pitcher being too slow to home! Smith can’t block sh$t, and can’t accept a throw from the outfield or apply a tag. Basic stuff for a catcher.

      Anyone who recalls the 2017 WS knows starting catcher Grandal got benched for Barnes because he couldn’t block a single passed ball.

      So many little details have combined to result in two blown chances so far. However, I still believe the Dodgers win this series. Until it’s done I will not change my mind.

  7. These next 4 games are must wins. If we loose this series, mark my words. Roberts will be fired.

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